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Spin off from the "Snarky" thread where people were talking about being 100% vs not being 100% OP..

What does being 100% mean to you?.

Does it mean no LC cheese (and stuff like that)? No slip ups ever?.

I consider myself to be 100%, but I've had slip ups in the past (and probably will again in the future). I consider that 100% b/c I recognize that they are slip ups (as opposed to a way of life) and do what I can to get back on track. I also have LC and some "no carb" condiments, but count my carbs everyday and make sure that I'm below a certain number. Being 100% to me means also getting all of your water in too!.

When I'm in "the zone" I'm in it to win it, and that's when I lose the most weight..

Just wondering what everyone else's philosophy is about being 100%!..

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100% to me means never having to say you're sorry.... to yourself...

Comment #1

To me, it means being 100% on your plan - however that plan may manifest itself. It means constantly making good choices to the best of one's ability and striving to improve one's physical and emotional health...

Comment #2

That may be the best answer Nori..

100% to ME means doing whatever plan you are on by the book. Cheating your plan is only cheating yourself, no one else, and I put everything I am in just about everything I do. No cheating ME allowed...

Comment #3

To me, 100% is a commitment....mostly to myself and following the plan as written 100% of the time...

Comment #4

I like this answer Norilee!! For me, I would be disappointed in myself if I strayed off the plan as written. 5 & 1, - stick to the approved Lean and Green, no bites, licks or tastes, and drink enough water...

Comment #5

WOW Jennifer22 first off you are doing wonderful!!! I am in total agreement with you on the 100%, I do have LC and other no carb/low carb condiments and consider myself 100%!..

Comment #6

I follow my own plan 100% and it's almost exactly the 5 and 1. I weigh the veggies but I don't fuss if they are 10 to 15% over the allocated weight. I don't usually eat any snacks, other than add three celery sticks to a salad. If I eat egg beaters I usually don't eat two cups worth and I don't make up the protein. If I'm truly not hungry at all in the evening I once in awhile skip the last Medifast meal of the day. But I"m 100% in keeping my carbs around 85 to 92 and calories between 850 and 950.

I know that is what sets me up for bingeing and weight gain..

As far as never saying your sorry. Well....I go both ways on this philosophy. Self loathing is just totally harmful, but for me, tough love and some some honest self reflection works way better than being too generous with myself. I've accomplished a lot in my life by using self discipline and I've given up many times on something I wanted by telling myself it's just toooo hard and I shouldn't have to do things that are painful or take hard work.


Comment #7

5-1 as written. No exceptions..

I've done Gigi's Plan in the past and shockingly, it doesn't work like MF...

Comment #8

During 5&1 100% to me was under 1000 cals, under 100 carbs. It meant LC sometimes, there were a couple of times that I missed my 5th meal, there were times I was little over on protein or veggies. I logged everything, every day. I didn't exactly follow the written black and white on paper program 100% of the time. I was true to me and what I needed to do to stay on plan..

In maintenance 100% on plan for me is following my allocated weekly calories. A few more one day, a few less the next. Exercise every day...

Comment #9

100% can mean many things. For me 100% means 5mf spaced out during my day... and then weighigng my l&g..... but for me... when I weigh my protein and it says something like 6.1oz instead of 6.0 exactly... I don't fret...

I am loving mf, this being my first week... and I think that, and this is just for me... I have to have a point of view of being relaxed and finding some joy in it. I am guessing this journey of weightloss will last at least a year and then another few months in complete transition... and I cannot be OCD about it. I do my mf, I do my l&g...

I feel as though I am eating clean... cleaner than ever. But I do not believe eating the laughing cow cheese is not 100%... it is still keeping me under 1000cal per day and keeping my carbs around 90g per day..

I also think that if you do go off program and jump right back on, that is 100% too... we're learning. Making mistakes is something that is going to happen to everyone and they are the best way to learn... I tell my 8 year old that all of the time..

Anyone that challenges themselves to have better health, better weight, better self esteem is doing better than most. Maybe we have to work harder at it... so let's work. I have a number of 160 pounds written down as my goal... which seems amazingly unacheivable to me... but here's the thing..

