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I'm on day 4 and feel great! I've felt great since day two. Only had the headache the first day. I'm not hungry and almost always satisfied. At almost 300lbs I'm shocked that I'm so full! Yay for ketosis!.

It's also amazing how easy it's been to resist temptation. That would get harder will it?.

I cooked all kinds of food for s party tonight and didn't cheat at all!.

Feeling good! So excited that so far it's soo easy!..

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I'm finding it pretty easy too, Lulu! I'm in week 2 and have been so surprised that I'm not more tempted by the other foods that are in my house. I'm not sure it will be this easy the whole time, but right now it's the easiest diet I've ever been on. I think the fact that I feel stuffed all day (thanks to the fiber/protein included in the meals and eating 6 times a day) helps tremendously..

Keep up the good work! I'm glad you're feeling good!..

Comment #1

I have felt really great too. I'm in week 2. I was so surprised. I was expecting headaches and possibly nausea and definitely a lot of hunger. I haven't had any except a little bit of hunger here and there, nothing major. I'm constantly surrounded by temptation as I have 4 little boys and a DH who can eat whatever he wants and maintain his 145 lbs.

I found it's just not worth it to even consider going off plan. It's so cheesey, but I love MF!..

Comment #2

That is why so many people are so successful with MF. It's easy, it's portable. It fits into our lives in a no-brainer sort of way that no other eating plan does. It removes choice for all meals but one and strictly limits the choices for that one meal. Less choice = easy mode. Enjoy the simplicity and shed weight...

Comment #3

I am amazed too that I can do it and it is relatively easy. There will be hard days as life gets in your way, but I have been able to stay OP so far!..

Comment #4

Yes this is easy.... and a no-brainer. I think seeing results so quick also makes the motivation factor easy also. There can be hard days, that's just a fact of life. If something stressfull gets in the way or if some trigger pops up, it all becomes what helps us change our patterns and look for different wasy to deal with those issues.

I can remember craving a juicy hamburger and I had told myself if I got to a certain weight I would allow myself one, well I hit that goal and by that time that Hamburger no longer sounded good. My digestive system likes the less fat, sugar, and salt. So some craving just go away. I also love to cook, that one is still a bit hard because I taste to make sure I have seasoned enough. I have learned to just tell everyone, not sure guys it may need some salt ....LOL..

Comment #5

Easiest way to keep is easy, is to stay on plan!!!!!!!!!! The only time it's been hard for me, was when I went off, and had to get back on again..

On plan = smooth sailing!!!.

Best of luck to you, and wishing you lots of success!!!..

Comment #6

I LOVE this thread! It's wonderful to see so much positivity from newer folks...

Comment #7

I was surprised by how easy it is. Yes, there are moments of temptation, but it's such a thrill to lose the weight without constant worry...

Comment #8

I agree! I think the "no-brainer" on what to eat is great. I mean, really, I get the most stressed about what to have for the L&G! Also, I remind myself how much money this is costing me and it is soooo not worth it to go off plan! Plus, it would "cost" me 3-4 days worth of food just to get back to the fat burning state again! I look at it this way...the longer I stay OP, the shorter I'll have to be OP!!! Funny huh, but it's true! Just look forward to all the foods you will be able to have once you get to T&M! You will get there sooner by staying OP now!! Way to go, Ladies!!(and Gents!) We are in this TOGETHER!!! I love MF!!!!..

Comment #9

I LOVE this plan. If you ever feel compelled to look back on my posts.I was about to give up the morning of Day 4. The headaches I had plus 24 hour nausea Day One (probably unrelated) almost did me in. I am hoping to record my first 10 lb lost this coming Tuesday weigh-in. It's a remarkable plan. On a side note.I can not fathom that I haven't had any chocolate in almost three weeks as this was certainly my drug of choice.


Comment #10

As a good friend and fellow-MFer said to me."FOCUS". If we can do that.we're soon to be skinny and studly...

Comment #11

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