Medifast Meals You CAN'T BELIEVE Others Don't Like?

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My mom and I are on the program together..

She hates the Chocolate Mint bars..

I'm eating one right now and thinking to myself, "HOW!?".

What meals have others said they don't like and you think to yourself, "WHAT!?!?!"..

Comments (38)

Chocolate mint bars remind me of Girl Scout Thin Mints...Yummy.

I love the Maryland Crab Soup...but have heard others so they didn'y like it so much...

Comment #1

Me and my mom are doing the Medifast together too. We exchange meals when one thinks , "Ugh, getting low". She traded her brownies for soup. I LOVE the Brownies...

Comment #2

The new honey mustard pretzels. Now my mom got a box of what I think is the old kind and I got a box of what I am guessing is the new, since it says NEW! on it. And I like mine better!..

Comment #3

I like all the shakes (I do blend them with ice) and I like the soups.. lol The only thing I have a hard time with is the oatmeal..but I now add cinnamon and make that into a pancake. Oh the only thing I can't stand are the mustard pretzels.. no way! And a lot of people love those. Just goes to show we are all so different...

Comment #4

I love the oatmeal and have it every morning. One thing I have never been able to eat is the Chai Latte...

Comment #5

Now that is just crazy! LOL.

I love the Chai & Cappuccino and can't believe people don't love them too...

Comment #6

Eggs- I eat them almost everyday. Soak for 5 min and add an egg white- yum!..

Comment #7

I've seen people say they don't like the banana pudding. AHH! Wash your mouth out with soap! It's my fave :-)..

Comment #8

The cream soups. I love them all. I don't know why other people don't love them as well..

And the scrambled eggs. They are so good!!!.

I tried the chocolate mint soft serve. Hmm.. not so much. I know some people rave about it. But I just wasn't feeling it...

Comment #9

I love the Oatmeal!!.

I can't stand the Hot Chocolate, Cappucino, or chicken noodle soups and don't see how others do them!!..

Comment #10

The oatmeal! Granted, it's not like "real" oatmeal, but I don't think it's horrible - it's one of my favorite meals because it fills me up for longer than the other meals...

Comment #11

I love the orange shakes!! Add a bit of coconut s.f. syrup and...mmmmmmm!! Not a fan of the honey-mustard pretzels though...

Comment #12

I like EVERY shake - almost always add instant coffee - no matter what the flavor. I did it by accident once in the strawberry - thinking it was chocolate and found that I liked it. Yesterday I tried the coffee in the banana shake and liked it just as well. ;-)..

Comment #13

Hot Chocolate! I love it, and don't understand how anyone could not love it, let alone hate it. I've perfected it so I get no yucky lumps, and I think that might be what some people don't like about it..

But I can't stand the shakes, and I know others like them. I can't even get them down most of the time. I think I've wasted more of them than I've actually consumed...

Comment #14

I LOVE the chocolate mint bar. It tastes like thin mints!.

I can't believe anyone doesn't like the puffs. (Both flavors.) They taste like croutons.

I'm not feelin' the raspberry tea. It tastes like bubble-gum/"cotton candy". Ick...

Comment #15

Lemon Meringue and Strawberry Crunch bars! They are not my top faves, but I really do like them and it switches it up when you need a break from chocolate. Most people say they can't stand them...GASP!..

Comment #16

There is probably more I don't like than do like. I DON'T like: the cocoa, the chai latte, any of the shakes EXCEPT Swiss Mocha, S'more crunch bars, coffee soft serve, any of the puddings, the eggs, any of the oatmeals, chicken soups or the crab, or the puffs...

Comment #17

I have no trouble believing that someone doesn't like what I like when I read that there are people who love the oatmeal...

Comment #18

I too love the maryland crab soup. I like to make it spicy. The oatmeal was not my fave until I stopped making it in the microwave. I now make it like "real" oatmeal, i.e. heat water in a tea kettle, pour in, stir and enjoy! Every bar I have tried is yummy!..

Comment #19

I think I could live exclusively on these right now!.

Btw have you tried taking it out of the wrapper, putting it on a plate and sticking it in the micro for 15 seconds then eating with a fork!? So GOOD!.

Oh and Oatmeal I can't believe people don't like. I usually hate oatmeal, but I LOVE the Medifast Oatmeal!..

Comment #20

Medifast Oatmeal gags me!.

But I DO love the mint chocolate and the coffee flavored soft serve. I really liked the Chai latte til I followed the advice of someone and made a "cookie" out of it. Now, I can hardly get it down..

LOVE the puffs AND the pretzels. Both flavors...

