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I'm not sure how some people start MF, but when I did, I got a book from Medifast with my first order. It had all the information I needed about measures of OP leans and greens (not weights for greens though, so thank goodness for whoever came up with that!)..

I read that thing like it was a textbook and I had a test the next day. I still keep it downstairs in the kitchen, so I can refer to it. (Is it 5 oz of swordfish, or 6? Oh, it's 5...).

I read all the success stories, and hoped I would be one someday..

Does everyone get that book with their first order, or did I get it because I did the variety pack?.

If you got it, were you like me, and read it until you about had it memorized? Do you still refer to it, or do you just keep the loose sheets of info that got sent with some other order?.

I'm just wondering how other people keep track of everything!..

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I also read it like I had a test the following I also keep track of all my food on the Medifast site. You also learn alot from reading others posts. Good luck!..

Comment #1

I read it, and then read it again. Kept it handy in case I had any questions...

Comment #2

Yep, and I keep a page of the lean and green on my fridge, track my food in a journal, along with comments about my day, food, recipes and I track my weight weekly and my measurements monthly..

This plan has been a great thing in my life, I've never felt so successful on a diet..

You will be successful too!!!..

Comment #3

Total nerd alert!!.

I actually don't make my first order until tomorrow (Health Coach meeting) but I went to the Eat Right link (under Success Tools) and printed out all the leans, greens, healthy fats and condiments and input them all into an excel spreadsheet. Then I added in the weight measurements that I found on here. I now have my own little Medifast Binder that will go with me EVERYWHEREEEEE..

I know. Total nerd...

Comment #4

I never got a book with my first order and I ordered the variety pack..

Comment #5

Almost all the info is here on the site under Success Tools, escpecially all the lists. If you've perused the site and follow the boards I don't hink you're missing much...

Comment #6

I read it and read it and read it and was still so overwhelmed. I have a big binder next to the microwave with all the tips and tricks and charts, etc. I still refer to it almost daily...

Comment #7

I keep everything in a folder in my kitchen for easy reference and read it over and over again to make sure. As for total nerd alert....I even printed out the lists of things (lean and green, condiments, etc) and put it in my purse. I can often be seen wandering the aisles of the local grocery store - lists in hand. I have gotten some rather strange looks but I DO NOT care. It's working!!!..

Comment #8

I got it and read it. I keep the lists on the fridge and carry them with me to the store..

You should call about not getting the book. It has more than the lists in it. Motivational things, etc...

Comment #9

If you're talking about The Secret Is Out, it may not automatically come with orders. Sometimes it does and others you have to pay for it. Some people have multiple copies of it and some have never even heard of it before. hehe. The quick start Guide is what I got and used and has remained consistent for 3 years. The book came out later and I never felt the need or desire to purchase it...

Comment #10

Yes and I have a folder as well. Read everything several times and will probably read everything again. Guess I'm kind of anal because I never jump into anything without all the information. I was on the boards right after I ordered reading and learning...

Comment #11

Actually, the first book Medifast had here was "Success in a shaker jar", then "The Secret is Out" followed. The Quick Start guide that used to come with orders was a smaller booklet, but one of my employees started Medifast about a year ago, and her order came with just a simple sheet on 5 Medifast meals and a lean green list. Not sure what they send out now. But all the info is right here on this sight. of course, that doesn't help those doing Medifast who don't use these boards...

Comment #12

I got one with my first variety pack. I keep it in my kitchen almost as if it were my bible. My husband and son do not touch it or the wrath of mama will rain down upon them. I'm on week 18 and am averaging 2.5 lbs a week!..

Comment #13

That's a great weight loss average!! You will hit goal before you know it! congratulations!..

Comment #14

I received an information package that I read and actually made copies of the L&G to take with me to the supermarket. I also made copies of the tools and recipes and tips that you find here in the forum. I have everything in a binder and took it every day to work with me and now I refer to it when I have questions or keep on adding the tips I find here..

I honestly would not have been able to make it this far (4 weeks) if it wasn't for all the information I have found in these forums and all the great people that share their success tips with everyone...

Comment #15

I never got the book, but my Aunt did and she placed her first order the same time I did. The only difference was she signed up for VIP and I didn't. I got a two page pamphlet with a CD. But as everyone has said, everything you need is here on the medifast website...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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