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I do not know if this has been done before, but I have not seen it, and I thought it would be fun to post our Medifast stats. I think it can also help some see just how great they are doing. I hope you will join me and post your Medifast stats!!.

# of weeks doing MF: 18.

Total pounds lost: 62.2.

Average loss per week: 3.45.

Average cal.: 885 per day.

Average fat: 21 per day.

Average carbs: 81 per day.

Average protein: 104 per day.

Average fiber: 24 per day.

Exercise 3 x a week for 30 min. at curves.

Inches lost: 30.

Fav. L&G meals: Mock spag., steak, chicken salads, cauliflower pizza, toco salad or lettuce wraps, egg salad, cauliflower salad, roasted vegies, grilled fish, stuffed peppers, bufflo burgers, pork loin, grilled chicken, tuna salad, eggs, cottage cheese..

MF food I order every month: Cho. shakes, brownies, bars, HM pretzels, and cho. pudding..

I am happy to report that I met my goal today!!!.

I hope you will post your Medifast stats and see just what a great job you are doing, and or have done!!..

Comments (33)

I'm in..

# of weeks on Medifast - 16.

Pounds lost- 31.6.

Avg loss/week - 1.9.

Avg calories- 779.

Avg fat- 18g.

Avg carbs- 73g.

Avg protein- 95g.

Avg fiber- 25mg.

Favorite L&G - Spicy shrimp wi Spaghetti squash; Grilled salmon with a green salad; Roasted asparagus with EggBeaters; grilled chicken with a salad or any roasted vegetable..

MF meals I order- oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice soup, shakes, honey mustard pretzels(my fav.), chili nacho puffs, brownies, bars.

No exercise yet.

This was an eye opener as I stay on plan 100% but my calories seem to be low as well as my carbs. I did known that as I look at my stats each day and I'm usually on the 40/40/20. So I haven't worried to much about not hitting the carbs exactly, but maybe I need to bump them up. I don't have snacks.

Unless it's pickles. Maybe a higher carb snack or vegetable would put me closer. I just don't want to get obsessive about it. I'm on plan so that should be enough...

Comment #1

You have done great!! I will eat nuts for a snack and I have done fine with that so you could try to add them in if you think you can just eat a few. I also thought it would help people to see just what is going on with there plan. I sure hope more post there stats!!..

Comment #2

I really thought more people would do this. Oh well I guess it might be to much work to look everthing up. I still hope more will post...

Comment #3

Thanks Yvette. I hope more take the time to do it as well. It was very beneficial for me to see it laid out like that. Do you think more haven't participated because they are NOT logging their food? I hope that's not it...

Comment #4

I really am not sure I thought it was a great idea. I think that maybe it takes to much time to write it all down and then come back and post. Who knows, but I do think if people did it they would see what you and I have seen. Keep up the good work it really does pay off!..

Comment #5

Hi Yvette,.

Total weeks on plan - 16.5.

Total lbs. lost - 54.

Ave. loss/wk. - 3.27.

Ave. Calories - 854.

Ave. Fat - 20g.

Ave. Carbs - 78g.

Ave. Protein - 105g.

Ave. Fiber - 25mg.

Exercise 30 min. 5 times per week. Weights, martial arts, treadmill..

Comment #6

WOW~!!!!! You have done a great job keep up the good work. Great exercising by the way!! Thanks so much for posting it is fun at least for me to see how good you have done!!..

Comment #7

This was a fun idea!.

OP for 5 1/2 weeks.

Average Intake.

Calories 834 kcal/day.

Protein 103 g/day.

Total Carbohydrate 79 g/day.

Total Fat 18 g/day.

Total Saturated Fat 7 g/day.

Cholesterol 158 mg/day.

Dietary Fiber 27 g/day.

Part 3 Your Workout.

You have recorded the following activities in your Diary:.

Date Exercise & Duration.

08/30/2010 Pilates 45 minutes.

08/30/2010 Walking, 3.0 mph, 4.8 km/hr moderate 45 minutes.