And maybe I will want to go further. Two weeks ago I was a size 24jean..... this week I am a size 22jean... if I can get into a 12 or 14... that is complete success for me...

Bumps in the road and all...

Comment #10

Sarald, I loved your post.

You are doing a great job!..

Comment #11

I just want to say that 100% for me means forgiving yourself and not judging others. Everyone is different. And what works for me may or may not work for others.. that is their decision and what they have to live with. We all have boundaries and at times, even in this diet we will push those boundaries..

100% means waking up everyday and starting new... I have been op 100% for almost 3 weeks now.....

Comment #12


Reaching for that goal even after we slip and fall. When we keep on keeping on, even after a fall off the wagon. Get back on that horse! Even monkeys fall from trees! If at first you don't succeed... and all of those great things!..

Comment #13

What is 100%? What if Medifast analyzed your weight when you sign up and decided that at 2-5# per week you should be done by a certain date and then refused to sell you any more food after that date? You SHOULD be done by that date if you follow the plan 100%..

Oh, but what about deaths in the family, job losses, money problems, marriage/relationship problems, or just plain moments when a bad choice is made? In other words....LIFE! No one here can say that emotions do not play a role in what we eat. Just the words "I had a bad day...I need a drink (or a burger, or a candy bar)", tell us that food does not just nourish our bodies but that we have come to rely on it as a crutch. I think the purpose of these boards is to help us all realize that...however long it takes each individual to get there in there own mind. Yes Medifast is easy to follow. It's not complicated, the food is interchangeable, and a person doesn't have to dwell on food choices all day...that decision is made...someone else has done all the math..

BUT the work that has to be done is in our minds. And thankfully we all have different minds. Some quicker than others, some more poignant that others, some more emotional than others. So this miracle that is Medifast will not all grasp our minds the same way. All the tools are here to help and each of us has to decide how ready we are to use them. If you have decided which plan your mind is ready to accept, then, to me, that is YOUR 100% plan. If you can get to the end of the day and lay your head on the pillow with no regrets....then you have achieved a 100% day...

Comment #14

I do 100% because it is EASIER!.

When the choice to stray is taken out of the equation, you don't have to struggle with "should I? Or shouldn't I?" It's worked for me- I got to goal this week. I took to heart all the veterans posts about staying on plan. They know what they are talking about. Hope I can help just one person the way they have helped me...

Comment #15

I have listed out my own 100% plan that is extremely (95%) similar to Medifast's plan and that is what I follow. I am true to my 100%!..

Comment #16

To me 100% means eating only from the approved 5&1 Plan Medifast List. For me it is not trying to modify what is listed. No laughing cow, no Shiraki Noodles, no modifications at all. For me it is "clean" eating with very minimal condiments, if any. I have set my own goals to drink the recommended water + a little extra, so on days I don't get all my water I don't consider my day 100%. I don't expect others to adhere to my definition of 100%.

And I am in control...

Comment #17


For me, I do my plan 100%, and it's 95% the same as MF. No BLTs ever (but I huff a lot of foods). I eat less than allowed in the snack department - dill pickles only, never nuts/crisps/crackers. I do not count condiments, but I have my own list of approved condiments and it's a small subset of what's allowed - only baking powder, dry spices, bouillon, extracts, green chilis (in scrambled eggs only), hot sauce. That's it - no cream cheese, parmesan, salad dressing, laughing cow, etc, as condiments. I drain the fat off ground meat after cooking, which is not what we're instructed to do, and then guess at it's approximate fat content for serving size.

But cheese? I get 4 ounces, not 4.1 ever, because while I have had crab 3 times in 6 months, I can't be trusted to get loose around the edges with cheese. I weigh and measure everything, and generally don't eat out - I think it's been 3-4 times in 6 months..

Seems to be working!..

Comment #18

Shirataki noodles are listed under cooked vegetables, so they are OP according to MF. I agree with the no LC part tho..

