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Looking at many kits available out there for the Rebels, what type of memory cards are superior to the other. Any particular name brands to look for, or stay away from? What about speeds?Ty..

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TylerKB wrote:.

Looking at many kits available out there for the Rebels, what type ofmemory cards are superior to the other..

Any major brand - Sandisk, Kingston etc - would be perfectly safe and there's no reason to choose one over another. Don't stress it..

Any particular name brands tolook for, or stay away from?.

Stay away from eBay  except when buying from a known reputable store. Many, many cards sold on eBay are fakes..

Do not shop on price. Do not wonder if that unknown brand that is cheaper than a Sandisk (say) might just be OK. Think about the cost if you're wrong..

In general, just buy a big name brand and you'll be fine. There's no such thing as a "best brand"..

What about speeds?.

Speed is overrated. Just about any card will keep up with your camera unless you shoot raw in long bursts..

I have Sandisk cards in 2 speeds (SD cards for my D80) - standard, Ultra and Extreme. I filled the buffer using the standard speed card in a test one day after a prolonged burst of about 30-40 shots. In other words, there's no realistic issue here..

Generally I have chosen to use Sandisk Ultra by choice - middle of the raneg in speed, middle of the range in price. I could probably get away with Standards but shrug, the price difference is very small..

The only issue would be if you had a D3 or other top of the line pro camera capable of shooting 4-5-6 or more frames per second..

Card speed also affects the speed with which your pictures upload to your computer. But on the other hand, who cares if it takes 3 minutes, or 6 minutes? Just go and make a coffee..

One last piece of advice (opinion): When it comes to size, I would prefer multiple smaller cards over a single large capacity card. If one card fails, you have another. Etc. Your call, but for me I can't imagine having only one card (or even 2) in my kit..

- Another advantage of multiple cards is that it's easier to take the card out, lock it (write protect) and keep it until you've backed up the files on your computer - use another card in the meantime. I prefer to always have at least 2 copies of my photos and sometimes I don't get around to backing up immediately after uploading, so I like to keep the images on the card until I've done that..

Hope that helps..

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Comment #1 time, you may want to purchase a smalll portable storage device, so don't buy to many cards yet...get two 2 or 4 MB cards...

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TylerKB wrote:.

Looking at many kits available out there for the Rebels, what type ofmemory cards are superior to the other. Any particular name brands tolook for, or stay away from?.

I would recommend avoiding Lexar 80x cards. Other speeds are okay, but Lexar had a problem with the 80x cards that showed up when used in a Digic-II camera such as the XT/350D and XTi/400D, resulting in loss of pictures. Lexar has an exchange program for those cards, but my choice is to avoid them completely..

And as others have said, stay away from eBay. The cards sold there are almost always fakes...

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I just got a Sandisk Extreme III 4gb CF card and it is really fast at downloads and taking photos, $85.00 but you'll find them cheaper if you look around. Sandisk is also offer a $20.00 rebate at selected stores, check their site and see if there is a store near you. Also Sandisk Ultra II or just a regular Sandisk CF card will do, depending on how you are going to use it.Tim..

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I've got 2 sandisk SD cards for my D50, a 256MB and a 2GB, they've both been rock solid. I've also got 2 sandisk Ultra II CF cards for my D200(2GB and 4GB) and they are both rock solid. I also have a 4 GB Kingston. Had a small issue with my Kingston card, but they have lifetime warranty, so I got a replacement with no hassles, the new one is... rock solid. Any reputable company will stand behind their product.

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