Medifast Honey Mustard Pretzels - Awful New Recipe!!!?

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REALLY MISSING THE OLD PRETZELS! Unfortunately, I have to send back quite a few boxes of these things. It was a 2 or 3 times a day meal and I am so dissapointed...

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Yep, I forced my way through three bags just to make sure, and I just can't do it. Big bummer, but I did let Medifast know directly and will throw the rest in the car as part of my winter survival kit. Pretty packaging does not make them taste better...

Comment #1

I didn't think they were that bad... but I never tried the old pretzels. I thought the taste and texture were ok... my only complaint is that they leave a slightly powdery feel in my mouth...

Comment #2

I think there was another thread about the pretzels, and I was actually going to look for it. I had my first bag of the new cinnamon pretzels yesterday, and today I had an old bag of the cinnamon pretzels that I happened upon in an unpacked suitcase. So I was able to compare them pretty accurately, I think, having them so close together..

The old ones really do taste much better to me, but I have found that I tend to adjust to the foods the more I eat them and I am hoping that happens. One of my favorite meals now is an oatmeal pancake and I find I even like the taste of the oatmeal enough to scrape it from the mixing bowl and lick the remnants off. I hated the oatmeal with a passion at first, as do most newbies..

If I am remembering correctly, the new cinnamon has one less gram of carbs than the old cinnamon. I wonder if that is why they did it. If it helps keep me in ketosis, I can live with that...

Comment #3

Yep, it's official. The new pretzels actually taste like DIET FOOD now. Yuck!..

Comment #4

Was this a cost-saving measure? I'm not suppose to eat much wheat. This puts a damper on it for me. Sheez! Not good deal...

Comment #5

They taste like lightly flavored cardboard to me. I am so disappointed...

Comment #6

Write to Medifast and let them know. Maybe something will be changed...

Comment #7

The new pretzels are pretty good. You def get a LOT more now. BUT the flavoring isnt nearly as strong as the old ones...

Comment #8

I agree Sassyhope that we should all write Medifast to let them know how dissapointed we are. Not only do these things taste awful they were broken in a bunch of little pieces.

Let's hope after a bunch of bad feedback they'll change back! Or maybe like coca cola they will offer a classic pretzel and a new pretzel.

MF bring back the old recipe!..

Comment #9

It's really unfortunate that the "new and improved" pretzels don't seem to be "improved." I only ate one bag of the old pretzels and I wasn't a fan. I was kind of hoping that the new ones would be yummier...

Comment #10

They are just OK, I did like the crunch of the old ones better. These ones have more of a breadstick texture but less flavor. I don't understand why they have to be broken up into such small peices though...

Comment #11

I didn't notice that I got "so much more of the new ones" as someone mentioned above. I pour mine into a bowl to eat, and it looked like less to me, not more. Mine were all broken, too.

I liked the old ones so much better. *Sob*..

Comment #12

I love the old pretzels!!! I just finished my las box of cinnamon and I have less than a box of honey mustard..

Comment #13

LOL I love them! But I have been craving the Snyders honey Mustard pretzels and I think cardboard w/ honey mustard slathered on it would do the trick for me LOL.

Sorry to hear you guys didn't like it, but I am super happy Medifast has soooo many options!..

Comment #14

They could bring back the old pretzels, and call the new cinnamon ones "cookies" or something...they aren't like pretzels at all. I liked the first bag pretty well, the second bag less and by bag 3, I was sooo missing my old favorite...

Comment #15

I'm betting that if they introduced mini chocolate chip animal cookies they would have had a better reaction!!!..

Comment #16

Okay....I know there has been A LOT of discussion about the new pretzel sticks.....well now it's my turn to chime in. I had the new Honey Mustard today.....definitly different. They were okay...not as good as the old ones. My biggest problem with them......they did absolutely NOTHING to fill me up. I drank water with them (always throw down at least 20oz. with this meal).....I was famished in about 30 min.

I'm hoping that you will soon explain the IMPROVED part of the "New and Improved" Pretzel sticks...

Comment #17

I emailed them asking if I could buy a crate or something of the old ones. Surely they have some leftover old ones! But, they haven't responded yet.

Even if I like the new ones, I'll still miss the old ones. I had to stop myself from eating them for every meal. I didn't feel deprived at all. Ah well....

Comment #18

I am jumping in too, I am so disappointed in the new cinnamon pretzels, all broken, seems like less and miss all the yummy cinnamon, and I bought two boxes cuz I thought how different could they really be, I miss the old ones and probably won't buy these again.....but need to say I LOVE Medifast!..