I am comfortable with making cot bread every few weeks and making shake cakes on birthdays. Anything else would lead me to a complicated place. My 100% means never ever bending the rules for any other reason except legitimate hunger. The plan provides enough food so that very rarely happened. If I have to stay up way late and my stomach is crazy rumbling I know it's the best for me to have an extra ounce of cheese or veggies so that I don't feel desperate and make a poor snap decision. Bottom line, whatever way you follow the plan you need to keep it real with yourself and cut the bull...

Comment #19

This makes me jealous. I wish my body weren't a big fat liar-pants so we could have conversations about legitimate hunger. My tummy rumbles every day, and I go to bed hungry every night. I can't give in!.

I love how we're all here with the same basic problem - obesity - and we have so many nuances with how we handle it...

Comment #20

I've been doing this for 8 months (and losing weight/counting calories since 2007). I have had months of 100% on plan BY THE BOOK, and have had months of tweaking or letting myself have a few extras. I have tried Medifast every which way. For ME, I concluded:.

1. Being 100% by the book is easier in that you never have to ask, guess, figure. It is simple and is done for you. And I lose weight somewhat faster..

2. Being 100% by the book can get harder, because there is never any variety in the Medifast meals (not enough for me, personally, for 8 months straight anyway) and I get these feelings like I HAVE TO HAVE xyz food. I do better if I let myself have a BIT of something maybe a couple times a month, because then I don't flip out and binge completely..

3. Losing weight faster is NOT always better. For me, when I lose too fast for my brain, I am very uncomfortable in my own skin. If my body changes so fast that I barely recognize myself, I start feeling panicky and actually have gone off plan and eaten just to stall/slow the loss to a comfortable point for me. So, if I can lose 5-7 pounds a month being *mostly* on plan, or 8-11 pounds a month being 100%, some months I choose the faster loss, other months I choose slower...

Comment #21

I love this thread. It is wonderful that everyone is expressing what 100% means to them.

To me, 100% means just that. I don't snack, I don't add condiments to Medifast meals because..well, now, I like them just the way they are. I do make pancakes into muffins, but add nothing to them. I strayed for a moment with LC light using it as a healthy fat until I was steered back to the straight and narrow by our beloved Eagle. I argued with him. I huffed and I puffed and posted to the nutritionists.

I was wrong. If I am low in calories and have room for 1.5 grams of fat, I may have a lc on my zucchini (don't tell Eagle ), but that will be occasionally and I will log it.

I log everything. I didn't at first because I ate 5 Medifast meals and lean and greens from the list. Then I realized the benefit of seeing exactly where I am and I love it. I weigh my protein and my veggies, but not my salad. I know what 2 cups looks like. If I'm over 1 oz on protein, I eat it.

My stomach is sometimes empty, but I can say it is not hungry. If I get hungry, so be it. I have a meal coming in 2 hours at the most. I have come up with a couple of buffalo recipes. Stew and chili.

They did. Turns out I don't make them any more because I don't like measuring and weighing the stew to make sure each portion is even. I like grilling meats and steaming veggies and making a salad. It works for me.

I did not measure myself. I don't want to. I'm lazy. My 2 sizes smaller jean size is enough of a measurement for me.

I exercise regularly because it keeps me balanced and I love it. I never go over my 45 minutes (another argument with Eagle..he won that one too) and I feel wonderful. I don't judge because I know there are many ways to cross this land. I like my way. It works for me.

I'm uncomfortable with the people who want to drink and make up their own snacks when they come into the chat room, but I don't judge them. That is for them to decide. I tell them what I think only if they ask. Usually they don't care what I think.

This works for me. This is my 100%. I've only been on this plan for 6 weeks today. So far this 100% is what I chose. Unofficial weigh in today shows another 4 lbs lost which makes it 25lbs in 6 weeks. I am so happy with that.

That's okay. No hurry. This is easy and tasty. I have a goal weight, but no goal date...

Comment #22

Nori!! Best.Answer.Ever.

For me 100% also means no LC, no nuts, no peanut butter (only because I don't trust myself - I know these would be a trigger for me and it is easier just to say no), water water water, measure your L & G to the tee!! Eat every 2-3 hours! Don't skip meals! Exercise (for no more than 45 mins) even if you don't want to because you know you will feel better for the whole day!.

