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Hey Guys.

Have an interesting story, need some legal advise. Like 3 months ago, I bought, and expiring PR6 domain name from Godaddy. Today, I got an email from a man named Drew Pritt, who apparently is running for state legislature of Arkansas. He claims he previously owned the domain, and accidently let it go (which I believe). From here, I said I would be very willing to sell his the domain back for a PR6 domain price. He claimed I was cybersquatting, and that he has called his attorney.

Does he own the right to get the domain back?.

Please give correct legal advice including examples of what is and what isn't legal. I feel slightly abused by this man, who has had a very BAD reputation in the past. I had a little pity on him in the beginning, since he said he was afraid the republicans would take the domain and slander him for being gay. But now he is just fighting me on this when I was feeling bad for him.

Thank you very much for all the help in advance!.

-Nick Wilson..

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This is an interesting case and I'd love to hear from those who are experienced.

You can always offer him slightly below the court costs for the domain to be safe...

Comment #1

Hey I don't know much but I feel it must not be allowed..

Its not your fault that he let it go...

Any ways seek advice from experienced NP members....

Good luck..

Comment #2

I don't think he's gonna win because by law, you've already bought the domain name legally.. and i'm sure you have the transaction receipt or a proof of purchase of that domain name.. I suggest you keep them as it is a proof that the domain is yours.. there is no "accident" in law and that cannot be an evidence of whatsoever..

You should try to negotiate the price with him if you're willing to sell it or tell him to pay the price of being shown as gay by the republicans.. anyway, good luck with it.

EDIT: I take it back.. sorry for the misinformation.. just read about the ICANN and all that.. really sorry..

Comment #3

First question that springs to my mind: why did you register this name if you are not Drew Pritt. He could sue or WIPO the name and it may be difficult for you to prove that you have a legitimate interest in this name... but HE definitely does if he is the real Drew Pritt..

The fact that he dropped it through negligence does not mean he no longer has a right to his own name (which can be viewed like a TM)..

I guess it's in your interest to find an arrangement.

PS: He looks like a funny character

Not sure if I want to mess with him though..

Comment #4

Which no one around here is qualified to give except a licensed attorney with.

Real-world experience in this matter. One member already gave you the wrong.

One, and he's not even an attorney.

The person in question can definitely sue if any attorney's willing to work with.


Comment #5

I thank all of you for your advice. As stated before, the main concern is, is he allowed the proper right of the domain back. He bought the domain, clearly established it as a high pagerank, let it expire, I bought it because of the high PageRank (NOT because of the name, I have NO idea who ANY Drew Pritt is), and now I am being threatened by a politician...

Comment #6

Would he be correct in saying you're cyber squatting though? Unless your name is also Drew Pitt or you had some legal reason to use that name, ICANN might side with him and make you give the name back. You're probably better off giving the name back for whatever price you can get. $25 is probably still more than you paid for it, right?..

Comment #7

Dave is correct here, if you want legal advice, you have to hire an attorney to get it.

With that said, a very good question was asked but not yet answered. Then there is anotehr questioin that should also be answered, How is the domain being used? What rights do you have to the domain? How did you establish your rights?..

Comment #8

He most probably paid more than that if he bought it using a drop catcher. You think PR6 domains will slip through the fingers and be available for hand reg?.

To the OP, since you bought it for the PageRank, then put up a site that has nothing to do with this person. Put up a game site, health site or whatever...

Comment #9

I agree. you should not have problem in court unless you do not let domain name to do anything with that particular person. Make a mini website about how wonderful would be for example if Drew Barrymore will get married with Brad Pitt, lol. You get the idea. And yes you should be safe to offer domain at cheaper than court expenses price. Good luck. I would love to know the end of story...

Comment #10

It's Drew PRITT, not PITT.

IMHO, he will win if he has the money to take this to court or WIPO. You have no rights to another person's name. End of story.

That being said, try asking him for $1000. Tell him if he hires a lawyer or files through WIPO it will cost him $750-$1000 more than that. His response will probably tell you how to proceed...

Comment #11

There is ANOTHER spin of course....

Document everything, sell your "story" about how a Politician used money, power and clout to oppress the "little guy" and force him into taking a loss or denying him fair business practices.

Best of luck, but in the end... in this case, I think I would just dump the name.


Comment #12

Already asked for a lot. He said I can't do that and he'll either give me $25 or take me to court. Once again, I know no Drew Pritt, it was bought for the sole purpose of having a PR.

I thank all of you for your (rather varied) opinions.

More advice is of course appreciated, and I'll keep you guys updated...

Comment #13

To me, this Drew Pritt guy seems like an attention whore with psych issues. I wouldn't call him a politician, even though he's run for office. Anyone can run.

If it were me, I'd probably sell the name for his $25 asking price just to not have to deal with him. Who knows what he's capable of in his quest for attention?.


Comment #14

The guys a f***in idiot. Don't waste any further time with him. Your use is non-competing and he has no TM or rights.

Drew Pritt is an Internet celebrity due to his frequent attempts to run for office, which result in vast amounts of hilarity. He has tried to run for office at least as often as Lyndon LaRouche but has been far less succesful, garnering just single-digit poll numbers in the two occasions he has actually made it onto the ballot (for a city council position in Warren, AR and a county supervisor position in Bradley County, AR.) This doesn't deter him from announcing for virtually every office he can in multiple states. Contents [hide].

