GoDaddy review : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? namecheap hosting review

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Wtf was I thinking, I've had like a 70% uptime with them. worst hosting ever...

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Namecheap hosting review.

Namecheap hosting review.

Namecheap hosting review.

Namecheap hosting review.

Namecheap hosting review..

Comment #1

Yeah, Namecheap is good as a registrar but they constantly have issues with their hosting. 70% though, ouch...

Comment #2

Well thats why I figured I'd give them a try, they are a great domain company..

Comment #3

Kseniya N.: Hello, how can I help you?.

John Gurney: I was wondering when your servers are going to be back online.

John Gurney: hello?.

Kseniya N.: Could you please provide me with your domain name in question?.

John Gurney:

John Gurney: on server 8 I think.

John Gurney: I could be wrong though.

Kseniya N.: Please, be so kind to go to - Contact Us/ Send support request and submit a ticket to our Hosting-Technical department providing the site ip address in it..

John Gurney: I already did and didn't get an answer.

Kseniya N.: Ok, please hold on..

Kseniya N.: Please get me the ip associated with your domain?.

John Gurney:

Kseniya N.: Unfortunately, I didn't manage to resolve this issue as technical support is busy with Dossing,please wait for the reply in ticket..

John Gurney: how about you just give me a refund.

John Gurney: I'm sick of your horrible uptime.

Kseniya N.: We want to apologize to you for all troubles and inconveniences you have at the moment. We will try to resolve this asap; once your ticket is replied you will receive an email to your email address..

John Gurney: are you going to cancel my account and give me a refund.

Kseniya N.: Unfortunately, I am not quite authorized with such issues. So would you please submit a ticket to our Hosting-Billing department and they will take care of it shortly..

John Gurney: I would much rather you give me a phone number of someone I can call.

John Gurney: someone that can authorize this issue.

John Gurney: wow, two seconds after I ask for a refund my site starts working again.

John Gurney: after being down all day.

John Gurney: thats service.

Kseniya N.: That is great then!.

John Gurney: hahaha you think so? WOW LOOK AT ME AND MY 70% UPTIME THATS FABULOUS.

John Gurney: ok I'm going to go now.

John Gurney: don't worry about cancelling my acount.

John Gurney: I'll stay with you guys, I don't mind getting raped every now and again.

Kseniya N.: So, now everything is ok?.

John Gurney: yup, I'm sure I'll be talking to you again really soon though.

Kseniya N.: Thank you for your passion..

John Gurney: thank you for your passion.

John Gurney: good bye..

Comment #4

Sergey.O: Hello, how can I help you?.

John Gurney: Hi, I purchased a hosting account about a week ago from you guys, and hey, silly me, I was expecting to have some uptime.

Sergey.O: can I have your domain name please?.

John Gurney:

John Gurney: server 8.

John Gurney: ip is

Sergey.O: Unfortunately we're experiencing DDOS attacks on server8 that are causing it's malfunction. Please try to contact our Hosting Technical Department, they might be able to help you..

John Gurney: aren't you hosting support?.

Sergey.O: we are not the technical department, we're not responsible for serious technical issues, I'm sorry.

John Gurney: I don't consider this a serious issue.

John Gurney: my company website has been down all week, but thats ok.

Sergey.O: well, this is a technical issue..

John Gurney: and another thing, why would you sell me server space on a server that isn't working.

Sergey.O: it is working. and it was working when you ordered hosting.

John Gurney: no it isn't and no it wasn't.

John Gurney: can visitors get to my website? no. I blame the server.

John Gurney: if the server was working my website would be up.

John Gurney: fucking smart ass.

John Gurney: who can I call.

Sergey.O: Please mind your language or I will have to close this chat. The server is working, but it is experiencing DDOS attacks that are blocking the access to it..

John Gurney: I want to talk to someone that can get something done.

John Gurney: what is mr. namecheap's phone number.

Sergey.O: I have already suggested you contacting our Hosting Technical Department. Unfortunately we do not provide phone support so far, but you can submit a ticket using the link below

John Gurney: I ALREADY DID.

John Gurney: HOURS AGO.

Sergey.O: Can I have the ticket ID?.

John Gurney: are you going to do anything to help me or just tell me they are working on the problem?.

Sergey.O: Unfortunately there's nothing I can do in this situation, me personally. As for your ticket, I can see one in our hosting technical department. The ticket was submitted an hour ago. Please mind that our response time is up to 2 hours in regular cases and can take more time if the issue requires deeper investigation..

John Gurney: why don't you just have someone put my account on server5, or server16, it doesn't matter to me, I don't have any emotional ties to server8, as long as my site works I'm happy.

Sergey.O: I don't think it is possible to move your hosting account to another server at the moment, I'm sorry. However please feel free to submit a ticket with a request to move your site to another server and mention a reason for that, and your request will be considered..

John Gurney: Anyways, thanks for the help, Donnie Brasco is on Showtime and I think I'm going to go watch that for a while, it was a pretty good movie from what I can remember. Have a great day..

Sergey.O: You are always welcome. have a nice day..

Comment #5

Whats the point of having live help if the only thing they do is tell you to submit a support ticket?..

Comment #6

I wish that would fit under my avatar. What an awesome tagline.


Comment #7

Fuck man people tell me GoDaddy's support sucks (Which in my opinion it doesn't they always bend over backwards for me) but compared to that convo they are fucking gods compared to them. hahaha.

Fucking ditch that hosting...

Comment #8

Still not working?.

Makes DreamHost seem like a, um, dream...

Comment #9

Namecheap is a good registrar and hosting provider. If you have any technical issues with Namecheap hosting, just send a ticket to their hosting technical support department, their techs usually reply immediately. Their online support is not responsible for hosting technical issues, their hosting technical problems are solved via ticketing system only!..

Comment #10

It's good that your site is finally back online. But seriously I think you must switch to a more reliable hosting after that dumb ass sales guy conversation...

Comment #11

This FUCKA sounds like he works for namecheap ...anyway I thought you were banned cabin boy?..

Comment #12

Yeah, their hosting really is a problem. But it's just an early stages problem. I'm sure they'll add phone support and better live chat within a year...

Comment #13

I don't host with them but I can't seem to ever get anything accomplished with domain problems over live support. I went through 3 live chat guys the other day and finally shot them an e-mail and told them their live support is useless..

I do like them as a registrar though. Just wish their support was a lot better. Or at least get rid of that damn live chat since the majority of the time it's just completely useless...

Comment #14

You see, only hosting sales pre-sales questions are discussed by Namecheap live chat support guys! Their technical issues are solved in a ticketing system only! I think it is impossible to have %100 uptime anyway! Just show me at least one hosting provider who provides %100 uptime and I will sign up it's services It is almost impossible..

Comment #15

Get a real host. Like PowerVPS. Or check my signature...

Comment #16

Thanks for the warning! Never really knew they offer hosting too!..

Comment #17

Wanted to say the same thing. But I'm also guilty of feeling jealousy and anger whenever someone speaks sh** at my fav host!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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