08/31/2010 Bicycling, 14-15.9 mph, 23-26 km/hr fast 50 minutes.

09/01/2010 Walking, 3.5 mph, 5.6 km/hr, level, firm surface, 1 hours.

09/02/2010 Bicycling, 14-15.9 mph, 23-26 km/hr fast 45 minutes.

Total number of workouts: 5.

Average calories burned per day: 272Kcal.

Total time working out: 4 hours 5 minutes.

Favorite foods: Spinach salad with tri-tip, teriyaki chicken with broccoli, veggie omelet.

Favorite Medifast food: Chocolate shake, Smore bar.

Favorite "treat": 6 almonds every day..

Comment #8

Likewise, and I appreciate you sharing this info. It's good to have a reality check every once in a while. Proof that 100% OP does work..

You DO look amazing; congratulations; and here's to maintaining for the rest of our lives...

Comment #9

# of weeks on Medifast - 14.

Pounds lost- 62.

Avg loss/week - 4.43.

I don't log my meals on a regular basis. When I try a new L&G I'll log it to see what the numbers are for it, but otherwise I don't log. I don't doctor recipes and I don't use much by way of condiments (some lo-carb ketchup, and FF whip cream sometimes)..

I do diabetic shakes even though I'm not diabetic, because they have the same protein count as the 70 shakes and a lower carb count (and admittedly not quite as good tasting but it's a trade off I'm willing to make). I drink 70 shakes for flavors I like that don't have diabetic options. I also drink the teas, punch and other drinks, along with bars, brownies and pudding. Don't do soups, eggs, or oatmeals. If I can't put it in a blender or a shaker bottle I don't buy it (bars and puffs aside obviously).

No regular exercise yet, but I just got a free treadmill off Craig's List. I work late swing and am not a morning person and walking at 1 am doesn't strike me as the safest of activities, so now that I have a treadmill, I'm planning on walking and getting my endurance up in preparation for adding in some weight training...

Comment #10

# of weeks: I start my 8th week tues..

Average Calories: 880.

Average carbs: 91 (I tend to always be on the high end at the end of the day).

Weight lost: 24 lbs..

Average per week: 3.

Favorite L&G: spaghetti squash lasagna, pork tenderloin or chicken in the crock pot, baked cauliflower, mushrooms/bell pepper mix, salad, etc.

Favorite Medifast meal: peanut butter soft serve, all the bars, oatmeal pancakes.

I excersise twice to three times a week and am active with work and my family. I have started doing the 4 & 2 plan the past week and lost 4 lbs. I think my body just needed a little change. I will probably go back to 5 & 1 in another week or so. I like the variety...

Comment #11

My ticker is wrong. I'm at 171 right now...

Comment #12

1st off...........CONGRATS on meeting your goal. Sounds so very exciting!.

26 days OP Lost 15.1 lbs.

Calories 811 kcal/day.

Protein 97 g/day.

Total Carbohydrate 74 g/day.

Total Fat 21 g/day.

Total Saturated Fat 6 g/day.

Cholesterol 110 mg/day.

Dietary Fiber 21 g/day.

Calcium 1288 mg/day.

Iron 23 mg/day.

Sodium 1673 mg/day.

Vitamin A 6700 IU/day.

Vitamin C 93 mg/day.

I rarely cook and I love having the easy meals. It does get a little blah at l&g meals. I'll have to do something different soon.

5 minute walk until end of 4th week..

Comment #13

WOW!!!! Look at how great all of you have done!! Just seeing how much weight everyone has lost in the amount of weeks is great!! This is really inspiring to see and thanks so much for posting. Come on all the others who have stopped in to read this post your stats and just see how great you have done...

Comment #14

# of weeks doing MF: 14 months (took 11 months to reach goal).

Total pounds lost: 121.

Average loss per week: =/- 2.5.

Average cal.:.

Average fat:.

Average carbs:.

Average protein:.

Average fiber:.

