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I know that this issue has been discussed before and I have read through all of those threads that I could find.

It seems from what I've read that sometimes using the name of a celebrity is acceptable depending on the domain /img/avatar5.jpg's intention, namely, whether the name was registered "in good faith," (which I understand to mean no knowledge of the fact that it is a celebrity name - not the case with my domain) and depending on the /img/avatar5.jpg's intended use.

Can I register the name of an author and create a page about his/her works, with reviews, comments, news, and such? If I can, is it acceptable to include commercial items on the page, such as AdSense, Amazon links, and the like? Are there other considerations that I'm not considering?.

I've tried to find the answer but haven't had any luck. I apologize if this has already been dealt with - please point me in the right direction if it has.

Thanks for any help!..

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That sounds fine to me. Especially if you're advertising his/her book via amazon, they'll be glad for the little extra publicity and income.

As long as you're not setting up a site purely for the hatred of a celebrity, I'd say you were fine...

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See the thing is, that anyone who creates a work, whether it be a book or a product, service, etc... They hate the idea of someone else profiting off of their work. Think of an author. They're already paying some huge amount to their publishers and publicist in order to write a book, get it published, distributed and advertised. The last thing they need is some guy on the Internet making unauthorized money off of their name.

No one is going to accept this type of profiteering as "acceptable promotion". A lot of people believe this, wrongly, but it's just not how it works. Companies and celebrities pay professionals for marketing, advertising and promotion, they don't need your piddly little site for that purpose, nor will they welcome it.

If it's a non-commercial fan site, then yes, you should be alright. If you start making money off of it, then you open yourself up to litigation. But, when it comes to celebrities especially, it can really go either way when it comes to a UDRP. It's really a matter of risk vs. reward to the owner. Is it worth dealing with the time, headache, and legal fees? But either way, if you go the commercial route, you'd still trying to profit off of someone else's TM or name, so that would make you a squatter...

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Too tired for my usual instructions...

Search "trademark", "Tm","celebs" in the search box and read for 2 weeks and learn...

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Yes, that USED to be true, until the shocking trend in recent months of WIPO suddenly saying "okay" to all "sucks sites"!.

That's right - you can't have a site that says STEPHENKING.COM with even a little AdSense on it, or they'll toss you to the sharks. But instead if you go all out and have a hate-filled diatribe site, including a hate-filled discussion forum, and call it STEPHENKINGSUCKS.COM - then everything's just fine and dandy!.

(I still have never figured this one out, and probably never will.)..

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Suck sites have been protected for years. Just like fansites, there are certain unwritten guidelines you have to follow. is still up and running...

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As long as it's a fan site I think it's ok. try it without ads first and then if it gets popular try ads...

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So...... use it in good faith, then once you are successful, use it in bad faith. let's see how this turns out if the domain owner is contacted...

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Although I personally do not like ads, I do not think just some little banner ads on the bottom or something to support the site are bad. As long as there is content which outweighs the ads...

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No, many sucks sites had a rough time for years. Only recently have virtually all of them been given a wide open door.

But "ji" no content can "outweigh" an ad. In order to escape being burned by the searing hot branding iron of "bad faith," you must have ZERO money being made by the site. Unwise domainers often whine to me "but it's only a few extra bucks a month - so what?" Fine, I always say, then if it's such a small amount, you can easily do without it. It is NOT worth the risk...

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Its in fact, the other way around..

Publishers pay writers for their material, not the writers..

When the writer pays the publisher, then it's called vanity publishing and only hacks take that route.

Just wanted to say this because I get worked up when somebody gets the wrong ideas about writing. I'm a writer myself (domaining is just part time..) and hate to see that!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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