Have I been 100%? Nope. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I don't drink enough water, sometimes I have crashed into bed and forgot to eat my last Medifast meal. On days that I have pushed myself exercising and I am absolutely bleeding hungry to the point where I would slaughter and eat my co-workers, I will have an extra 1/2 or 1 ounce protein. But ya know what? I am absolutely A-OK with this because the only person I have to hold accountable for this new way of eating is myself. Nobody else made me obese and nobody else is going to make me healthy..

Love you MF'rs!!!!!!..

Comment #23

Norilee, I love your answer! So true..

Yes!!! I didn't realize how often I ate my kids leftovers or how much I licked my fingers when I was making them food. Smear of peanut butter here, chunk of cheese there, half a banana everywhere...

Comment #24

Mel, your post made me laugh...I can just picture a half a banana everywhere! Especially with kids in the house..

Comment #25

I ask myself this.. Am I giving myself 100% committment to my goals. I have found myself becoming somewhat OCD over the situation in my last 3 weeks but have decided that if my decisions are whether or not to skip my last Medifast meal versus adding and extra 1/2 cup of veggies, I feel these are no lose decisions and much better than should I have pizza or a bag of chips. My how I feel my mind is changing. I have never felt more commited to any plan that I have previously attempted and it feels good...

Comment #26

Night time eating was/is my major downfall so a lot of my focus has been fixing this. I CANNOT go to sleep with the crazy rumbles. I am the worst at falling asleep (even with sleeping pills) so if the situation isn't perfect it is not happening. I have my last meal about 1-2 hours before bed tops, anything more there will be problemos.

I have a ritual now to see if I'm for real about needing a bite or if I'm just being a food crybaby.

1.) Drink a big glass of water, broth or tea..

2.) Spend about 5 minutes relaxing my body head to toe..

3.) Still rumbling? Sure about that? What am I feeling? If it's any kind of angry/sad I have to take care of that first as much as possible. I rarely eat when I'm upset now. I don't want the two having anymore associations, even if that means going a little longer between meals than I'd like.

4.) Definitely the rumbles are not leaving, I'm mentally doing fine. Figure out what will fill me that's not a trigger, fits within the 1000/100 and be done with it...

Comment #27

"I will have an extra 1/2 or 1 ounce protein. But ya know what? I am absolutely A-OK with this because the only person I have to hold accountable for this new way of eating is myself. Nobody else made me obese and nobody else is going to make me healthy.".

Gamby Chaser! You hit it right on the head! The hardest thing to remember on this kind of plan is that some of us are "by the book - black and white - thinkers" and some of us are "life tends to have grey areas" thinkers. I bounce between the 2. Mostly I'm in the grey area. Medifast is the best weight loss program I have ever seen - but not everyone can follow the plan 100% every minute of every day. Its just a fact of life..

I wonder if there is one single person who has drank every single ounce of water suggested, ate all 5 Medifast meals, ate every single ounce of protein and veggies - never over and never under! Never put a single grain of sugar or any type of carb in their mouth for the entire time they have been on mf. Not ONE peanut....... not ONE lick, nibble, taste, or sip! If there is a person out there who can HONESTLY say they have been 100% then they deserve to have Medifast refund every dime and make them the poster child for Medifast, Inc..

We're all on this journey - in our own way. So, what constitutes 100% to one person, should not imposed or implied on another. Thanks for starting this thread!..

Comment #28

100% means to me.

Being committed to getting to your weight loss goal by using every means and survival tactic you have to keep you losing and keep you believing you can lose...

Comment #29

I was thinking about this thread a little bit while I was having lunch at work. We had a pot luck at lunch...and the table was filled with all kinds of nasty, not good for you concoctions. Since I'm in maintenance, I could have eaten anything I wanted....and decided it is all part of "living." However, last night...I committed to myself that I was going to eat my salad and yogurt I had planned. And now...2 hours later while everyone else is in my office is a walking carbed out zombie, I feel pretty great about my choice..