Comment #19

If you break one of the new ones in half (yeah I know, they're already broken), you'll see a hollow center. I think that's where the old good ones used to come from. They've all hatched and now we're left to eat the shells ...

Comment #20

I would also like to be added to the list of people who dislike the "new and improved" honey mustard pretzel sticks. Hopefully Medifast is watching this thread and takes notice..

I just got off the phone with Medifast returns and I am sending back my 2 boxes of pretzels. The gentleman who handled my call said they changed the pretzels due to quality control issues with the other company. I personally have never had any quality control issues with my pretzels and I have been ordering them for 4 months now.

This product is completely different from the previous pretzel. it barely has any flavor compared to the other one and this one leaves an aftertaste in my mouth. It is a completely different product now, forget "new and improved", it should read "new and completely different from the previous pretzels" and it should fall under the new products section. also, the advertising is false as all the pictures I see and even on the bag itself, it shows the pretzels all in one piece, the bag I opened was in hundreds of pieces, not even one whole pretzel. The other bags felt as though they were all broken also. If they truely changed this product due to quality control, I would say Medifast failed to research the new company thoroughly..

Anyway, hate to rant but the Honey Mustard Pretzels WAS my favorite item that I always looked forward to, not to mention it was my "go to" item in situations where I would not be in a situation to mix or make anything..

Very disappointed in Medifast, I hope they do not decide to "improve" any more products and just stick to coming out with new ones...

Comment #21

Let's recap:.

* Old Honey Mustard Pretzels: Forums filled with posts about them being too hard, about breaking a tooth, about being too this, or too that. 50% of the people like them, 50% of the people don't, 90% of the posts about them are negative..

So Medifast acknowledges the masses, and decides to change them based on the feedback. Result:.

* New Honey Mustard Pretzels: Forums filled with posts about them being too soft, about being too bland, about being too this, or too that. 50% of the people like them, 50% of the people don't, 90% of the posts about them are negative..

Back to square one...

Comment #22

So true... If you like them, buy them. If you don't like them, don't buy them. If you had your first pack and realized they were grotesque, send them back.

If you are sad that a staple is no longer appealing, that is unfortunate...but we do have options. Even I have gotten over them having wheat in them now...kind of...

Comment #23

Don't forget the bags that had hair or moldy pretzels.

I can totally understand ditching the other company due to quality control issues..

I say this as someone who likes, very much, the honey mustard and cinnamon pretzels from before and has not yet tried the new ones. They'll be coming on my order due to ship next week...

Comment #24

Ah yes, the infamous "one moldy stick" in the bag...

Comment #25

For me personally the moldy ones were only in the cinnamon pretzels, never the honey mustard. The biggest issue will be the fact that they don't fill people up. I've heard a few people say this now...

Comment #26

As I mentioned before, the new ones are 29g. The old ones were 32g...

Comment #27

It is because they added WHEAT!.

(ok...maybe I'm not over that yet...)..

Comment #28

I loved the old cinnamon pretzels and liked the honey mustard. I got the new ones and am so disappointed. They aren't bad, but no comparison to before. The cinnamon ones were my go to treat...

Comment #29

Gee, just had my first bag of the new honey mustard pretzels. They're pretty bad, I'll give you that; but the old ones were awful. Pretty bad is much better than awful..

I ordered them to keep in the glove box of the car, not to enjoy. Enjoying food is what got me to 312 pounds. 109 pounds later, I'm pretty sure "enjoying" food is a thing of the past for me. Food if fuel and that's all.

Folks, we need to accept the fact that this "food" is not tasty, yummy, scrumptious or any of those other adjectives that have gotten us all in trouble over the years, It's basic stuff - enough calories, protein and carbs; fortified with vitamins and minerals, to keep us alive while we get the fat off our bodies. If you are looking for culinary excellence, this isn't the place...

Comment #30

I ordered the HM ones and they should be here by Wednesday. I'm looking forward to trying them. I never had the old ones, but I'm with RacerGal....I've been craving the Snyders HM pretzel bits, so I don't even care if they come all broken up! lol..

Comment #31

I love the new pretzels, and for me they work better than the old ones. They have 1 carb less and 1 more gram of fiber. I have been eating ONLY pretzels for my Medifast meals this entire week just to see what effect the old vs the new had on me....I did my first NEW pretzel day yesterday...and dropped a POUND from yesterday to today. I had been losing 1/4 to 1/2 per day on the OLD pretzels. Maybe it was just my day to lose a pound overnight. I don't know.

Keep up the good work, Medifast!..

Comment #32

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