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I keep reading a lot about people who are hungry through out the day. Does it help anyone if they have their L&G for breakfast so they fill up a little more and maybe aren't so hungry all day? Is there a combo or order you eat your food that you have found helps with the hunger?.

I am starting Medifast next week and have been pondering a lot about this and wondering if I should eat my L&G first thing in the morning since it seems more filling. Also I'm reading on the boards here but haven't seen it anywhere official that if you have more then 50lbs to lose you should have two L&G per day? I'm thinking that would keep me pretty satisfied and I might do something like.







What do you think?.

I often read that it's better to have your larger meals in the morning and make your meals smaller thru out the day.

Can you guys post your typical menu for me?.

I'm getting excited about starting as you can probably tell by all my silly post! Hahahha..

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I think it depends on how used you are to eating a lot in the morning. I was never a breakfast person so I stick to shakes and oatmeal in the morning. My problem time is the afternoon so I have my L&G as a late lunch and then still have three Medifast meals to look forward to. I'm never hungry this way. I'd just try it at different times and see what works best for you.

There is a 4-2-1 option that is sometimes suggested for people with more than fifty to lose. I started with the 5-1 with 130 to lose and had no problems with it. The downside to the 4-2 is that you may not enter ketosis and the higher carbs and calories will result in a slower weightloss. This may be fine by you if you're really concerned with the hunger aspect or live an especially active lifestyle. Personally, I'd start with the 5-1 and see how it goes. You can always change if hunger is a big issue. People have been successful both ways...

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I was panicky body-hungry for 16 days on 5&1 at the start, so I switched to 4&2 when I found out Nutrisystem recommends it for those with more than 50 pounds to lose. It saved my life! I did that for 6 weeks until I felt it was too much food. I had L&Gs for lunch and dinner..

You should have no problem being in ketosis on 4&2. It keeps you within the 80-100 carb range same as 5&1..

Now I eat my L&G for lunch. I make it through my morning with an oatmeal and a soup. Then L&G lunch. Otherwise I'm too hungry through the afternoon..

Since I go to bed hungry every night no matter what I do, I don't really mind that I don't get that "full after dinner" feeling. At least I can function at work!..

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Hi there! I started with more than 50lbs to lose and the 5-1 was fine for me. You eat every 2-3 hours so you do not really feel like you are hungry. The first 2 weeks were a little tough for me because I was "detoxing" from carbs - so there were cravings but I never felt like I was starving. I have heard of people using 4-2, but usually that is because they are working out heavily - and if you do not get enough calories, the weight loss halts or slows down a lot. I have also heard that if it gets really tough in the beginning, then it's better to add an extra Medifast bar(110 cals) or shake (90 cals) vs an extra L&G (which would be an extra 300 calories potentially) - just make sure if you have an extra Medifast meal - to space the timing still. Good luck with everything!.

My current days go something like this:.

8:30 am - bar.

10:30 am - scrambled eggs, bar, or cappuccino.

12:30 pm - soup.

3:00 pm - shake.

5:00 pm - bar.

7:00 pm - 2 boca burgers/ or grilled chkn breast & salad w/ Newmans Lite balsamic dressing..

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This advice would make more sense if calories were the most critical thing to restrict on this diet. But carbs are the most critical thing to restrict, and 4&2 (with 1000-1200 calories/day) is an available alternate plan, and 6&1 is NOT. An extra Medifast meal can easily take you over on carbs, but if you have 4&2 the carbs are very similar to 5&1...

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Quoted directly from the Quick Start Guide:.

"If youre really struggling with hunger or fatigue in your first days, dont give up: Have an extra Medifast Shake, and stick to your program the following day."..

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I eat my L&G either for lunch or dinner. I eat it at lunch if I'm going to be out and want to eat at the restaurant. I like having the meal at dinner time with my daughter so we eat together. If I eat L&G for lunch, I have soup so I still am having something with her.

My typical day is:.


MF Meal.

MF Meal.

MF Meal.



I eat pancakes and brownies pretty much every day. The other meals I vary. I try to only eat 1 bar/day because they don't fill me up as much...

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Does anyone know if we can split the lean and green? Like have a small salad for linch and then a lean and 2 greens for dinner...

Comment #7

Gerry: Definitely! (anybody correct me if I'm wrong, please!) I do this a lot because it helps w/hunger and it feels like I'm eating more! <3..

Comment #8

Kelsey is right - you can definitely split your L&G, and when it's egg beaters, you have to!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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