Instead of rehashing my whole 100% mantra again, I'll just link to the blog I wrote about it. That about sums it up for me. Being 100%, not 99% or 95% was the only way for me. I think it works best...and I trust and admit that Medifast knows better than I do. If people choose not to do it that way, that's their choice. I don't judge them...and I don't think sharing my insight and experience is judging.

Sharing a conflicting opinion on what someone's choice is not judgmental.

Journal link: .

Hugs all,.


Comment #30

100% on plan to me means meeting and not exceeding my nutritional targets by eating 5/1 or 4/2..

800-1000 calories.

80-100 gram carbohydrates.

At least 72 grams of protein.

10-34 grams of fat.

I do use more then 3 condiments on some days. I will have a bit more protein on some days. I do have off plan things, like turkey pepperoni, at times. BUT I am avid about logging and making sure I stay within the ranges. Also, I will go up to 1200 calories some days, but I do that on purpose because I have felt physically weak and it seems to help to get an extra calorie boast on occasion. I will do 4/2 on some days, but that is in response to what my body is telling me it needs..

I did go over 100 carbs 1 day and considered that a cheat. The carbs is really the biggest one for me because I am terrified of being coming out of Ketosis..

I am losing 3-4 lbs a week, which is perfect for me and fully what I expect. If I start to see a weight loss stall, I will re-evaluate what 100% on plan is to me. But for now I am having amazing results in weight loss, my attitude towards food is getting much better and I feel good!..

Comment #31

100% OP for me was not going over my carbs/calories/nutrition for the day. Getting regular excersise. Not eating the things that were off plan that I craved. Staying as true to the plan as possible for me...

Comment #32

Yes Freya! It IS WORKING! Look at those stats!!!.

I strive to be 100% on plan. If my milk splashed in my coffee a bit over the tbsp that's okay with me. I will use LC cheese...... I have rounded out my ounces with meats too. I have occasionally completely forgotten the last Medifast meal of the day and only noticed the next morning that it was sitting waiting for me Sometimes a busy life causes a bit of a challenge..... but I vote for 100% OP and a reality check if it falls short. No lies, all truth and all recorded...

Comment #33

Great thread Jennifer! I saw it this morning and have been thinking about it all day! CodyJo - I'm with you. I track my food carefully but not compulsively. That is what works for me. Anyone who says there is one 100% plan for everyone is just wrong! 5&1 and 4&2 are perfect examples of that. Thankfully Steve Jobs put my perfect little plan elf in my purse and I can make sure that I stay in my guidelines!..

Comment #34

100% for me is being at peace at all times, knowing that I have control over food and food no longer has control over me.

100% for me is the feeling I get when I put my head to my pillow at night, and think, "wow... today was easy. I'm loving life and feeling free, not enslaved to food."..

Comment #35

Great thread! Just wanted to say it's great to see the personal variations of 100% OP and the respect for each person's own journey.

Obviously Medifast is designed to be simple to follow without having to count calories or track nutrients... so following it exactly as written would be practical. But for people like me who love graphs and numbers and tracking morsels, entering foods eaten each day and making sure they stay within published diet parameters* is just as OP.

*posted by CodyJo:.

800-1000 calories.

80-100 gram carbohydrates.

At least 72 grams of protein.

10-34 grams of fat.

MF is an extreme eating plan... so anyone who is working the program and having success is AMAZING!! Even those who occasionally trip up but get back to it, ROCK!!..

Comment #36

BTW: I meant to add that I occasionally use foods that would be considered off plan, but my nutritional stats are within the diet parameters so I consider myself to be 100%. Because all my choices have been GOOD ONES!!.

Calories 920 kcal/day.

Protein 99 g/day.

Total Carbohydrate 78 g/day.

Total Fat 28 g/day..

Comment #37

For me, 100% means doing the plan as governed by your medical Dr or suggested by Medifast nutritional support, 100% as suggested. I don't believe this program can be all black and white 5/1, as for certain individuals, their best means of success may fall in the gray areas. I also believe the transition as written by Medifast though, should be followed as laid out, because that is where we learn what foods will trigger us or lead to cravings in our maintenance, and we can begin right then learing to avoid those...

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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