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I've been on the program 12 days now and have been doing fine but now I'm finding myself taking bites of food I fix for others in my family. I wasn't doing that and now I don't know what to do. I even sat down and had some cheese corn one evening because I thought it wouldn't hurt any thing and I needed something salty. I'm afraid I am going to lose it just like every other thing I have tried. Can someone give me some advice. Thanks a bunch. Rosemary.

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Some of us slide, some more than others. It's okay.

Just get right back up and tell yourself you can do this..

You CAN do this. Try to stay focused, but don't get discouraged if you slip here and there.

I was craving carbs last night, ordered out for pizza and breadsticks. Finished the breadsticks off (5), and had a couple slices of the thin crust I ordered. I didn't loose for the week, but neither did I gain..

We are all in this together; keep us up on your journey so keep posting. We are here for you..

Good luck..

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You are the only one that can walk away from the temptation. You have to WANT to stay on plan. The boards are full of support but when it comes down to it you have to make the right choices. We are all human and slip up from time to time, if you WANT this plan to work for you, pick yourself up and get back on the horse!!!!.

Comment #2

Rosemary - great that you came back to the boards for a butt kickin!! You knew you were/did do wrong with those nibbles, but now it is only up to YOU to say no to them the next time.

Do you know what triggered you to nibble? Did you have a stressful day? were you late in making dinner and feeling guilty to your family? Were you making your favorite meal? Figure that out and you can figure a solution for the next time..

The horse has his saddle on - waiting for you to get back on and recommit to a healthier YOU..

You can do this..

NS will help you..

We will help you..

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Hi Rosemary,.

Where you went we have all been there. As others have said ... you can do this! .

What I do is I eat before my husband. That way when he eats his dinner I am already full and have no desire to have what he is having or even taste it. Resisting temptation is different for everyone but this is how I do it.

I say this but I went off plan on Friday for dinner (went out to eat) only but took a nice long walk after dinner and got right back on plan the next day.

When you have clothes you haven't been able to fit in for the past three years are actually loose on you, or you have people that wouldn't give you the time of day before, suddenly say "wow ... you look great"! That makes all of the "resisting" worthwhile..

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Trick 1: Chew mint gum while making their dinners. You'll resist nibbles if you are chewing gum, and nothing tastes that good with mint..

Trick 2: Drink lots of water befor eyou start cooking. You'll feel full an dbe less tempted. Keep a glass of water or other beverage nearby and drink instead of nibbling..

Trick 3: Take a walk before you pick up that bag of chips or whatever to cheat. Drink a big glass of water instead. Wait 15 minutes, and it should pass..

Trick 4: Salty-have some celery instead, and maybe use one of your fats by adding a tsp. of peanut butter. Sweet-have an apple or carrots instead. Much better than cheating with bad foods.

And figure out why you are sabotaging yourself like this. Are you hungry? Are you bored? Are you stressed? Finding out the why will help you identify these behaviors and know how to prevent them in the future. Trust me, no one's perfect, I've slipped, but I'm getting back on. You just do the best you can. Good luck!.

Comment #5

Use the time when you are cooking for others as the perfect time to put strips of teeth whiteners on your teeth....

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How often are you taking these nibbles? and are they truly nibbles? I have done this too, but I "nibble" with purpose...not good purpose, but purpose ..

For example, not long after starting NS, my mom was out later than she intended, and I had to make the meatloaf for dinner. My mom's meatloaf is the best (IMO), but I knew that I wasn't having it for dinner. However, since I did make it, when I pulled it out to check the doneness, I did cut off a bite of it to make sure that it tasted alright (mom accidently set out the 90% lean instead of the 80% usually used for meatloaf). And that was all I had. Taste test, and that was it. Once it was done, I headed for the treadmill (I was headed that way anyway before I was asked to make the meatloaf)..

When I have to go out to get my mom something from McDonald's or Wendy's (this is usually on my way home) I usually eat 1 french fry - to make sure that they are unsalted and actually warm. That's it - 1 fry...and this doesn't happen often as mom has quit eating out as much (mostly because I have quit altogether)..

Figure out why you're nibbling, and then make sure that it truly is just one nibble and that's it (because the reality is, if you are having one nibble you should be OK - not one nibble of everything you're making that night). You can do this, you just have to be firm with yourself..

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This is NOT a diet. This is your new life. Every journey we embark on will offer chances to take a wrong turn, make a U-Turn or just wander off down an intersecting path..

What is done is done, so don't beat yourself up about it. Decide what is more important to you...achieving your goals or a salty snack. Focus on that every time you are tempted. I grab a bag of baby carrots and drink a class of water when I face temptation. I always eat my Nutrisystem meal BEFORE I cook for the kids..

You proved you are a strong person by making the commitment to start this program. You know what you want and what you need. Take some quiet time to reflect on that. You are so much stronger than you may believe. Your own strength will surprise you.

You are worth the effort it takes to reach your goals. You deserve to feel better, to look better and to live longer. Don't forget that.

Doing Nutrisystem has changed my own life, but it is also changing the lives of my wife and my two children. My success has shown them that change is not only possible, it is reality. The same will be true for you. Give to yourself and it will benefit everyone you love..

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