GoDaddy reviews : Should I try GoDaddy?? Namedrive domain offer - very big offer??

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Hi all.

I just wanted to find out something from the experts.

I have a domain parked and for sale on namedrive and I have just received an offer that is "a lot" more than the domain is worth. I went and clicked "accept offer" and I am waiting to hear from the buyer. I think it's someone playing a joke or a "bogus" bid. Is there anything I can do or is the buyerunder any obligation to pay the money...just curious.

I have emailed the namedrive staff asking them the same thing.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Could be a domain scam, you know the ones get it appraised here etc...

Be careful, but if it's real, buy us all a beer lol!..

Comment #1

Thanks for the advice evertonian7uk.

Yeah, I wont be conned into getting an appraisal on the domain.

Any other comments people..

Comment #2

Well what's the range of the offer? What might be a LOT more to you might be pennies to someone else...

Comment #3

No, you won't actually be able to force someone to buy the domain name from you at that price if it turns out to be a joke/fake bid/offer.


Comment #4

Thanks for the comments.

The bid was over USD40,000..

Comment #5

Follow it through just incase, be always be on your gaurd as posted above it could be someone with the perfect bizz for that domain hence the high offer.

Just remember to practice safe domaining, keep a record of all transactions, and offers from the guys, if it turns sour or something like that you have proof of transactions etc...

A guy took a domain from me like 3 weeks ago, I also set up the site and everything for him, then he does a chargeback with his CC company, were fighting him now, but because I have everything he sent his CC company have sided with me...

Comment #6

Thanks for all that advice Evertonian7uk, I will certainly take it.

Its sad that there are people like that out there, hope you nail him.

I have emailed the guy and havent heard from him. I will wait a little longer and see what happens. It really does seem like an "extreme" offer, why wouldn't he go in at 5,000 first and see what happens.

Anyway, thanks again..

Comment #7

Sounds like a good case for ESCROW to me...

Comment #8

The guy has got back to me and says he can only pay by credit card.

Sounds a little weird to me..

Comment #9

Credit card is dangerous mate, best to use a service like ESCROW for this, and best to have some kind of written contract drawn up, this could be the chargeback scam.

Have a written contract done and signed, then use ESCROW to hold the funds that way your protected.

But hey, good news, he's talking too you at least...

Comment #10

Thanks evertonian7uk.

When you say get a contract drawn up, I have never done this before.

What makes this a legal document.

Isnt going through Escrow enough?? I will probably need to find out more before I go ahead with this.

Yeah, Im very surprised he even got back to me..

Comment #11

If this buyer wants this name he will use any method YOU choose if he insists on a cc my alarm bells would ring.

I really hope this offer is good and it's great you are steppinig slowly ..

I hate scammers..

Comment #12

Thanks Mellowmasher.

My alam bells were ringing when the offer was first made.

I will go ahead and email him and suggest we do this through Escrow and see what he says, if he doent reply, at least I will know...

Comment #13

And not but Moniker Escrow , sinche the former has a loophole.

Plus....I want to see a person paying $40,000 with a credit card without asking an Escrow service...this has "scam" all written above it...

Comment #14

I would like to hear an update, hopefully you chose to do escrow...

Comment #15

Simply tell him you can't accept a credit card payment (even limits cc payments to $5000). It's wire transfer or Escrow only...

Comment #16

Must be a scam, havent heard back for a couple of weeks..

Comment #17

On saying that, he emailed me yesterday asking if he is can pay by CC through Escrow, I told him there is a 5K limit on CC transactions and if he wanted the domain, it's either Escrow or plain old wire transfer, he's obviously a scammer but I will humour him for now...

Comment #18

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