Medifast tips for beginner?

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I just ordered my first supply of MF. Anybody have advice, tips, things to know before getting started. I am really excited and plan to start as soon as the food arrives!..

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Be prepared for a rough first few days. It ain't gonna be easy. But it does get easier. Staying 100% OP is really the best course. Deviating can create both mental and physical problems, as I have learned the hard way, several times.

Drink lots of water!.

Build a support system on the boards to get you through the rough times. Maybe find a group that seems to suit you. Try not to let some of the infighting bring you down. There are a lot of opinionated people here and people don't always say what you want to hear or say things tactfully! But there is also a lot of wisdom, support and positivity...

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Welcome Elower!! JUST GO FOR IT! You'll be amazed!.

The thread I pasted above has lots of great reading and ideas!!.

Happy Thanksgiving!.


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Get a food scale and a good measuring cup as well as measuring spoons. Make sure you have a very good blender.

Drink plenty of water, have patience and come to the boards for support.

Anything you're craving you can probably find an OP substitution for.

Take it easy for the first couple of days. STICK TO IT, It DOES WORK!.

Measure, count and log everything!.

If you don't like a food, save it and try again in a few weeks, you might like it later...

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You are going to have stalls after your first two awesome weeks. Likely in weeks 3-5. This is normal. Don't panic. If you stick to the plan, you will lose weight. It won't be in a nice orderly fashion like .3 per day.

If you have less to lose, you won't lose as much on average as those who have more to lose.

Click on the sticky post that's the first post in this forum to learn how to make a ticker.

Log everything using My Plan. It'll be easier to track your progress, see your cycles of good weeks and bad weeks, and if you determine your bad weeks AREN'T because of your monthly cycle, then you can see whether any off plan items, such as eating items not on the lists, eating too much of what is on the list (including those so-called "carb free" condiments), etc. are what contribute to your slower weeks..

Drink your water. At a minimum drink 64 oz a day. Strive for half of your body weight in ounces..

Drink your water..

Drink your water..

Don't weigh every day if this is going to stress you out to see daily fluctuations, which ARE a fact of life, not just dieting life. If it helps to put it in perspective, your weight could fluctuate by as many as six pounds (I average 3-4) just throughout a single day. This isn't fat pounds... it can't be... unless you are consuming 3500 calories per pound gained throughout that day, which would be very difficult to do...

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Soak all foods that are mixed with water for at least 30 minutes. This will help the veggies in the soups soften and all powders dissolve a little better..

Welcome to MF!..

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What everyone else said....

Remember that weight loss is not linear... some weeks you'll lose a lot, others you may not lose much..

Drink water! Drink water! Drink water!.

Get ready for a fun ride!..

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Here is a link with some of my favorite advice for newbees..

The Featured Blogger has changed to CallofDuty, but Lealonnie1 is still an amazing Veteran MFer here, so be sure to check out her MyPage and Blogs..

Any other questions, feel free to PM (private message) me anytime.. g..

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What everybody else said, AND.

Ask nutrition support or exercise and training support any official questions about what is or is not OP, People on the boards are in different stages of the program, so have different requirements and needs, and/or mean well, but are not the best source for advice on working the program within the allowed parameters.

There are lots of awesome, delicious, creative recipes, but they are not all OP. You are a grown up, and can eat whatever you want, but if you want Medifast to work for you, you have to stay OP. You can always just ask if you are not sure, nutrition support will tweak a recipe for you, but you have to wait a day, or a weekend.

You do not have to eat all the lean and green at once. (This was a godsend for me, I just cannot eat it all at once.) You could have a little together with a Medifast meal, or split it up into two, or all kinds of ways, just be sure to eat all your lean and all your grean plus 5 Medifast meals in a given 24 hour period.

MF stands for Medifast, not a bad word, but it is OK to snicker. ).

Drink lots, and lots, and lots of water. It helps flush our your body so the weight you are losing actually leaves you, everybody poops, you will be a happier pooper if you drink the water, your skin and hair and complexion will benefit. PLUS! you will know where every public restroom in the free world is!.

Good Luck, Have Fun, Don't Be A Stranger!..

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I am new too! I just received my first shipment and I am starting Friday! I can tell these boards are going to be very important for several reasons! Thanks for all the info.....

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Plan. Have packets of Medifast food every where that you frequent. I keep bars in my car. A medley of packets at work with a shaker. A bar or two in every purse or briefcase. I keep a case of water at work and in my trunk.

If the normal variations of weight stress you out, avoid daily weighing. I do weigh daily and see variances based on TOM, sodium intake the prior day, and other things. These don't stress me out as long as you trend down.

Drink water. Have decaf herbal teas on hand for cold days.

Exercise is good for toning but it can lead to fluid retention. If you go up a pound the day after a workout, don't freak out.

The decision to stay 100% OP is a personal one. If money is an issue and you want to lose quickly, stay 100% OP. If you tend to have a hard time getting back in the saddle after "blowing it", stay 100% OP. If you do best with a lot of structure, stay100% OP. I have not stayed 100% OP. I have had three specific and well-planned events in which I have gone off program.

I immediately got back OP the next day. I don't feel sick as I enter ketosissome people do which is a disincentive for going off program. Be very careful if you choose to go off program. It might be the beginning of the end for you and it WILL slow your loss.

Don't let debates stress you out. People have strong opinions.You can't figure out tone in an online post.

You may PM me with questions.

Oh........and never, ever bump a post on NS. It will slow down their response. It takes at least 2 days for them to respond and they don't work evenings/weekends. Call the1-800 number for pressing concerns.

Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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