Medifast ketosis mouth?

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I have this weird, warm, kind of yucky taste in my mouth, plus it is that a sure ketosis sign???..

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Either that or it's a sign to drink more water since others have recommended drinking more than 64 ozs a day...

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I'm thinking that just like diabetics in a crisis will do the "Kussmaul" breathing to blow off ketones, (aka: JuicyFruit Breath) our mild state of Ketosis does the same to us. It's how our bodies work. I brush my teeth now, what seems like, 10-12 times a day. I know just what you mean about the weird, warm, yucky taste. (I always think it's kinda yeast-y) Just my thoughts...

Comment #2

Whats funny is I had that big time on other Low carb diets, but this state of ketosis is so light I don't get it. I know I'm in ketosis cause the hunger pangs are gone, but no stinky, dry mouth! YAY!.

Hope it's not too bad for you and it's worth the weight loss!..

Comment #3

Listerine breath strips! Love them and they are carb-free, according to Listerine's customer service (I called and asked if they were under a carb or really carb free, they said really carb free)..

I still get ketosis breath, 3 months in, and drinking water does not cure it for me...

Comment #4

Yes, I agree with EMTFreakGirl. "Yeast-y" is a good way to describe it. I've been wondering about this taste as well. I also seem to have a ferrous taste sometimes (iron). It can get annoying. I have a toothbrush and paste in my desk drawer at work when I just can't take it anymore...

Comment #5

Yep, I have Listerine breath strips in every coat pocket, in my purse and stashed around the office!!!! I'm in week 10, I'm pretty sure the breath is staying with me for the duration of my weight loss...

Comment #6

My mouth feels fine, but my niece (age 8) and my nephew (age 5) commented on my breath smelling funny today so maybe I do have ketosis mouth! Kids can be so humbling! Guess I need to get some of those listerine slips!..

Comment #7

I picked up some Listerine strips today, glad I read this thread...

Comment #8

I have it too! Ugh! I thought it was just that since I wasn't nibbling all day, my saliva wasn't flowing as much as it used to. I've been chewing some of the new Extra dessert flavored gum - Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavor. But, we are limited on that, so I'm getting some Listerine strips!!!..

Comment #9

Ketosis Breath.The good news and the bad news.The good news is that this is a sign that your body is actually burning off that unwanted body fat. The bad news is that it really stinks and will continue to do so until you stop burning body fat for energy..

Since my breath needs to stink during this process, I figure that I might as well laugh about it. I found a funny top-10 list online. The first items says, "If your mouth smells like a skunk has built a nest in your mouth using your favorite pair of underwear. You are probably in ketosis." The rest of this list can be found at:.


Happy stinking!..

Comment #10

I'm curious about the ketosis state. I'm familiar with it from the Atkins and other super low carb diets, but we get quite a few carbs with Medifast. How are we going into ketosis? Anyone?..

Comment #11

Me tooooooo! So funny... I just picked up breath strips tonight at the store before even seeing this thread!! I was going over my SF daily gum quota the last few days. Tossed the gum in favor for the breathe strips. I can never chew 1 piece of gum anyway. I chew two at a time and when the flavor goes bad replace with another two until the pack is gone. Now I am off the gum for good!..

Comment #12

Too funny...

I find my Medi-mouth manifests as a sweet metallic taste, and lots of saliva. Always swallowing, ick!.

Lemagr - you don't get into hardcore Atkins-level ketosis with MF, it's a very mild form that they call the "fat burning state." As a result I think our general odor issues aren't as bad as Atkins followers. Also, low fat = no nasty greasy skin! And last but not least... HOT COCOA AND BROWNIES. Medifast for the win...

Comment #13

Lol I wish mine was sweet, mine is more metallic, and for a while, it was tasting like blood. Fortunately, that part has faded some, and it's more like that pasty 'I need to brush my teeth feeling but I did it an hour ago' type thing.

Shelly, that was awesomely funny in that horrifically true kind of way!..

Comment #14

Also thankful I read this thread. My mouth tastes bad every day no matter how much I brush my teeth and tongue. Listerine strips here I come...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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