Currently: exercise 5 x a week for 60 min. mostly outside running.

Inches lost: 47.3" (5 measurements...arm/chest/waist/hips/thigh).

Fav. L&G meals: rotisserie chicken on romaine salad w/blue cheese dressing, grilled shrimp w/sautee'd green beans....

MF food I order every month: PB Crunch bars, Cinnamon pretzels, brownies....

I am happy to report that I met my goal in July!!!..

Comment #15

# of weeks doing MF: 11.

Total pounds lost: 23.

Average loss per week: 2.

Average cal.: 851.

Average fat: 16.

Average carbs: 88 per day.

Average protein: 105 per day.

Favorite L&G- Filet Mignon with Sauteed Mushrooms, Tuna Salad over Lettuce, Pan-Seared Shrimp with Zucchini Ribbons.

Favorite MF-Chocolate Crunch Bars, Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks, Pudding Shakes, Hot Cocoa made with Coffee.

No snacks except for a pickle if my sodium is low for the day to avoid leg cramps..

Not too much formal exercise but I am on my feet 8-12 hours a day cooking in a commercial kitchen for an average of 300 people...

Comment #16

Been on Medifast for 9 weeks and have lost 40.5 lbs.

Ave weekly loss 4.5 lbs.

Ave Calories 864.

Avg Carbs 73g.

Avg Protein 97g.

Fat 25g.

Fiber 23mg.

Iron 21mg.

I try to exercise 3xs a week for 30 minutes..

Favorite Medifast meals are the pretzels, chocolate crunch bars and scrambled eggs..

Favorite L&G Broiled Salmon steak with Cajun Seasoning and spinach salad...

Comment #17

# of weeks on MF: 20.

Lbs lost - 75.5.

Avg weekly loss: 3.8 lbs.

Avg calories per day: 889.

Avg carbs: 72.

Avg protein: 105.

Avg fat: 24.

Avg fiber: 22.

Avg iron: 23.

I usually exercise twice a week and I think Im going to start doing a little toning/weight training..

Favorite L & Gs: salmon and grilled vegetables, orange roughy (or other white fish) and salad or roasted vegetables..

Favorite Medifast foods: dutch chocolate shake, honey mustard pretzels, chicken noodle soup..

Comment #18

On Medifast for 20 weeks!.

Down 48.2lbs so far....

About 25-30 to go!..

Comment #19

# weeks: 6.

Pounds lost: 28.

Average lbs per week: 4.67.

Average Calories: 914.

Average Carbs: 80 g (but I don't log my condiments, so probably closer to 83).

Average Protein: 111 g.

Average Fat: 22 g.

Average Fiber: 25 g.

Oh, and edited to add that I've lost about 14 inches overall so far..

I don't really do much exercise, although I occasionally walk a dog. At most, 30 minutes of slow walking a few times a week and more likely only once a week. Curling season starts in a month though, and I"ll get my exercise on the ice :-).

Thanks for starting this thread - I've found it very interesting!..

Comment #20

I have to say again wow on the great weight loss!..

Comment #21

Below are my stats so far. What I would like to know is what my daily goals should be for cholesteral, Vit A, Vit C, and Iron?.

9 Weeks.

32.4 lbs. lost (average=3.6/wk).

Average daily Calories=886.

" " Carbs=81g.

" " Protein=104g.

" " Fat=21g.

" " Sat Fat=5g.

" " Fiber=25g.

" " Choles=158g.

" " Sodium=1854mg.

" " Vitamin A=9654 IU.

" " Vitamin C=143mg.

" " Calcuim=1456mg.

" " Iron=24mg..

Comment #22

Here's what I came up with:.

# weeks: 22.

Pounds lost: 55.6.

Average lbs per week: 2.53.

Average Calories: 821.

Average Carbs: 81g.

Average Protein: 89g.

Average Fat: 22g.

Average Fiber: 28g.


Running - 3x per week, 3 miles per session, 10 minute per mile pace.

