Monopod...Tripod... More??
I'm very new to photography, I got all confused by different accessories for SLR, I was doing research on tripod and all the sudden I read something about monopod.. can someone explain to me what are some different "pods" options for SLR and what's the differences between them? Possibly recommend one will be most suitable for me...


LL/New York.

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A tripod has 3 legs. A monopod has one leg..

Monopods are typically used in situations where a tripod is too big or heavy to carry around, where the photographer wants to be able to take shots in a hurry, where the photographer has a heavy lens and wants the monopod to take some of the weight, etc. Typically users are hikers who don't want to carry a tripod, people travelling on aircraft and sports photographers with very heavy lenses..

Tripods give more stability than monopods but are bigger and heavier and take longer to set up. Typical users are landscape photographers, still life photographers, portrait photographers and anybody taking shots in poor light or with low shutter speeds..

Tripods vary from small table top models to large, expensive professional equipment..

Why do you think that you need a monopod or tripod? What do you want to photograph? If you tell us that we may be able to give you advice as to what you need.Chris R..

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Thanks for all the info, Currently I'm taking pictures of everything.. no theme in specific but as I learn more and shot better pictures. I would like to focus on landscape. I do travel quiet bit...

My problem is the camera shake, I can't take a good picture with long shutter speed at the low light situation..

Thanks again!LL/New York.

'Life is too short to take ugly pictures'..

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Have you tried increasing the aperture (f number) and ISO to get a higher shutter speed? You may need to use Aperture Priority for this. You can probably go up to ISO 800 and still get good shots with your XSi..

Also, are you using an image stabilised lens? That is another way to get low light shots provided the subject isn't moving..

You will probably want to get a tripod eventually, but cheap tripods normally don't work very well. You could try getting a small table top tripod to start with. These are cheap and work quite well indoors. Note that a tripod won't help if your subject is moving, e.g. children or pets. For that you need a higher shutter speed.Chris R..

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If you travel a lot, you might want to take a look at the Trek Pod Go! ( It can be used as a hiking stick/monopod, or you can unfold the legs and turn it into a lightweight tripod. It breaks down into a package small enough to take on an airplane as carryon luggage. I have one and love it! It's not as sturdy as a more conventional tripod, so I wouldn't trust it with really heavy gear, but it works nicely with a DSLR outfitted with a lightweight or mediumweight lens (especially if use use a shutter release cable or the camera timer to take your shorts)..

I'm sure other people will chime in with other good suggestions as well...

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Stick some word after these and it describes how many "thingies" it has:.

Monopod has 1 legBicycle has 2 wheels...Bipolar means 2 mental states (manic/depressive)Tripod has 3 legs...Hexavalent means a substance has a chemical valence of six.

To stop camera movement or to compensate for that movement:.

1) Learn breathing control...breathe, hold, take shot2) Use a "faster" lens setting, ie, a "smaller" F/#3) Use a shorter exposure time4) Use a higher sensitivity setting ("ISO)5) Lean against something6) Put the camera on something (table, chair, rock, etc)7) Use the mirror-up feature (if your camera has it)8) Use a remote release9) Use a monopod10) Use a tripod.

Since you are starting out, use these methods starting at the top of my list....

Take 6 months to try these BEFORE you buy a tripod!.

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LL22 wrote:.

My problem is the camera shake, I can't take a good picture with longshutter speed at the low light situation..

My experience is that in low light a monopod gives you one or two stops when you hand-hold it, ie, you can get away with 1/30sec or even 1/15 instead of 1/60. A good tripod does much better. If the monopod can be wedged or clamped so as not to need any other support it can be as good as a tripod..

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LL/New York.

'Life is too short to take ugly pictures'..

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