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One of the things I have done in the past to keep myself motivated is to really visualize the weight I've lost. I thought I'd share this with all of you in case you needed some motivation. Go to the grocery store and do the following:.

Pick up 1 pound of beef and really look at it. Picture it attached to your body. As your weight loss journey continues, do the same with heavier and heavier items. 5 lbs. back of sugar, 10 lbs. back of flour, 15 lbs.

I remember being at a point before where there was nothing in the grocery store that represented the weight I'd lost. I had to pick up two 30 lbs. bags of dog food. I couldn't even walk!.

If you ever need a pick me up, or just a reminder of why you're doing this, just stop at the grocery store! Good luck all!..

Comments (11)

This is a motivator! Even on those weeks when you only lose one pound 4 sticks of butter! GROSSSSS!!!! !!!..

Comment #1

I went to the feed store the other day to buy some chick starter (food for baby chickens). It came in a 50 lb bag. I picked it up when I got home and was like, NO FREAKIN' WAY... so I picked it up (UGH) and got on the scale. I was almost exactly at my pre-MF weight.

I can't believe that my feet used to carry that around all day long..

I am so grateful for this program...

Comment #2

My partner and I have together have lost the equivalent of her 89 lb niece! And she takes up some space.....

Comment #3

I just ordered a 60 pound bag of dog food. I doubt I'll be able to carry it, yet I was carrying it around a few years ago...

Comment #4

I remember years ago realizing that one pound of butter was ONE POUND of FAT. I would stand in front of the mirror and try to visualize how many packages of butter I was carrying around on my body. I would visualize the fat melting of my body like butter softening and then melting and running away. I can remember massaging my body and visualizing the 'buttery fat' softening under the warmth so it would melt away. Visualization for goal achievement is GREAT. Sometimes we forget what works and need reminders from others. I love these boards - so many great ideas! Such a supportive community!..

Comment #5

Yes, when I get discouraged I do think of all the 1 ponds of meat I have lost..

One week I lost two pounds and thought this is it. I got off the scale and started to remember two whole 1 pounds of meat off the hips..

Then I looked in the mirror and smiled ..

Gave myself a pat on the back and said, to self your awesome..

We really need to speak to our self with positive words and respect..

I feel this is where it all starts in our minds..

This is so psyochological for all of us..

We can all get the power back to be the people we want to be..

One packet closer to our dreams and one day at a time..

I have been working on being in the moment with my food..


Comment #6

Super_eo, You rock! I soooo needed to see this. What an excellent motivator and something to really think about..

Thank you so much for sharing this idea/thought!..

Comment #7

Did you say grocery store Believe it or not, I can't be trusted in the grocery store...I want to buy everything and walk the aisles. You'd think I was shopping for diamonds!!!.

For me I will recall the time when Oprah wheeled out her lost weight in fat...watching that on a color set....another! All I have to do is pick up my husband and know that that is what I carried around on my feet many years ago(160 extra lbs)..

May we all never have to relive those moments....Have a wonderful OP weekend all..


Comment #8

I did the butter package visualization while watching the Biggest Loser this past season lol So glad to know I'm not the only one!..

Comment #9

Our local Hispanic market sells lard in plastic bags by the pound. I've been discouraged, so took your advice & piled up five 10 pound bags. - Holy crackers, what a great tangible, visual reminder of how far I've come! Thank you! I am so grateful to have found a program that works, hope is a beautiful thing!..

Comment #10

I am heading to the feed store I need some motivation! Thank you for this post I have really been struggling lately and maybe this is what I need to get me on track and focused...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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