GoDaddy service : Great idea to order GoDaddy?? My First Legal Issue Vs. Tiger Direct over an 8 Year Old Domain

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(Well Known Company) is the domain I recently purchased at auction via TDNAM.

It an 8 year old domain and I was all of a sudden contacted a day after I bought it!.

It has no site set up or anything of that sort so they really have reason to contact me.

The options they gave me were transfer it to their specified registrar at my expense or to get sued.

Any suggestion on what I should do would be great!..

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I'd just ignore them for now. Theres a lot of precedence when it comes to these type domains, and fortunately it's in the site owner's favor. They're probably just trying to scare you into giving it to them, because they are afraid of what you might do with it.

Look at the case of Paypalsucks.comPaypal came after the owner and lost.

Ideally you should probably try to make a site ASAP. At least put up a free forum or something to allow people to discuss their experiences with TD.

Anyway, at this point. I'd either just completely ignore them. Or write them a very short message stating, "hello. I just acquired this domain a few days ago. I have no interest in selling it and I plan to develop it under my Fair Use rights.".

The end...

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That was an excellent recommendation Herd, I really appreciate it, Thank You so Much. +Rep..

Comment #2

Know your enemy and know yourself - Sun Tzu.

That's supposedly the translation, anyway. And the company isn't always your.

Enemy necessarily...

Comment #3

The funny thing is, I actually saw that name and thought about picking it up However, I have nothing but love for TD. They aren't always the cheapest, but they're pretty close, and I've always had an excellent experience with them.

But yeah, I'd be interested in knowing where this was sent from. You have to make sure that it's actually the company sending the email and not some scammer who saw it drop and is trying to pull one over on you.

Either way, like I said, I think if you handle this properly, you should have no problems keeping it...

Comment #4

It came from an email from "", Thanks Again...

Comment #5

To be exact, see if you can find out, online or offline, if they tend to do what.

They say, namely filing a UDRP or suit in court...

Comment #6

Thanks for the support! TD has not sued anyone else previously over a domain, to my knowledge, but won a legal battle against Paypal...

Comment #7

I think the issue here is what you had on the page when they saw it If it was a legit site expressing your admendment rights to free speech then your ok and they will lose. But wasnt the PaypalSucks just a name and they lost. They probally already have screen prints and such that your is just a name so Im not sure. But I still wouldnt give in. Good luck and keep fighting!!!!..

Comment #8

Thank you for your support, I thought of that, but then I looked at the WayBack Machine and found that the domain has been parked since 2004...

Comment #9

Well either wayDont give in (Easy for me to say, Im not being threatend with a lawsuit, but you know what I mean) and keep us updated. I hope for the best. I love TD and purchase alot from them but not agreeing with there attempt to get this name from you...

Comment #10

I agree that TD is not a bad company and I will definitely keep you all updated!..

Comment #11

Well, as you stated, you just got the domain, so it's not unreasonable to assume that it might take at least a few days/weeks to develop something. I dont think anyone is expected to develop a site overnight. But you should definitely get something up as soon as possible to show that you a legitimate interest in the domain...

Comment #12

Site has been Officially developed - Check it out HERE.

Priceless Title: Along with some nice true stories including: Am I asking for it, or what!.

Thanks for your support, I will keep you updated!..

Comment #13

Can you actually sell sucks domains for good money??..

Comment #14

If you haven't already, your best option is to not respond unless you get a certified letter in the mail, then don't respond yourself, but have an attorney respond.

You know how it goes... anything you say(write) can and will be used against you.....

Comment #15

Great site. My assumption was correct.

I never did receive my $100 rebate from TD when I bought a new system from them. Seriously... I was like what are these people doing... during the process there was so much BS running around from this site to that site... and it's all coming together now.

While reading the CC is not hidden from other employees concerns me very much. I just passed my CC on Friday to purchase a new monitor (which should be here tomorrow).

I mean I enjoy TD's quick shipping and have done business with them in the thousands but the the 2nd last purchase on a rebate return of about $100 I never received it.

I'll be bookmarking that site and reviewing it closely. Thanks!..

Comment #16

I would like to see how the resolves because TD does suck with rebates...

Comment #17

I'm screwed:

Anyone wanna buy it for $5? lol..

Comment #18

I'll take it for $5. PM me with your paypal info..

Comment #19

If anyone is interested in the site, or if you would like to purchase the domain, you may contact Herb...

Comment #20

The question here is whether there was a proper UDRP or other legal action, and if the owner of that domain had false whois which would prevent them from contacting him...

If TD filed properly and there was no response, this may explain why GD sided with TD...

Comment #21

Yeah, I cant imagine GD just handing it over without proper court order or a UDRP ruling. That would just be a bit insane and we would have all heard about it by now. Most likely the owner did have fake info in the Whois to try to avoid confrontation, which is big no-no.

Really, as I stated before, I've always liked TD. But I hate bullies... So I'll put up a site with a forum and allow people to exercise their first amendment rights.

If they want to come after it, I'll be glad to let them waste their money on a UDRP..

Comment #22

Was it dropping when you originally won it on TDNAM ? Or just a user submitted auction ?

The reason I ask is I'm wondering if someone passed their problems off on you..

Ronald Regging bought it "Knowing" of any issues , You may not have.

Good Luck Herb..

Comment #23

I'd just like to state that I have no intentions of selling or using this domain in any commercial manner. It will be developed as a free site for people to express their opinions about the service and products of TD...

Comment #24

Just keep you receipt from tdnam and you'll be fine reading this:

Comment #25

Dvdrip: That link is extremely relevant to my own circumstances... thanks!.


Comment #26

Go luck with the domain Ronald Regging. I don't like seeing companys trying to hide everything negative about them...

Comment #27

You can own as long as you don't try to monetize it. You are allowed to express opinion, and MAY be able to get away with ads, but you may get into trouble if you try to sell t-shirt and the like.

The man you have to thank is Dan Parisi. He owns (,, etc) and won the landmark court case Bloomberg V Parisi over the name

Comment #28

This is why I don't buy domains from nor leave domains that purchase with them past the 60 days they demand of a transfer of ownership.

I have read several instances in other forums where has done this to domain owners. is available but don't register it with


Comment #29

It appears there was a court case against in Arizona District Court.

What would happen if the owner was not living in the United States? Do you lose a domain if you don't defend it in a US court even though you are not living there?.

This could mean you can lose any domain, even if it is a generic one.

Is there a registrar that will not follow US court rulings? I feel a little uncomfortable keeping my domains with US registrars because the US law system is so corrupt...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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