Can Medifast give me a soy allergy?

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I have been told by my doctor to STOP MF! .

What I thought was a stomach bug, is actually, MAY BE a soy allergy!!! I am having a colonoscopy done in two weeks to rule other things out. I told my doctor that I can not stop right now, but will if it turns out that indeed everything else based on the test, is fine..

She said fine as long as I can live with the nausea and other not so fun symptoms..


If it does end up being a soy allergy, I have no idea how I am going to manage T&M?!.

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Just curious, are you having other symptoms than the nausea you described last week? I've been nauseous for several days at a time off and on since starting Medifast and can't figure out what it is. Not bad enough to stop but annoying. Congrats on being so close to goal!.

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I have been having diarrhea episodes for 10 days now. I've had intermittent nausea since starting I now just really make sure to eat every two hours to stay on top of it. The price to pay to be healthier in other aspects I guess..


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Well, opposite issues here. But I agree, eating every two hours helps. Good luck with your tests. Prepping for the colonoscopy will be loads of fun (:..

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So I hear :'(.

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There are a handful of Medifast foods that do not contain soy..

I don't know what they are, but someone here will know. Also you can probably search for that subject..

Maybe switch to non-soy-MF and see if the symptoms subside..

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Here's one list of non-soy Medifast foods:.

Medifast offers several products that do not contain soy protein: Essential 1 Antioxidant Cherry Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate shakes; Tropical Punch and Cranberry Mango fruit drinks; Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino and Chai Latte; Scrambled Eggs; Peach & Raspberry Tea and the Creamy Soups (Cream of Chicken & Cream of Brocolli contain a tiny amount of soy sauce.).

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Ruth - Maybe it's time to transition now. You can still use the non-soy products during t&m, and you reduce the number of Medifast meals week by week. There is more flexibility in what you can have calorie and carb wise in transition and we can possibly help you find suitable non-soy replacements for the Medifast meals as you start to add more foods back in..

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Great ideas ladies..thanks so much! I didn't know about the drinks being non soy!.

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You're right. I was thinking of transitioning in 2 weeks, but honestly I've been miserable stomach wise. Think this week will be my last non transition phase..

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Have you been miserable the whole time? your sig says you started in may... did this start more recently?.

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OMG! Did this stuff come on suddenly? I feel your pain about "what to do" without MF! Yikes. But look how close you are to goal! You could easily lose in T&M. I hope everything is ruled out and there's nothing serious going on. Oh gosh, the dreaded colonoscopy - eek. ((((RUTHY)))).

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I also developed a problem with all the soy, due to hypothyroidism. I'm looking at the Menu I use to purchase my Medifast food at the corporate center where I go weekly. Here is the list of whey foods:.

Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino, Chai Latte, Cranberry Mango, Tropical Punch, Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea, (Chicken Broccoli and Tomato Cream Soups), Dark Chocolate and Cherry Pomegranate Shakes, and all 4 of the Soft Serves..



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Could be you have developed an "intolerance" to soy versus a true allergy, but either way, time to transition off. I agree with De, go on into transition so you can reduce that soy,,also use the non soy products. As close as you are to goal, you will probably end up very well right at it, or at least a couple pounds from it. Listen to your Dr on this, if they are one you feel you trust..

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It could very well be something I developed. The nausea has been present since day one, but the other symptom not so much. The nausea however has gotten intolerable. I am away from my desk hoping not to get sick about 5 times/day. It's no way for me to be.

I am definitely ordering the other drinks and soft serve as non soy options. It may get better, or may not (in which case it's a whole other thing entirely) but I need to rule it out. Medifast is something I see myself doing as my "homebase" on and off, so I really hope it's not a soy problem..

Thanks all for the feedback and well thoughts.

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Hope everything turns out well for you..

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The soft serve is also non-soy!.

ETA: sorry, missed the 2nd page of replies. This had already been established..

Hope it works and you feel better soon!.

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Well, if you can take the allergy then I say stay op! Also wish you luck on your tests and all!.

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Please read this update on soy labeling....................

Updated product packaging .

Posted on: August 24th, 2010 .

Some of our ingredient information has evolved over time. Medifast and Take Shape For Life strive to provide timely and accurate information about our products and we have done this by updating the nutrition statement information on some of our products..

Some of the Medifast products formerly referred to as soy-free are being reclassified as soy lecithin only due to the presence of soy lecithin, a common ingredient in foods on the market today..

The products that will be labeled to reflect the presence of soy lecithin are Cranberry Mango Fruit Drink, Tropical Punch Fruit Drink, Peach Iced Tea, Raspberry Iced Tea, Mango Soft Serve, Cherry Pomegranate Shake, and Dark Chocolate Shake..

If you have any questions about specific ingredients or updates on the label, we encourage you to call Health Coach Services to speak with a representative who can assist you..

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Crap, I just bought most of those items as non-soy, they were delivered today and are waiting for me on my front porch, now what do I do?.

I am trying to limit soy in my 1st 2 meals of the day due to hypothyroidism..

How much soy is actually in these items did they say that?.


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I guess you're gonna have to stick to the soft serves (except for the mango) for the first two meals of the day. They are great as shakes - yummy!.

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I'm ordering more brownies (I don't have many of these), soft serve and more shakes this next order. Hopefully it helps!.

Comment #22

Brownies are soy....

Comment #23

I know..but I don't eat as many as bars..

Comment #24

Note the products have not been changed just the way they have to label them..

We were told soy lecithin has the protein removed so it should not cause an allergic reaction..

They are the products you can use for your first meal if on thyroid meds..

Call the company if you want to know for sure.

Or you can listen to the recorded TSFL nurses call from last night. (212) 461-8672.

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Oh boy...I FEEEEEEL your pain. I've been dealing with a host of escalating issues that I think are soy-(in)tolerance related too (it has been getting worse as time goes on). I'm avoiding my doctor as long as I can stand it just to get as much time in on Medifast but I suspect I'm very close to having to transition too. 1500 calories for me SHOULD still be a slow weight loss level though.....

I'll be watching for updates!.

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Ruthie, I haven't read all the post so someone may have already told you this. But, Splenda is huge enemy of the stomach. I had your exact symtoms for 2 weeks. I started using Splenda in only my morning coffee. I had never used it before and after one month of use. BAM! I quit the product and now I am just fine. Hope this helps..

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I wish it was splenda. I've been using Splenda for years and it has never given me these issues. I have another appt. with an internist who specializes in GI. I am hoping he tells something else other than "stop the Medifast plan". We shall see. I will keep you posted!.

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Generally soy lecithin will not be an issue, it's the protein in soy (especially highly processed soy... which is what Medifast is) that cause the problems. I had to go to no soy for a couple of weeks to clear my soy sensitive gut. Now I can tolerate 1, sometimes 2 soy products a day. Of the soy products, the pretzels & brownies seem to have the least effect on me. Watch out if a bar or shake pass my lips.

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Not meaning to suggest not following your doctor's orders, but at least in the short-term, you might try ginger capsules for the nausea. Or, I suppose, diet ginger ale. Ginger is a terrific anti-nausea treatment and is helpful for many things related to the stomach and GI tract. Totally natural. I just get the capsules at Central Market or Whole Foods or some place like that. I'm sure one could get them online as well.


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Yes..been living off diet ginger ale. I'm off to a specialist today and bringing a bunch of Medifast meals for her to look at. I woke up very nauseous today..SIGH but I must go on..3 lbs this morning away from goal!.

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I am so happy! Well....kind of...good news: New doctor does NOT think it's MF, bad news: it may be a parasite/baceteria...but treatable with antibiotics..

Whew (kinda) LOL.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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