Comment #21

- that is soo funny, when I was ready to place my next order, I thought about asking what people like, then I realized that we are all so different so I would have to find out by trial and error..

Comment #22

The Maryland Crab soup. Chocolate Mint bars (Hi De!). Both kinds of puffs. Peanut Butter bars. I like all the soups I've tried (never tried the COC because I don't like that in "real" food)..

OTOH, how people can like the oatmeal is beyond me - it's just so sweet! It does make a nice muffin along with the scrambled eggs and shakes/puddings though, and that's what I have every morning for breakfast. I also can't stand the shakes or puddings (although I can maybe once a month handle a pudding made as a shake with 1 C water plus 1 C coffee plus lots and lots of ice!). I didn't like the cappuccino until someone advised adding double the water, and now I have it every other night as my last meal - with hot chocolate as the alternate..

This is why you just have to taste the food for yourself, and keep tasting it. Maybe someone else has a different way of making the food that you haven't tried. I have thought about trying the oatmeal as oatmeal again, but I hate to waste the muffin makings, and I adore my muffins...

Comment #23

I like everyting so far, EXCEPT the soft serves, the second time I tried it I really almost made myself cry cause I felt a kid being forced to eat something so horrible...I just couldn't do it and get past that stong splenda/sweet n low taste and had to send them back!..

Comment #24

Oatmeal, Beef Stew, PB soft serve, Banana Pudding....especially Oatmeal!! I actually really like everything...except the crab soup...

Comment #25

I only like the Oatmeal with Splenda added! LOL..

Comment #26

I am trying hard to like the oatmeal. I retry one every week hoping that it magically turned into real oatmeal. Not yet. But I love the scrambled eggs. Make them in a frying pan and top with a touch of ketchup. It and the chicken noodle soup are the most like real food to me..

I am not too fond of any of the chocolate bars. The mint seems so heavy and weighs me down. But I love the fruit and nut.

Just tried the new honey mustard pretzels - so bland. I will miss the old ones - they were one of my nearly daily foods...

Comment #27

I love the oatmeals. I have found the PERFECT way to make them though..

I add 3/4c boiling water and one packet of oatmeal into my thermos and eat it 2 hours later. Thick and creamy, not gloopy and yummy in my tummy...

Comment #28

I love these types of discussions! Being on the plan only a month gives me ideas on what to order next....

I love the peanut butter bar and carmel bar, eggs and a chili freak with a bit of salsa in it. I didnt like the beef stew, but I read were someone made it like a gravy over mock mashed potatoes and now I cant get enough of it..

It's cold out, so I dont use the shakes much yet, but the chai and cap is great in coffee on a chilly morning.....

The oatmeal...well......I will keep trying..

Comment #29

I love the Chai Latte. Have it for breakfast almost every morning! And the Lemon bars. Mmmmm...

Comment #30

For me my favorites are chili, Md crab soup and the beef vegetable soup. I can eat the oatmeal everyday and I like the hot drinks. Come to think of it about the only thing I can't stand is the chicken noodle soup. nothing I do to it makes it go down any easier. The cream soups I have to make into chips, but I have not tried them as a soup yet. What I have found is if I don't order something for a month and I am completely out of it, when I taste it again, I don't like I t as much.

I went too long without them and now I have not tried them again, as they did not taste that great to me. Medifast has a way of keeping your taste buds guessing...LOL.


Comment #31

Are we all eating the same Medifast food?! I LOVE the oatmeal, have it every morning. Really like just about anything, EXCEPT the chili and Swiss Mocha shakes, which seems to be other's favorites!..

Comment #32

I couldn't get down the pudding of all things.

I didn't care for my first swiss mocha shake but then I added drop of almond extract to the next one and I loved it..

I've ended up making the chili and adding my lean and green to come up with taco salad and it's been fine...

Comment #33

If you have the peach oatmeal, follow the recipe on the box for muffins. Also, this months box brought me choc chip pancakes instead of the peach oatmeal, YIPPEE!..

Comment #34

How do you get the yucky lumps out? I hate the hot coco because of the lumps!..

Comment #35

YOu have to use cold water. Just put a little in at first stir until there are no lumps and then gradually add the rest of the water. Heat in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each 30 seconds...

Comment #36

Did not like the choc mint bars or the beef stew, and I'm not crazy about the new cinnamon pretzels. But I do like both honey mustard pretzels. I like the oatmeal (apple cinnamon) and really really like any flavour as a muffin. I also like the chicken noodle soup and take it to work everyday in my thermos. By lunch time it has thickened a bit and is yummy. I also love the banana pudding as a shake. (my daughter can't stand the banana - she loves PB soft serve as a shake)..

Comment #37

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