Does anyone eat mushrooms on Medifast?

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I am considering trying Mushrooms. I know I can mix them with my Peppers in an Omelette, but would love to know some other ways you use them.

What do you think about Crimini vs Button mushrooms? Why aren't Shitake mushrooms on 5 & 1 or have I misread? Also, what are "straw" mushrooms?.

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I eat a lot of mushrooms. Raw in salads. I also saute them in a nonstick pan with Pam and a little salt (to draw the moisture out) and add them to omelets a lot..

They're also good cooked in a fresh tomato sauce and eaten over spaghetti squash, or chopped and sauteed with lean ground beef or turkey for tacos, chili, or whatever else you make with your meat (they take on a similar flavor and texture to the meat). Good in fajitas too (chicken breast strips cooked with colorful peppers, garlic, mushrooms, served on a plate with some salsa)..

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I like to mix mushrooms with cabbage or broccoli and my lean for a tasty stirfry..


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I love mushrooms, but only cooked, not raw. When I have steak, I slice and saute white mushrooms using olive oil spray to coat the pan and put them on top of the steak. I also love portabella mushrooms. Crimini mushrooms are sometimes called "baby bellas." One of my favorite L&G meals is a portabella pizza. Spray your portabella with olive oil, dust with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and roast it in the oven. When it is soft, top with low carb tomato sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese.

Portabellas are also great marinated and grilled. You could use a low-fat Italian dressing to marinate. I like to eat this on a cold steak salad..

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I can't imagine that shitake mushrooms would be excluded when others are allowed - I think they're probably just not listed as they're less common. But if you're apprehensive about trying a new vegetable, shitakes should be last on your list - they have a very intense flavor, and they're why a lot of people don't like the Chicken and Wild Rice soup. Instead try some nice normal button mushrooms and see if you enjoy them..

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Agree 100%. Shitakes should not be your first mushroom experience unless you've already tried the Chicken and Wild Rice soup and liked it.. I love button and portebella but not the intense flavored mushrooms. The shitakes in the Chicken and Wild Rice Soup are the reason I don't order that..

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I love them, but then I am fond of all manner of gross foods..

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Mushrooms stuffed with laughing cow cheese, mushroom/pepper/broccoli stuffed chicken breast, mushroom/spinach salad, mushrooms & green beans, grilled mushrooms. We love mushrooms and eat lots of them raw or cooked..

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One of my favorite creations was with mushrooms. I bought a box of mixed mushrooms, but you can use whichever ones you like.

2 wedges of laughing cow light garlic and herb cheese.

3/4 cup cooked mushrooms.

3/4 cup cooked fresh green beans.

Salt and pepper to taste.

In a saute pan, melt the cheese with enough hot water to make a sauce. Add the mushrooms and heat through until the mushrooms are soft and the sauce is hot..

Pour the sauce over the steamed green beans (or mix the green beans in the sauce in the pan).

Add the salt and pepper if needed..

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I love mushrooms and eat them all the time. I like button mushrooms for raw eating or in salads. I prefer crimini for something cooked because they're a bit denser and seem to have more flavor when cooked (personal thing). I've cooked with portabellos for years. My last holiday meals (pre MF) were stuffed portabellos because I don't eat meat I don't like straw mushrooms, but then I've always had them canned and they're just...a waste of calories for me. I also don't like dried porcini mushrooms.

I don't like shitake but more because when I cook them they're rubbery...which may be my cooking..

I'd say to go with either button or crimini. They're both easy to find fresh and relatively inexpensive. You can add them to casseroles, stir frys, salads, egg dishes, just about anything. Basic tips? Don't wash them (wipe off any dirt) and be aware that they can give off a lot of water. If you cook them plain, you can cook them until they reabsorb the liquid, but in with other things, it sometimes makes it too wet. For eggs, I always precook and drain.

I hope you give them a shot. It's great to add new foods, especially ones that aren't bad for you and fit MF..


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I believe shitake mushrooms are restricted on 5&1. I did see a post about them saying they were not on plan. I believe they are one of the only high carb fungi..

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Holy crap you're right! There is one kind of mushroom that is verboten, and so those of us who love them are limited to slowly savoring them in the Rice soup. Like counting peas.

Quote from NS:.

"Hi there and welcome to the Medifast family! My name is Jessica; I am one of the Registered Dietitians of the Medifast Nutrition Support Team..

Unfortunately shiitake mushrooms are too high in calories and carbohydrate to be one of the recommended vegetable choices while following the 5 and 1 meal plan, but they certainly can be reintroduced once you have reached your weight loss goals and have started the transition and/or maintenance phases of the program.".

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Try throwing them on the grill in a basket, yummo!! (If you are like me, and don't care for mushrooms too much, try a tiny, tiny, squeeze of lemon on them, it really enhances the flavor!.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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