Walking the dog - about 4x per week, about 20 minutes per time, very SLOW pace (not sure if this should really count as exercise, my dog is ten million years old and moves at glacial speeds <3 ).

Weight Lifting - 3x per week ideally, often only 2x per week, about 15 minutes per session..

Comment #23

Week 9.

Begining wt. 188.6.

Now 162.

Lost 26.6.

Calories 969.

Carbs 83.

Pro. 105.

Fat 28..

Comment #24

Glad I found this so that I can see that I am VERY NORMAL in my stats...the losses have slowed tremendously recently and I'm struggling with that and re-evaluating what all has change which is how I found this thread which is GREAT btw!.

My stats for the first 18wks (5&1) BEFORE everything started going wonky (and I'm currently on 4&2 to combat hunger from exercising which is currently 4hrs/wk spread over 6 days):.

Lost: 47lbs (total for 33wks = 82lbs, 2.4lbs/wk).

Avg loss/wk - 2.6lbs.

Avg cal - 907.

Avg pro - 116.

Avg carb - 74.

Avg fat - 22.

Avg sodium - 1564.

Avg exercise/week - 2 1/2 hrs (started exercising in 4th week on MF).


Comment #25

After being on WW on and off for 13 years I don't keep track of my food. I've lost nearly 25 pounds in 9 weeks and exercise 3-5 times per week...

Comment #26

So inspiring for this newbie! Thanks for posting this!..

Comment #27

Yup! This is a great thread. I love checking out everyone's progress cause it does make you see that "WOW!" If I stay on plan for so may weeks I CAN lose such and such number of pounds. That number of weeks is soooooooo small in reality to what it took for me to lose 30 pounds years ago that this is very motivating!.

You guys are great!..

Comment #28

# of weeks doing MF: 5 weeks (started on 9.15.10).

Total pounds lost: 15.5.

Average loss per week: 1.5.

Average cal.: approx. 1000.

Average fat: unsure.

Average carbs: unsure.

Average protein: unsure.

Average fiber: unsure.

Exercise 2 X a week rowing on the Delta River - I'm in a rowing club.

Fav. L&G meals: steak, chicken salads, cauliflower pizza, grilled or roasted vegies, grilled fish, stuffed peppers, grilled chicken, eggbeaters, hearts of palm, salmon.

MF food I order every month: brownies, soups, bars, pretzels, chili, and eggs (although I'm starting to hate them ).

My goal: 145 pounds.

Currently at: 216.6 pounds - still a ways to go but I'll get there! Gotta stay OP!..

Comment #29

JMT, if you've lost 15.5 lbs in 5 weeks, then that's 3.1 lbs per week... an amazing rate!..

Comment #30

Wow, I must say that you have done great job!..

Comment #31

Average from a week in weight loss.

Calories 1194 kcal/day.

Protein 150 g/day.

Total Carbohydrate 85 g/day.

Total Fat 33 g/day.

Total Saturated Fat 7 g/day.

Cholesterol 173 mg/day.

Dietary Fiber 32 g/day.

Calcium 1539 mg/day.

Iron 27 mg/day.

Sodium 3086 mg/day.

Vitamin A 21705 IU/day.

Vitamin C 227 mg/day.

Average last week in losing matainance: all whole food.

Average Intake.

Calories 2390 kcal/day.

Protein 241 g/day.

Total Carbohydrate 253 g/day.

Total Fat 53 g/day.

Total Saturated Fat 11 g/day.

Cholesterol 310 mg/day.

Dietary Fiber 45 g/day.

Calcium 1542 mg/day.

Iron 18 mg/day.

Sodium 2407 mg/day.

Vitamin A 38153 IU/day.

Vitamin C 272 mg/day..

Comment #32

# of weeks doing Medifast: 8.

Total pounds lost: 21.4.

Average loss per week: 2.675.

Exercise: walking the dog, dancing.

I don't log my food but make it a point to stay on plan, or as close to plan as I can, if I go out and have to estimate the volume of lean/green...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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