Mini goal rewards during Medifast

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I've been looking at this dress on the Jessica London site for a long time. It's $80.00 and SLEEVELESS! I would never wear it now, but I think it's a beautiful special occasion dress.

Today, I ordered it in about 8 sizes from what I am now. Not all the way to goal, but enough to inspire me..

Thinking about being able to wear it made me actually tear up..

I think it was meant to be.......when I put in in the shopping cart, "my promotion" was a 50% off coupon, so I actually only paid $40.00 for it.

I know I need to set some mini goal rewards. What are some of yours?..

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I think that ordering that dress in a smaller size is a great motivation. I myself just started the program this month and have really tried to start getting some excercise. I have started with a mini goal of 10lbs. this month. I really wanted to buy some new cosmetics but I decided to wait and if I meet my goals at the end of the month my reward will be a facial and some new cosmetics. Keep positive...

Comment #1

Mini goal ideas (guess it depends on your budget as well):.

1. New CD.

2. New DVD.

3. New Shoes.

4. New Purse.

5. Date without my kiddos.

6. New Make-up.

7. Massage.

8. Pedi/Mani.

9. New hairstyle.

Have fun with it!..

Comment #2

I'm not using mini-goals, but I did set a goal for when I broke 200 pounds. I went out and bought myself a hot pink 16gb iPod Nano. I kept it in a drawer under my bed for 2 months until I finally got to 199. I wouldn't even let myself open the box until then. Now I've got it loaded up with audiobooks to listen in the car on the way to/from work and when walking..

My next big goal is when I hit 170. That's the weight I was when I got married in 1995. I want to take my wedding dress out of it's airtight package and try it on. Not an expensive goal financially, but priceless emotionally..


Comment #3

I didn't set any mini-goals for myself other than to start exercising at the half-way mark..

I didn't use any rewards either, but am constantly amazed at how I'm rewarded every time I look in the mirror these days..

I love the Medifast!..

Comment #4

Nada. I think I started out with something but I don't remember what. I like never having to think about anything while doing MF...

Comment #5

1st goal, I bought a new rifle for competition.

Well I bought the parts to build it with..

2nd goal take my wife and baby on a trip to someplace warm and by the beach..

3rd goal most likely try to rejoin the reserves...

Comment #6

I decided on a couple, but they're so close together they should probably just be one:.

1. 212 - the weight that moves me from "obese" to "overweight" (sheesh, who comes up with these numbers anyway?).

2. 210 - the weight I was at when I STARTED weight watchers 20 years ago and thought I was too heavy. I lost 25 pounds, but it was pure torture for me. Especially when compared to the relative ease of MF..

After that I will hit goal and move to T&M. Soon I hope!..

Comment #7

Staying off blood pressure medicine has been my incentive..

However I've been thinking I may get myself one of those pandora bracelets when I hit goal and reward myself with a bead for every month I maintain...

Comment #8

Now that I'm under 250, I'll be taking the Segway tour at Epcot on my next trip to Disney World! It's something that I've been longing to do for a while, and now I'm finally under the weight limit to do it..

My other rewards will probably be tied to clothing since I'm starting to fall out of what I currently own. I don't want to spend a lot of money as I'm still shrinking, but a new pair of jeans are going to be necessary soon...

Comment #9

I want to get all the spider veins in my legs obliterated when I reach goal!.

Has anyone had this done?..

Comment #10

I will say my dream is to go on vacation this summer (August) and enjoy the beach. I will be gone for a month with kids, but I would love to really enjoy it, instead of hiding in a big-ole-towel. I want to enjoy Disney land and wear summer clothes comfortably and ride all the rides and just feel good...

Comment #11

This is a good question. I did recently buy some really cute tops in a smaller size for spring. For Christmas I got a gift certificate at a spa. I am trying to come up with a weight at which point I will use it for a full body massage. But to be gut level honest- my ultimate goal after weight loss and some maintenance is to get a breast reduction. Of course my poor hubby cries when I bring it up but he supports my decision...

Comment #12

I had never set up rewards for my goals before but now I have. I have around 100 pounds to lose so am taking it 10 pounds at a time, repeat 10 times. As you can see in my signature I am putting money in a jar at each 10 pound loss only to be touched when all 100 pounds are released!.


Comment #13

I worked with 4 people who had that done. All of them are very happy with the results..

Comment #14

Thanks for the you have any idea how much to have done?..

Comment #15

My mini goal for 10 lbs is a massage. My big goal is to lose weight for my wedding in April. It definitely helps to break it down into smaller goals/rewards to make it less daunting...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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