GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to sign up for GoDaddy?? Namecheap vs Godaddy vs Moniker

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All of them.

Godaddy - When planning for a quick flip. I think people are more likely to have already registered at Godaddy than they are with other registrars. Not to mention the fact that they've invested a bit more into traditional media advertising. If you're not into whois privacy to prevent average internet users from looking all up and through your whois info, the registration prices can be pretty cheap. If you're buying 5 or more domains though, it doesn't really matter. I haven't had any problems w/ godaddy so far, so I have nothing to complain about with them..

Moniker - Used to like them for the special prices, but they're not all that special anymore. Still use them because they're easier to contact. A quick AIM message gets a problem solved quickly..

Namecheap - WhoisGuard comes with the domain, so it's pretty good for single domain purchases and they'll usually contact you personally if they're threatened by some webmaster about a domain in your account. Plus the service is pretty good all-around..

I've heard good things about too, but I haven't used them myself yet...

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Good explanation. I currently use godaddy for a sleuth of domains but the whois guard is a ripoff, thats why I'm asking..

Comment #1

Yeah, at the regular price of $6.99, it isn't worth it. If I don't have at least 5 domains in mind (whether they're .com's or .info's), I'll usually just go with Namecheap most of the time..

If I've got a few domains sitting in my godaddy account with no privacy on them, I'll usually just brainstorm 5 .info domains (only if I can get them for .99), and I'll get privacy for all of the other domains in my account that'd been without it for free..

The privacy won't really protect you from anything serious anyway, just the guys and girls who either don't have the money to, or don't care enough to find your info. It's one of those things that you take if it's free..

Single Domain Registrations - Namecheap (or Moniker if you have an account discount).

Renewal time - Transfer out (to either of the other two), or find a loophole..

Comment #2

Free whois credits come with .info domains at godaddy?..

Comment #3

If you purchase 5 or more domains, you can get free whois privacy, basically, for every other domain that you've got in your cart. So to make it as cheap as possible, I'll usually take 5 .info domains, and apply that benefit to any other domain(s) that I have without it (whois privacy)..

If you've got a bunch of domains in your account that you'd like to apply privacy to, check all of them, and go to Upgrade in the domain panel. That'll take you to your cart. Then, you go and bulk register 5 .info domains (I usually try to think up .info's that'll actually be useful) and apply privacy to them on the way to checkout. When you're back in your cart, you should see that all the privacy prices are down to $0.00, leaving you to pay just the prices of the .info domains. If there are any .com domains that you'd like to purchase right then and there, you can buy them and get the benefit of free privacy too (as long as you apply it on the way to your cart)...

Comment #4

Funny, I was just about to add privacy to one of my Godaddy domains. Thanks!..

Comment #5

I use namecheap cuz free whois for single domain registeration and uh ... I hate Go Daddy...

Comment #6

Godaddy - fast DNS.

Namecheap - free whois protection..

Comment #7

I personally can't stand GoDaddy. On top of trying to rip you off for whois protection, the whole 60 day hold on your domain [even when someone transfers you a domain that has been registered there longer than 60 days] is a big crock of shit. Their control panel use to really suck too, I hear they got a redesign but I have no plans to EVER go back..

Frankly Namecheap is awesome, and they bundle on other stuff like free whois protection and a free ssl certificate for a year if you want. Their support is also very quick to answer questions, the DNS switches quickly, overall an A+ place to hold your domains as they don't play any games like I have hurd GoDaddy can and has..

For some reason I think people like to be abused IMHO...

Comment #8

I currently have domains with all three, and would say NameCheap's my favorite out of them all..

I really don't like GoDaddy, and have been screwed by them a couple times (I was fined from them, and was told I was going to lose my domain name if I didn't transfer it out, but I couldn't because of their stupid 60 day limit)..

I register most of my domains with eNom (as a reseller). However out of the three you mentioned NameCheap is the best by far...

Comment #9

Moniker, hands down because of Security and the price they give me...

Comment #10

I have started to buy domain names from NetFirms, their new domain prices are $6.99 and they include Domain Privacy free. If you google "domain names netfirms" you can find their landing page for $5.95 Domain Registration. If you're too lazy to do the typing here are two links (not affiliate links).

$5.95 Domain names.

Netfirms - Web Hosting, Domain Names and E-commerce for Small Business.

NetFirms Features.

Netfirms - Web Hosting, Domain Names and E-commerce for Small Business..

Comment #11

I use namecheap - really pleased with them, their support is very quick + helpful...

Comment #12

I like namecheap because I have been using them forever. GoDaddy also does the job nicely...

Comment #13

If you have a lot of domains, you can register in bulk with GoDaddy to drive your costs down to $6.49 or less per domain. There are a lot of coupons you can use to get discounts. Just search discussion forums or sign up for the GoDaddy newsletter via email. I like using them because I get 12% cash back at FatWallet. It's not much money, but over the year it does add up..

I do have a few domains registered with Namecheap (are they an Enom reseller?). Their clean interface and layout is a refreshing change. The truth is you will probably need accounts with several different registrars if you spend any amount of time buying and selling names...

Comment #14

NameCheap for ever. I don't like Godaddy for their ugly tactics to get more business from you. Have never used Moniker. And visit first if you are intending to buy domains from Godaddy...

Comment #15

Moniker failed to change the dns of one of my domains after I tried like 10 times and got several "SUCCESS" emails. still pointed to their dns. fuck that. transfered it to namecheap. my other domains w/ moniker are fine so far though...

Comment #16

Apparently moniker is also selective of which domains you can transfer from them. says the domain is unlocked on their interface, but the other registrar says it's still locked, hahaha...

Comment #17

I like using Godaddy definately , it's the best way for people who like flipping domains!..

Comment #18

I've used Go Daddy and just bought a domain from Name Cheap. So far so good. The free Who Is protection is better than paying an extra $10 from Go Daddy...

Comment #19

What he said......

I have moved most of my domains to Moniker. I finally have 0 left in my GoDaddy account...

Comment #20

Its a usual bug, that resolves with a simple email. I got a manager, so I just email her and it's done...

Comment #21

I do like Godaddy control panel and customer service. But I now only buy from NameCheap. Do a search on Google using "this month + namecheap coupon" and you'll see IM forums sharing coupons for the month for namecheap and receive discount when purchasing a new domain.

But my biggest reason for choosing NameCheap is they're offering private registration included withe the purchase of new domain. So after coupon gets applied, you'll gain a domain and private registration for only $8.41 with NameCheap whereas at Godaddy the domain and private registration are separate products that you need to purchase for more money maybe like $17 total for both...

Comment #22

I have only used Namecheap. It is where I got my domain from. Namecheap worked so I like it...

Comment #23

Namecheap FTW = Domain + Privacy + Dec 2008 Coupon Code:THREEKING + Good rep = good deal ($8.81 me thinks)..

Comment #24

I usually throw in 5 throwaway .infos also to get private registration on whatever .com I'm registering with GoDaddy. Ends up being the same price as it would be if I paid for private registration, but I get 5 more domains to inflate my portfolio that will remain parked for a year until I let them expire!!.

But I had never thought of buying up .infos and applying the private registration to domains I already had registered that needed it...great idea. Thanks for the tip...

Comment #25

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