1 Early Career.

2 Recent News.

3 Additional Speculation.

4 How to Contact Drew.

[edit] Early Career.

Pritt got his start as a write-in candidate for the Arkansas Legislature in his first forays into electoral politics, in his early twenties. This was while he was a student at College of the Ozarks, where he acquired the nickname "Squirrel Boy" after stomping a squirrel to death in a fit of rage. He also jerked off to gay pron in the computer labs at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Because of this, he is banned from the UAM campus, and campus police have standing orders to arrest him. Moreover, the last three rows of the UAM computer lab were closed because of Pritt. Additionally, while at UAM, he founded a Presbyterian student organization, the Westminster Fellowship, from which he embezzled large sums of money and was forced by his own father to pay it back over time.

When these political ventures proved unsuccessful, he went to Washington as an intern for a US Senator from Arkansas. In this position he lasted all of two weeks before getting fired. The legendary history of Pritt's termination is that he had asked for a day off to attend a Democratic political meeting while working for a Republican. Rebuffed, he then called in sick, assuming that the staff of a US Senator just fell off the turnip truck yesterday. When his office sent several fellow interns to the meeting to locate Pritt, they found him coming out. When he saw them, he started limping He was immediately fired.

Without a source of income, Pritt attempted to stay in Washington, but ended up bouncing a bunch of checks to stay afloat. Hot checks, incidentally, became a major part of the Pritt repertoire. He would ultimately spend time in jail in West Virginia for writing checks on an empty bank account. Pritt also embezzled money while working for his cousin Charlotte Pritt's various quixotic campaigns in West Virginia.

Pritt later went on to launch a campaign for the US House in Tennessee. He failed because he could not obtain 25 signatures (yes, 25) that he needed to qualify for the ballot. He would later claim that he had been drafted for this race, presumably by the same people who killed OJ's wife and ruined Enron when Ken Lay wasn't looking.

In 2004, he returned to Arkansas and ran for the county judge of Bradley County as an openly gay candidate. Not surprisingly, he did not win.

In early 2005, Drew announced his candidacy for Congress in Wisconsin. A month later he dropped out and headed home to Arkansas, having found that he could not even win support in the state that elected Joseph McCarthy to the Senate.

Later that year, he ran for Lt. Governor of Arkansas, spurning a wild web following that regards his campaigns as major lulz. He has the distinction of being the first openly gay candidate for any state position in Arkansas... something that did not endear him to the voters of that state. Added to the humor is the fact that he clearly regards the internet as serious business and will respond to comments about him on message boards, even going so far as to write his own Wikipedia page (which was later deleted.).

In 2006, he ran for Mayor of Little Rock. After a short and unsuccessful campaign, he dropped out of that race.

In 2007, he resorted to running for school board. After polluting the city with signs and even going door-to-door asking for support, he came out with only 8 votes out of the nearly 2000 votes cast. Apparently voters feared for the safety of their children's butthole.

Drew is best known for having spent some time living in his mom's basement, and for having reached 30 and lost most of his hair without ever having had a real job.

[edit] Recent News.

Pritt established a fraternity at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Needless to say, he is very close to his brothers.

Even more Lulzworthy news has come to light. Apparently Drew Prick Pritt, after proving that his drive to fail at elections, and make a mockery out of himself was more important than school, flunked out of his college in the Podunk, backwoods state Arkansas. Afterwards, he made his way to Minnesota to "help" someone with their campaign. Our prayers are with that poor soul that needs Pritts help. At least the Arkansans have one less batshit insane cousin ****er in their state.

UPDATE!!! He's Back! After only one week in Minnesota he was kicked out of the campaign. Apparently, the people working in the campaign decided to Google his name. Guess what was at the top of the search results... His ED article! Fearing for the lives of the local squirrels in true liberal fashion, and not wanting to be associated with such a psychotic, self-centered, egotistical, hypocritical ****-up, they dropped him like a flaming piece of shit.

[edit] Additional Speculation..

Comment #15

Which all means he is pig headed, volatile and will peruse issue to ridiculous conclusions and at ridiculous costs.


Even if he never wins, what was SPENT defending?.

Think about that.

Best of luck,.


Comment #16

So what if someone else by the name Drew Pritt came along and wanted the name also? That is dumb that if someone else has a domain that is your name and you want it then you can have it. You know how many people in the world have the EXACT same name?.

I think the question in this case is what are the intentions of the domain?.

Obviously this guy wants it for his campaign and once owned it. (Plus it's his name, dumb but true).

OP, got it because it was a PR6.

Which do you think will win?.

Try what briman said may be your only chance..

Comment #17

I had a similar experience a few years ago with a name that had the word "Rolex" in it (forgot the actual name), but I felt they did have legal right to the name so I simply asked to be reinbursed for my purchase price, which their lawyers did. Case closed nothing lost. Ask for your money back, nothing more and walk away, don't get stupid or greedy. Some people will try to destroy you with legal fees over a few dollars just to make a point and, in this case, for publicity...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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