Medifast snack tips?

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Has anyone found an 'over the counter,' meaning at the grocery store cracker that meets the same guidelines as the snack crackers Medifast sells? Trying to save a few $$ and make it simpler.... if not, ohhh well... I will continue to order from mf.... same for the soy crisps?... anything close?.

I bought something called Kim's Magic Pop's at our local H.E.B grocery store.... I like the strawberry the best. They are large and crunchy... Here is the nutritional value:.

Cal 15.

Sodium 20mg.

Carb 4g.

Please chime in with anything you have found.... Sara..

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Genisoy crisps (like ranch flavor, etc) are similar to MF. You just have to be disciplined enough to weigh out the amount that make a serving and stick to that. They are not premeasured like the Medifast bags...

Comment #1

So, I have a bag of those... but when you look at the nutrional value and cals... the gensoy is much higher in cals and carbs.... and I was thinking it was close... but maybe not close enough.. I was going to just pre-measure them out into baggies... and definitely cheaper and more convient......

Comment #2

My best suggestion is to not do either. They have so many carbs! I stick to dill pickles or celery, and then I don't risk leaving ketosis...

Comment #3

That's what I am thinking too... just thought maybe someone had already done the research ahead of me.....

Comment #4

I do the baby koshier dill pickles - they have soooo much crunch that is satisfying - take little bitty bites. I have also found that eating the pickles kills the craving for sweets as well. I'm just sayin'..

Comment #5

2nd!! I've always wondered how something with the profile of the crisps could be in the same category as celery or a dill pickle...

Comment #6

Same way nuts and peanut butter can. Because Nutrisystem said so...

Comment #7

Me too, I love the pickles. Just enough of a snack to me to make me feel good. I have usually one in the morning and one at night!..

Comment #8

When I first started in September, pickles saved my life. I kept up my exercise routine and about died on day 3. Eagle sent me to the store for Pickles and it was magic. I think I had one spear a day for the next 4 days and haven't had a snack since. I just realized that. The need for one (except a cup of chocolate Yerba Mate tea) just hasn't been there...

Comment #9

It's really odd that Medifast manufactures a snack that could throw us off of plan while staying ON plan! I love MF, don't get me wrong. But still.....

Comment #10

I love pickles too, but to ease up on my NaCl-intake I reuse my pickle juice. Saves $$ too. Once all the pickles are gone, I slice up a cucumber and put in the pickle jar with the left-over juice. It's like a pickleLIGHT! I usually get two more "jars" out of each jar of pickles this way...

Comment #11

I'm with Linda. I buy the genisoy crisps and count out 10 per serving. The carbs, calories and weight are almost identical to Medifast crisps. Cheaper too. My favorite is the garlic and onion. I've been eating these since July and have continued to lose 2 lbs per week, so can't complain.

6 servings per bag..

I love the flavor and crunch these have. Never been much of a pickle lover personally, but know I'm in the minority on that!..

Comment #12

Now that I know others can relate, I just have to re-post my haiku from the thread that Freya started weeks ode to the life saving pickle.

Juicy pickle spear.

Lowly briny cucumber.

Manna in a jar..

Comment #13

The only snack I do is the sugar free ice pops..... On the other hand, I know it's a meal but my favorite is Medifast pancakes every evening! I don't care if it's called a meal. To me it's a real treat! yummmmm!!!..

Comment #14

I have those 2 precious dill pickle spears almost every night. Along with however many tablespoons of cream cheese I get for my healthy fat. Would it be better for me to have flax seed oil or something instead? Certainly. Does my evening ritual help me end my day on a satisfying note, and manage to sleep even though I'm hungry? Certainly as well. It tells me I've had all my food and there is no more, and that's priceless..

Rituals are important.....

Comment #15

Thank you Freya for saying that about the cream cheese! I also really liked your response about the rituals. It's ALL mental...

Comment #16

I'd stick with the Medifast approved ones, there are plenty, but perhaps ask if Medifast Nutrisystem can approve a rice cake? See what they say!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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