GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I purchase GoDaddy?? Michael Jackson domain; help plz

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Is there any legal problem with:.


Help please, thanks.

(PS: RIP Michael!)..

Comments (20)

Ah nothing better then exploiting the death of somebody.

But you could have legal probs with this domain. it's not for certain but a lot of people suggest staying away from celeb domains.

It depends on how you use the domain. if it's for non commercial use then you woudl be fine..

Comment #1

At least respect the man and make some fansite instead of just parking it.

But in general stay away from celeb domains, if youre not using it noncommerial fansites...

Comment #2

Ok, thanks.

I will develope a good site... I "loved" him: He is BIG.


Comment #3

I'm a big fan of Michael since the early 70's and still much in awe of his great accomplishments. As for his name being used I don't have a problem with it unless it's out to slander the guy then no good. I mean even the people who brings the news makes money off of any dead or alive celebrity and adding an adsense or two wouldn't hurt to keep the site running but keep the content in check is what I say.

RIP Mike!..

Comment #4

Every body have made enough money from this guys (mj) death more than when he was alive..

The media have made enough money with the traffic is bad news have gave them than is good news for years if there is eny..

Our bad news is always good news for media..

Jackson is dead and gone make yr money guy after enough fun you have have with him but plz plz don't mess him respect!..

Comment #5

Created on: 06-Jun-2005!.

Registered Thursday.

Registered Thursday by some guy in Germany.


Both registered Friday morning by a guy in Peru. registered Thursday.

Creation date: 01 Jul 2007.

Expiration date: 01 Jul 2009 Pretty damn close!.

HOLY CRAP! SAINTJACKO.COM is AVAILABLE!. was registered Thursday. was created Thursday. created Thursday. created Thursday. created Thursday. was registered Thursday. was registered Thursday. ..... Thursday.

Well, here's the answer!. was registered Friday..

Comment #6

Is Michael Jackson dead? When? How did it happen?..

Comment #7

My parents keep me locked up in the attic when they travel. I have a lot to catch up on. So is he really dead? That's BAD How did it happen? I need to go and read some more about this THRILLER..

Comment #8

They say M.J. worshipped the King, and therefore went out just like the King - dead on the potty after overdosing on dope, before the age of 51.

Meanwhile, as to celeb fansites (and I run dozens of them), here are 3 Things To Never Do:.

1. Never SELL stuff on the site, even little T-shirts or mugs that you make yourself down in your basement, because that's seen as earning money from the celeb's name.

2. Never LINK to another celeb site that's similarly earning money that way, since it's seen as though you're getting a piece of that pie, whether or not you really are.

3. Never start up a site right after a celeb has DIED , since besides looking very tacky, it's seen as the move of an opportunist who will therefore no doubt soon start selling junk on his site...

Comment #9

So, dont do it if you are trying to make any $$ in other words..... ( ??)..

Comment #10

I made a site for him. 7 year old domain. Fansite before all of this hype.

Has search engine to find his videos. 24hr radio-video station and more. I was part of the MJ generation...

Comment #11

I had 17 MJ domains. Where should I redirect traffic..

Comment #12

So is he really dead then? Or will we find him flipping burgers in the same McDonalds as Elvis in 2014..

Comment #13

Not just if YOU directly make money. This is the mistake so many domainers get caught up in - it's also equally important to avoid the APPEARANCE of making money from linking to cash-run sites, or hearse-chasing (registering a celeb's name right after that celeb's death).

It prompts ICANN/WIPO to point their binoculars in your direction, so the minute you even scratch your nose - boom! They drop down on you like a ton of bricks...

Comment #14

Give it a rest about folks making money off the back of MJ....

Here in the UK, some publishers had new books written and published within 72 hours of the guy dying.

Why would they do that? To cash in of course...

Comment #15

I can't see any problem about the domain. Just develop a new and a good site or maybe that domain is perfect for blogging about careers of micheal...

Comment #16

I do not think that there's any issue with that domain, as the domain suggest that it is all about the careers of Michael Jackson...

Comment #17

We are in such a wonderful industry. The best are threads where some domainers are actually offended by public perception that domainers by and large cybersquatting blood suckers.

OP: Are you really going to make a great site? What benefit is it to you anyways? You're not going to make a lot of money with it anyways. It's like robbing a gumball machine at this point...

Comment #18

I find it amusing that the ones actually asking if "ObviousTrademark.ext" or the like is likely to cause them problems... only to start getting upset when told the truth..

It then becomes obvious why the general perception of this entire industry is what it is...

Comment #19

This industry is no different from any other industry, don't delude yourself. Industry = Capatalism = Making money = F***ing someone over at some point along the lines.

Making money is not a pretty business, it just so happens that the point of entry to this particular business is around $8..

Comment #20

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