My pics so far.
Hi all, I'm a beginner for about 6 - 8 months now and have got some great advice on dpreview and from other sources on the internet. I have got no feedback yet from any of my shots. If anyone has a few minutes to spare please feel free to comment on some of my pics or let me know where I can improveThanks

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Apologies, I probably should have posted this in a different forum.

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Glad to look them over, but just a snapshooter myself so my opinion ain't worth a lot LOL!.

Most are pretty good. Looks like some intersting subjects. Some I would try a different crop maybe. And a couple are maybe slightly crooked. Most could be improved by some additional sharpiniing..

I'll pick a few to comment on for what it's worth....

Gibbon Fota Island.

Love it! but don't like him centered, try cropping some off the right side, the space behind him doesn't add any interest to me..

Lego Land.

Great colorful shot, would like to see a vertical shot of this with more of the gituar in it maybe..

Sony CentreGood job with exposure, held highlights and nice sky..

Horse Sculpture.

Tighter vertical crop and a little more contrast would make me like this one better..


Again would crop different... more downstream / less upstream. Also could have used slightly faster shutter speed (maybe) you almost over did the water blur loosing too much detail, subject to personal taste though. The folage is a little soft on the trees. Was this hand held? could be camera shake? of maybe the tiny f22 is affecting IQ a bit. Tripod and ND filter a must to maximize this shot I think..

Just MY opinions... shoot to please yourself!!.

Any ways... hope that helps and gets a discussion started for you... Great start, keep shootin'.

TD...Just another dumb a** green newbie!FCAS charter member & Pbase supporter

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You have some nice pictures there that have a lot of potential. The first thing that pops out at me is that you seem to be centering your subjects in the frame, which makes for a rather uninteresting image. Try following the rule of thirds..

Some of your pictures could also a little more "pop" to them, sometimes adjusting the contrast can help with this, if the pictures look a little hazy, or the colors look bland, or flat; then contrast, brightness and saturation can be your friends, but be careful not to over do it..

I haven't been shooting for very long either, but early on, I picked up a book by John Freeman entitled, "Photography" which really helped me understand exposure, compostion and other aspects. Scott Kelby books are also very good if you can put up with his sometimes funny attempts at humor..

The picture I liked the best on your site, I think was of the storefront with the signs in front, although I think I would have either cropped out the windows over the store, or included them completely. The way they are now do not add to the picture and rather distract from the rest of the image - in other words, they do not compliment the rest of image (because they are not complete), but they are prominent enought to distract from the rest of the picture..

I think you have some good ideas, and just need a little guidance, this is where the first book I mentioned will come in handy. The Scott Kelby Digital Photography is mostly technical, but has some very good points. John Freeman's book I think is more what you can gain most from right now... it's what to watch out for when shooting different types of pictures, and how to avoid common bad habits..

Albert-OColoradoPlease visit me at

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Ccully wrote:.

Hi all, I'm a beginner for about 6 - 8 months now and have got somegreat advice on dpreview and from other sources on the internet. Ihave got no feedback yet from any of my shots. If anyone has a fewminutes to spare please feel free to comment on some of my pics orlet me know where I can improveThanks

Just by looking at the thumbnails:.

Don't center the subject most of the times.Check the exposure. You have some burnt highlights where they shouldn't be.Check the colors as well.Make sure the photo is not crooked/slanted/tilted...

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Cosilver wrote:.

< Scott Kelby books are also very good if you can put up with his sometimes funny.

Attempts at humor..

I don't mind his humor at all. It's his often non-funny attempts at humor that gets to me! .

To the OP, please post ONE image that you think is good and let us critique it. Learn how to put an image INSIDE a post...there must be thousands of threads on this subject. Make the image as big as possible, but don't go beyond about 1000 pixels wide. That way we can help you by cropping, rotating, and editing and still have enough left to sorta show why OUR way is better..

Also, you can go to the Retouching Forum if you get into heavy editing issues...members over there are quite good at explaining the how and why of PS. But as long as you are just wanting really basic help, this is a good place to get it..

Charlie DavisNikon 5700, Sony R1, Nikon D300HomePage: http://www.1derful.infoBridge Blog:

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Site dedicated to critiqueing photosDave'When the light and composition are strong, nobodynotices things like resolution or pincushion distortion'Gary Friedman..

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