GoDaddy review : Should I sign up for GoDaddy?? Need a new host urgently

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Hi guys,.

I know shit happens and seems all of the sudden is happening to me.

First my host had a fried hard drive and burn out 90% of my websites. Supposely they installed a new one, but I don't care if they top it with gold;.

I will find another place to host.

The F** best part (for me) my laptop fried few days back, never made an external copy of my websites backup, so those were fried on that laptop. Got me a new laptop, never had the time to make new f** backup of websites. So everything is lost, including the database of the membership sites (will be many angry people at me soon) Such a Noob ...I KNOW!...I should had seen the f** red flags when I set up to send the backup via email and I never received those...duh! etc..

So intead of crying over my dumbness, I have to move on quickly and start from scratch...kind of anyway...I plan to simply ditch them , regardless still few months more been pre-paid and point my domians to a new host. Can't afford a whole server, just a host that I can addon domains, provide cpanel with mysql, etc. Been "shoppin around" but can't decide for one. I had also a previous bad experience with any suggestions?.

Oh yeah, can anyone please explain somthing about my current host: I understand my sites files are gone, so the websites are just not there, but how come I can't access the backdoor of the domain (controlpanel). I mean one thing have nothing to do with the other, or it it? Shit! for crying out loud...I used to receive all my important email on 2 of those domains....


P.s. i'm so pissed, it is the end of the f** closing of the month and I don't even have my re-direct script!...yes I LEARN MY LESSON! take me as an example for something not to do!..

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That's quite the experience! You should be able to access the cPanel still..

Try using the IP address instead of the domain name. Have you tried contacting the host to see what options you have to login? The host *might* have an old backup of the website too, no harm in asking..

Good Luck!..

Comment #1

I'm new here - so be gentle .....

Anyway - I don't understand why your host can't give you a backup of your site(s) - even if they're a month old, it would be better than nothing?? Most hosts have daily/weekly/monthly backups..

.... Kick their shins till you get 'em..


Comment #2

Learn to make backups yourself, don't rely on others...

Comment #3

If you are ballin on a budget, I would check out DreamHost..

Tons of people have said bad things about them, but for 9.95 a month, with all the features... you really cant beat them.

They do backups of your stuff daily... if you need a restore, just let them know what day and BAM.... I dont know how far back it goes... but I know they offer it...

Comment #4

Fuck no don't go with Dreamhost. Sure they are 9 dollars a month until they accidentally charge you for 2 years of hosting by accident. The downtime I get is ridiculous, and the servers are so effin' slow..

Look into reseller accounts around some forums. Super cheap and you can usually find some good reviews.

Yeah... when you said you had no time to backup... stop BSin yourself. There is plenty of time when you sleep to put that shit on auto...

Comment #5

Whatever you do, don't use hostgator. The official turdburner of a host..

Comment #6

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I already found a new host...which is HostMonster (yup went back to them). they have unlimited domain add-ons and support more of the important suff, though.

I already transfer domains and start building back the websites, but the membership ones, those are lost forever, is ok, I lost my interest even though there was revenue on those. I rather use my energy for something else..

Although I learned my lesson of doing my own backup, everyone been telling me that the host should had made those. many days had passed and nothing been done from their part on the still domains that are on that host..

I seen them buiding their website back, so they plan to stay in business. I hope they learned their lesson too ...l.o.l...

Comment #7

When I was starting out, I used DreamHost..

I remember when they charged everyone like that, totally sucked. But, they quickly returned the cash..

If you have a slow server, it's most likely because someone is using too many resources, and they usually kick the offending person off. It is a shared server, and thats why it is so cheap..

Look up some reviews, you will read bad things, and good things... Overall I give them an 8/10...

Comment #8

Avoid Dreamhost. Why? Do some searches on Google..

I recommend Site5 or BlueHost (which is the same company as HostMonster, but I've personally never had problems with them)...

Comment #9

I left HostGator two months ago after they suspended my site for getting on the front page of Digg. I'm now with ThisWebHost, who are seriously my heroes.

Front page of Digg twice since and it's been rock solid throughout. Link in sig. (Yes, it's an affiliate link. You'll love me for refering you to these guys though.)..

Comment #10

This* was only created in February. I wouldn't trust such a new hosting 'company'...

Comment #11

That's true, but they are serious guys and actually own physical servers (they are not resellers). It's from the same guys who run IndieStartups (one of my favourite blogs). I asked them to install Ruby on my server and they did within a few days (on every single server they own)... The staff really go out of their way to make everyone happy...

Comment #12

Sadly, the only realistic answer..

Do never forget to backup...

Comment #13

That is so true!.

By the way, how often you guys suggest I do those?..

Comment #14

Yeah, I was also curious on how often to do backups. I try to do backups every other day. When I backup, I backup my files and sql database to an external raid1 hard drive. I also use hostmonster and I have to say I am happy with them. If you search google you can find coupons to get signed up for like 4.95 a month if you do 24 months and 5.95 if you do 12 months. You just cant beat that...

Comment #15

I found this backup solution a while back, I use it religiously now... totally automated...

Comment #16

I've had no problem with dreamhost, and didn't get charged. Then again I don't do auto-billing. I had some downtime, but it's been better than 1and1 or Hostgator..

Comment #17

Here, have a dreamhost invite code: 066776801324.

It gets you:.

2TB disk, 20TB bandwidth/mo, includes a domain, and $150 off of 5 years, but that comes out to $267...

Comment #18

I signed up with a small orange on someone's recommendation a couple months back. I like them so far - they give you ssh with a $5 / month account, and they responded to my request to change my httpd.conf entry very quickly..

Comment #19

I got tired with all that "great providers" and stuck with Uberhost. until now - love their support with human touch..

In fact - they are in Dallas data center and are doing big deal with every customer...

Comment #20

Got a dreamhost account before, but the downtime is just not so pleasing I transfered with 1and1 since, although they sucks sometimes, they are somewhat improving when it comes to answering my never ending questions.....

Comment #21

I use dreamhost .... Quick good but the only problem is that they won't allow any damn cracked scripts.So just mind that.Also they are not insane like Hostgator to delete whole of your database if you use any nulled script.They will only block the site which uses it.

I think dreamhost is quite good....

Comment #22

As for your dead laptop - What died? Motherboard? Screen? Or Hard Drive? If HDD have you tried Spinrite? Or take the drive from the laptop, add a external case that costs $20 and try it as an addondrive to your new one? The data is probably still there just the boot files are broken..

Remember Google might have the cache of newest pages..

And always run backups at least once a month. So many cheaper hosts somehow dont have them when you need them. Like Cirtex (dont use them)..

Comment #23

Don't use DreamHost, you will regret it later on I use BlueHost myself...

Comment #24

I host with nynoc [aff link], but if you're looking for cheap reseller hosting I'd look at reseller zoom. Both of these companies offer great support..

For backups, however, you're better off addressing the risks yourself rather than leaving it up to the host...

Comment #25

For dedicated I use the planet... for cheaper hosting that doesnt need a dedicated solution go with Host Gator...

Comment #26

1and1 has some pretty sweet hosting with a crappy interface, but I have never had any problems with them...

Comment #27

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