Medifast Pancake Pizza Question

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Has anyone tried making the Original Pancake as a base for a touch of Marinera sauce and some Cheese melted on top?.

I cannot shake the Pizza fantasy right now. I've been Day dreaming of an English muffin pizza or Boboli pizza for about 5 days. I'm trying SO HARD not to crack lol I started Week 7 today and I'm doing so well. I cannot afford to crack LOL!.

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Don't crack Beth! The pancake pizza could work. I doubt you could get a crispy crust out of it, but it would be "bready". Are the plain pancakes sweet? I've only had the chocolate chip. If you try it, let us know how it turns out! You would love the cauliflower pizza...making the crusts is somewhat of a project, but if you do 6 or 7 at a time and freeze them it's totally worth it. I promise you can't tell it's cauliflower..

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Do you have chicken noodle soup? You can make a pizza crust out of that. I tried it last week and it was pretty good. And then of course there is the cauliflower pizza too!.


3 Medifast chicken noodle soup.

1/2 cup mozzarella.

1/4 cup of some type of tomato sauce/pizza sauce/marinara.

Eggbeaters or baking powder (whichever you prefer).

1/2 cup water.

Put all 3 packets of the Medifast chk. noodle soup in a blender or magic bullet to grind the noodles into a powder..

Then pour your Chk noodle powder into a bowl..

Then add either 2 TB of eggbeaters or 1tsp of baking podwder (either will work.).

Then add a small handful of mozz. cheese..

Then add the 1/2 cup of water and mix all ingredients together. Also add any pizza seasonings of your choice at this point..

Take your pizza crust paste and spread it out thinly on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet sprayed with Pam..

Put in the oven at 450 for about 10 mins...or until the edges are browned..

Then take out the pizza crust, put on your sauce and a little cheese and place in Broiler for 2-3 mins..

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I've made "pizza" with a Cream Of Tomato soup. I think there's even a thread if you do a search on pizza..

COT soup, 1/2 tsp baking powder, approx 4 TBS water, mix, spread out onto a baking mat or parchment paper into your desired pizza shape. I think I baked in the toaster oven at around 350 degrees. Baking time varies... Bake until done (for you), then top with L&G items.... bake into the oven to melt/heat. If you don't do the baking powder it would cook to a thinner-crackery type texture..

I also have mixed 1 serving of the Morning Star Farms crumbles into the pizza base, then baked and topped!.

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When I crave pizza I saute a big pile of sliced succhini and mushrooms and tomatoes with oregano and basil and garlic powder, top it with light mozzarella and broil til melty. Not crisp, but pizza-ey..

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Wow, thats a weird combo lol.

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I made a wonderful lean and green using portabella mushroom caps (the huge ones) with some fresh salsa and low fat cheese - baked it and totally enjoyed it. The best "pseudo" pizza I've had to date!.

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Beth don't do's not worth it. on one of my previous "falling off plan" phases I did have some and it makes you feel not so great aftewards. first, you're not used to that much dough and grease and second, you wish you had stayed on plan..

I've made the COT pizza and it's pretty good. I added my tbsp of onion and 1 raw jalepeno to give it a kick! these days i've been resorting to a veggie (mushrooms/zucchini) with a little sauce/cheese..

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So far so good! That's why I waited to post. I figured my conscience would bark at me if I posted about my Day dreaming LOL! .

I am still considering the Cauliflower pizza. It just seems like such a chore and I have a small Kitchen that at the moment I am frustrated with. I still think the Medifast Pancake as a base might not be too bad. It is more of a psychological game for me than the actual Pizza itself. (7) weeks without "normal food," outside of L & G of course, is starting to wear on me.

I am actually quite terrified of how I would feel if I were to do a significant cheat. I think I would be more upset by how I feel adding real food back to my body than the cheat itself..

Thank you everyone for your suggestions!.

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I made up a batch of 10 cauliflower pizza crusts this weekend and had one for dinner. Yes, it's a pain. Yes, it makes a big mess. BUUUUT...Yes, it completely handled my pizza craving! I've heard you can make it with frozen cauliflower as well. Just one more plug for the cauli pizza crust. Very yummy and satisfying!.

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