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So I reg last nite a GEO dot tel domain lets say "".

Today the CTO of a BIG Telecomunication Corp. calls me and says I need to give the domain to them otherwise they will refer me to legal department..

Their trademark is "LandTelecom" and it's also shows DEAD(abandoned) as of july 21 2008 in the TESS system..

Now I told them I need a couple of days to figure this out, but "Land" is also a major city name in multiple states..

SO they are trying to get "" from me on the cause that they own.

"LandTelecom Inc" and have the "LandTelecom" TMed..

They have offered me a mid XXX on the domain if I transfer it to them right away..

WHAT should I do??.

I was thinking .tel is a VCARD online not for telecommunications companies...

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Wow already an offer on a .tel domain, you're lucky..

Hard to say without knowing the exact domain, but Land is quite generic, while LandTelecom is not. Maybe they are pissed because they missed the rush and they're playing strong arms tactics..

The case looks flimsy at first glance, but maybe this is an opportunity for a quick flip..

Comment #1

YES, that's what I was thinking "LAND" is generic..

So just because they own "LandTelecom" they wanna get their hands on my generic "" saying that the extension gives them the right..

They said that telnic was supposed to reserve the name "land" for them, but obviously I got it.

PS: they only own not even "" or "" etc etc.

So they decided to want my ""..

Comment #2

I honestly don't think they have any right to take this from you..

Think about it before you act. Land belongs to everyone...

Comment #3

Sell it.

Cash in.

Try and drive up the price though, specially since they want it badly now, might not after a while...

Comment #4

I dont think they have any claim to the name, sounds like a good opportunity for a quick sale though. Since it sounds like they want the name and are being jerks about it I would ask at least $xxxx..

Comment #5

If they are as big a company as you say, add a few x's to their offer and "tel" them (couldn't resist) to take it or leave it...

Comment #6

Yep, I submited a counteroffer. I will post the domain name and the selling price or whatever happens over the weekend soon.

Their C&D letter is really cheasy and this is coming from a guy that never got a C&D letter before..

They said in the letter that a federal trademark is "pending" at the moment, and that's why it's not showing up in the TESS..

Will keep you posted...

Comment #7

Agreed. Especially after you posted this update, It sounds a lot like a bad domainer/flipper trying to acquire your domain...

Comment #8

If their domain is or something super generic, they have no automatic rights to

I would probably just sell the domain for Mid $XXX or counter low $X,XXX. It is a freaking .TEL after all.


Comment #9

The corp. decided to write a sales/transfer letter that they won't pursue any legal auction after I transfer the domain and won't demand restitution of funds or lawyer fees.

They also doubled their offer to low $xxxx.

Due to the parties me and CEO of corp. I can't disclose further information at this moment.

I will post the domain after the transfer and legal part takes place..

Can you guys recomend a good lawyer or legal service so I can be prepared for this in a further event???..

Comment #10

If you do transfer the domain ensure that you know what rights you have to post anything regarding the sale this includes the domain name.

You may find they want you to sign a non disclosure agreement which could stipulate you cannot give any information at all.

That being said congratulations on a quick sale. Even if they do not have the right to the trademark it may still be the best option. They have good lawyers and have deep pockets. Selling the domain for a reasonable price is a mutually acceptable outcome...

Comment #11

It's not worth it. Take their offer and run with the money as fast as you can. Even if you find some way to keep the domain, there is a 99.999% chance you will never receive a similar offer. It sounds like this company is a prime end user and we are talking about a "lottery ticket TLD" here that most likely will go down in history as a joke.

And don't listen to anyone in this thread telling you to blatantly attempt to drive the price up. You have to be very careful with that IF this is indeed a trademark violation (edit: or they believe it to be, and are willing to push forward)...

Comment #12

If they offer you $500. Send them brief answer: You can sue me but be prepared to pay cort fees and loose as you dont have any rights to "land", as dont have any other company. My price is $900 and contact me again only if you are interested. Kind regards......

If that is some city or country name, I think they have no right to that .tel domain at all...

Comment #13

If you make offers to drive up the price, it can be used against in you in future, if it got that far, be really careful I have expireneced this before, I had a nice domain, was offered low XXX I countered we went back and forth and then I got the letter, be careful..

Comment #14

You really thing a telecommunications company is going to worry about spending a few thousand on taking you to court?..

Comment #15

No reason to be standoffish. Approach them like a business person. Keep it professional and friendly for as long as you can...

Comment #16

Domain was sold for low $XXXX and they wrote a transfer/purchase letter that they won't sue me or demand restitution/lawyer..

They dropped the "we own the TM bull" and negociated with me from $500 up $XXXX.

They were pissed because I initially said okay oraly to $500(the morning I got the call) to the CEO and then I didn't sign for it and demanded more(didn't ask for a figure) LOL.

Next morning they submit me another offer and I said NO to that one. Most will say I was playing with fire...and I was...

I wrote them back with a request for my XXXX figure and they said that I'm not keeping it smooth like I initialy said and gave me an ultimatum(nasty email) and HALF of the XXXX figure I asked..

I said let's do it and also asked for a letter of transfer/domain sale that will state it's a domain purchase and I won't get sued or asked for lawyer fees ir restitution..

Aparently they had to work on sunday because of me since today they called me and had the letter ready and paid me in full. I'm like WOW, and kinda scared now. They are pissed because I was so demanding..

So this is it.....

Comment #17

I'm pissed at them on your behalf for thinking they have a right to that generic name, what a bunch of assholes!! (please excuse the french but I have no other words to describe them accurately)..

Comment #18

Did you sign a NDA? Can you share the domain?..

Comment #19

Sounded like a bully tactic to me, Congrats on the sale though!..

Comment #20

I'm impressed. A .tel going for 4 figures already. I still wouldn't pay 2 figures for a .tel no matter how generic it is..

Comment #21

That's what I said when the .ME extension became available, but I see people cashing in every day on it BIG TIME..

The funny part is that some end users buy the .me domains because they sound cool and don't even know it's a ccTld representing the independent Montenegro "country". Haa..

Not to mention .MD (Moldova)..I have seen LLs.MD go for 2K+.

I am a firm beliver in the bashed mobi and tel domains..

Comment #22

HOw can we say without knowing the exact name of the domain. I feel honestly they shud not have any right to take this from you. Can U share the domain?..

Comment #23

Sorry I can't share the domain. It was regg as a GEO ie:

Just a plain vanilla GEO...

Comment #24

This is exactly why you should not say "yes" on the phone.

You always say "I have silent partner. Let me discuss with my partner.

Although I am ok with it. I'll get back to you real soon by email.".

Then, you can have quiet time and think thru..

You can just send him email with "It's deal" if you are still happy.

Or, you can say "I regret to say my partner need bit more." if you.

Think you should get little more at later time.

BTW, congrats to your sale..

Comment #25

Sounds like you made it out alright, especially if they wrote agreeing not to come back and sue. Oral agreements and handshakes still mean something today.

I personally would never do business again with someone that reneged on an oral agreement or a handshake with me...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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