GoDaddy reviews : Advise I use GoDaddy?? Most people that park their domains are stupid!

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Every now and then, when you visit the domain that you want to buy, you will get to see those parking pages. I don't understand what these people think about their domains, but many times I had to see unbelievably high prices for shitty domains..

On this particular case, I wanted to buy this domain for a social networking site. That stupid /img/avatar4.jpg of this domain quoted 2k for this shitty domain. I mean, that is not a premium domain or not any valuable one. I know this guy on other forum, I told him that nobody would buy that domain for more than $50 and even offered him 50 bucks. That stupid won't listen. People are unbelievably crazy!..

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Yes very true, at least he didn't try to partner 50/50 w/ you on the business like a lot of them try to pull...

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Because you say it's not worth more then 50 bucks doesn't make it true, the guy has set a price expectation for his domain that is out of your budget, but could be well within someone else's budget range...budget range in the sense what your willing to spend for a domain acquisition..

Make a daily trip to to see what kind of domains have been recently sold well above 50 bucks and nobody would expect to see those sales prices either, let alone having interest to be purchased..

What's stupid is if a person thinks he can decide he can accurately put a end user market value on any domain just because he or she has interest to purchase...

Comment #2

In my opinion a domain worth the same amount that someone agree to pay for it. So if that guy can find a buyer who is wiling to pay 2k$ for it.

That the domains price.

Simple as that.


Comment #3

They are the equivalent of retarded tramps that hang around outside busy cafes, begging, farting and shouting gibberish...

Comment #4

I beg to differ! Suppose there is a domain "" and the owner set 1k price tag for it. You know how good the domain is - suppose someone bought it for the quoted price. Then what do you think of that buyer and the price of the domain?.

If you are asked to make a comment about that sale, would you just say it is the worth of the domain? Or would you use words like stupid and ignorant to describe the buyer of the domain?.

@wierdguy - You are fuckin wrong in agreeing with the above poster!..

Comment #5

Why? If I did that I'd have to stop fucking your momma up the ass too, and then she'd get all badtempered and stuff, and probably end up taking it our on you, little boy, with big old 'Mr Bendy' that your dad keeps under his pillow, you know, next to the giant Walmart tub of axle grease...

Comment #6

I've been trying to keep out of this one, but the last 3 posts cemented it for me..

Go and check out the "cafe" section of DNForum... then reassess any notions you may have of pure Domainers and intelligence..

Particularly the politics thread...

Comment #7

I bought a domain for about 150 $ with less than 10 hits a day and of course developed it - wickedfire style.

I have no failed to make more than 300 $ a month with little to no work.

Now imagine I owned and was making at least 20 bucks a month from that domain. Spread that over 300 domains making on average 4 bucks a month. Okay thats 1200 to 2000 depending on your niche. 2 months and he has his registration paid off. Hes not stupid, parked pages may look harmless but some people bank like a mofo' without much work. Case being, I recently went head to head for this domain hxxp:// upto 3k and I wish I had bid more.

You need to go over to Domain king or even Most Domainers may not be developer savvy, but the few who know what the hell they are doing are making a fucking killing. Oh yeah, and you know some of those quiet domains you hate, I have one making over 5 bucks a click.


P.s Some words of wisdom, lets say you had 120k and were starting a porn site. Would you buy (you wish - for 100k) or start with for 8 bucks and then build develop. ??????.


Comment #8

Im making about $25/month on 20 something parked domains that I bought for 160 dollars, pretty good investment I guess..

Comment #9

Probably I have to change my opinion now. Then again, that guy I talked about didn't make even one cent from his 20+ domains (including on SEDO even after 2 months, LOL not even a single click to date ...

Comment #10

Domaining has not yet reached true supply vs demand balance. Those who don't know hear about people making 'millions of dollars' from domains. So they tend to ask much more than they are worth in reality. If you "NEED" a specific TLD you only have to options, wait or pay. If your lucky and being the owner of the original stated domains is not making money you may be able to scoop the drop. Play it smart and you may be able to get it in a desperate last second salvation attempt.

Never offer more, you may just scare him into rolling over..


Name Servers:.

Creation date: 14 Apr 2008 20:07:03.

Expiration date: 14 Apr 2009 20:07:03.

So you only have a few months to sweat them out..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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