Can we substitute the Lean and Green for a Medifast meal?

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Does anyone ever sub out their lean and green for a medi meal? Like, do 6 medi meals and no lean and green? I know it's not enough calories and nutritionally might not be the best idea but I have timing issues and it may keep me on plan sometimes..

PS, I'm a chef and am around food ALL the time- just not cooking it for myself..

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If you fall below the 800 calories (i.e. 6 Medifast meals), your body goes into starvation mode and you don't lose. Trust me...been there, done that. Nutrition wise, the supplements they add give you a lot of what you need for the day, so that's not as big an issue.

There's ways to work around scheduling issues and you might find having your L&G as breakfast, brunch, or lunch helps if you're busy at dinner. A number of the Medifast meals are easy to pop in your pocket/bag and have ready in minutes, so they fit into the busy time better..

You can also split your L&G if you like having something substantial (read 'chewed') in the evening too. Two smaller meals might help you too....


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This is not recommended by Medifast unless through direct care of a doctor. If you are considering this, I would suggest you call Medifast and speak to one of their Nutrition support people. As Emma points out, this is not something you should be doing, there are always ways to get in a L&G. We have medical people here working 12 and 24 hour shifts who still stay on 5&1..

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From my experience: No, it is not recommended by MF, but ultimately it is your choice. I have had to make that decision to eat extra Medifast meals on a few occasion to stay OP... I recently spent 4 days at a bike rally...knowing that I would not have room to take a cooler for L & G and no where to store food if I bought it at a near by town, no time each day to go shop everyday. I made the decision and chose the less stressful way... I drank mostly shakes as I had access to all the bottled water I wanted, plus I took extra pretzels, bars and puffs for 1 to 2 extra meals each day to keep me OP. There were vendors there, BUT we all know there is nothing but fried foods and I honestly did not trust myself, I could have gotten the Lean, but no green.

It is not something I do every day or every week, or at every bike rally.

This is just my experience and my choice when I need to...I would rather stay OP without stress that could trigger me..


Comment #3

I don't think it's a disaster, although certainly not ideal, if you find yourself in a situation every couple of months where life gets in the way. However, if you're going to fall into a habit of doing it a couple of times a week then I think there's a good chance you'll be posting again in a month wondering why you're not losing.

There really are very few situations where some pre-planning won't take care of the problem. Whether it's eating a L&G for breakfast or at 11:00 at night, there's usually a way..

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Miggsmacall - I've been around the boards a while and have known people who have done the full fast while under physician supervision. They have said that eating the 6 Medifast meals did not help them lose faster, in some cases actually slower, than incorporating the l&g..

As for your timing issues, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. How much time, really, does it take a person to down a shake? You can eat your l&g at whichever time is most convenient for you..

Comment #5

Nope! You wont lose weight if you dont eat the proper meals allocated and you will put yourself into starvation mode! Eat all your meals especially your LG meals!.

Comment #6

I know I'm in the minority here, but last week I decided to do 3 days of just medifast no l & g after having 2 weeks with only .8 losses (I was completely on plan both weeks). This week I lost 2.8 lbs! The most I've lost in a week since the first. I'm going to try doing it for 3 days again this week to see if it was a fluke. But, I will be eating every 2 hours instead of 2.5-3 because it does zap my energy. So my advice is to try it for a couple days and then weigh yourself and see if it makes a difference. Although wait til the end of the week to decide if it worked because I lost more the days following..

Comment #7

You're in the minority because it's ridiculous and because your "advice" is both medically unsound and dangerous..

Comment #8

You can have a simple l and g of 4 string cheese and some tomatoes or something and be done with it. It's not that difficult to fit in..

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I did this when I was extremely sick. I didn't even have energy to make myself a meal in the evening so I stuck to Medifast and did 6 meals/day. I can honestly say my weight stalled quite quickly and once I got back to "normal" with my 5&1, the weight loss started again. Just speaking from my own experience..

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Easy tiger..

Comment #11

A couple of hard boiled eggs and a baggie with celery / tomatoes / cauliflower / cukes / radishes...or any kind of finger food veggies. You can fit that in anywhere!.

Comment #12

I've got it! I'm getting the hang of it. Thanks for all of the advice!.

Comment #13

Sorry, this isn't a situation where people are disagreeing about the proper number of condiments or whether Laughing Cow is on plan. Her "advice" is to starve yourself taking in only 500+ calories a day to lose weight. Her comment is more appropriate for a pro-ana site than this one.

Newbies especially do not need to be reading that crap and thinking that's a reasonable course of action, and somebody needed to say so..

Comment #14

Looked more to me she was using it to break a stall maybe? I've had to switch up my own routine in other diets, as well..

Did you know there are other diets out there like the JUDDD diet that switch up higher calorie diets with lower ones for people who have extreme trouble losing weight?.

I just wish people in forums wouldn't be so judgmental, know-it-all, pushy and think they always know what's best for the rest of the world..

Comment #15

Since I assume this was meant for me, I'll respond. If you'd like to do the JUDDD diet then that is what you, or anybody else, should do. Skipping L&G is not appropriate for this diet even as a way to break a stall. In fact, what it does is virtually ensure a stall. Most diets that calorie cycle go up from 800 a day, not down.

For the record, I am perfectly comfortable saying that I know what's best for the rest of the world when it comes to people suggesting that living on 500 calories is appropriate. Why do I feel that way? Because every bit of science in the history of mankind will support me. There actually are not two different but acceptable positions on this.

As I said, my fear is that newbies will see this and not realize how dangerous it is or that it is completely off-plan. People are free to do what they'd like, but that doesn't make all paths equally safe or effective..

Comment #16

OK. Here's the official word from Nutrition Support..

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a Registered Dietitian with Nutrition Support..

There are many factors that effect a persons weight loss efforts including fluid status, age, gender, exercise habits, medical conditions and medications and compliance with the plan. Some weeks are better than others. As far as why - well, that is a bit of a mystery. Sometimes our body needs to adjust to the change and the rate may change..

The 5&1 plan provides 800-1000 calories per day and 80-100 g of carbohydrate. If you consume an extra Medifast meal and skip your Lean and Green you may potentially go out of fat burning. Eating less than 800 calories can put the body in starvation mode and actually impede weight loss as well. In starvation the body actually holds onto fat and stores calories..

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They have cans of tuna and chicken with those pop-top lids that don't need a can opener, or those shelf stable packets of tuna, salmon or chicken as a lean. You can puree fresh tomatoes with parsley and put it in a water bottle to drink your veggies. You can bring a baggie of cukes or celery, which really don't go bad in a few hours without a cooler. Anywhere you can bring a bottle of water and a bag of pretzels, you can bring a bottle of tomatoes and a bag of tuna..

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Not to mention one of the most frequently asked questions in chat has something to do with skipping meals. And a lot of the discussion around stalling is usually linked to missing meals. So it's not a good situation when newer folks are "learning" anywhere that it's a good thing. You're right..

Comment #19

As I mentioned before, my question has been MORE than answered. Thank you..

Comment #20

This is an open forum and threads take on a life of their own. Since you're satisfied with the answers you got here, it's prudent to just ignore any other posts made here. You can't stop people from adding their opinions or information in an open forum. It will need to die it's own natural death..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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