Medifast dinner options?

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Hi Guys~.

I am new to there anywhere where I can go for dinner suggestions. I am one of those people who needs to FOLLOW something. Plus, I don't want to wait until dinner (when I am starving) to try to figure it out.....then I usually go home and eat everything in sight..


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Welcome jlynn!! Try out the recipe forum...I have found ALOT of ideas there....also, try planning your week out ahead of time and making a schedule...that way you know what to expect everyday and there is no guess work!! Good luck!!.

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Hi jlynn - welcome to the Medifast family :-) Congratulations on your good start..

I have two "Easy" options. One is eating out at a steak house (We go to Long Horn - but any steakhouse can work). I generally order the 7 oz filet (that's pre-cooked weight.. it has wound up being anywhere between 4.5 and 6 oz when it hits the plate - but I eat all of it regardless) and broccoli steamed plan (double portion, to trade out the other side and give me enough green). At Long Horn specifically (check nutritionals for your area to be sure, and of course any other steak houses) I can also opt to get two proteins out of a meal when I order the Filet and Salmon combo - when I do that I box up the steak right away for tomorrow's meal. The Salmon is 7oz pre-cooked and winds up (so far) being 5oz right on the nose.

For the "at home" easy option I buy a cooked rotisserie chicken from Costco (Yum) and peel off the skin and then pick the meat into two ziplock bags - one bag is "white" meat and the other is "dark" meat. You get 6z of white meat plus a healthy fat, or 5 oz of dark meat without any additional fat. The easy green is to open a can of no-salt added green beans and drain it, then weigh it. I give the extra green beans (usually between 3 and 10 of 'em) to the dog who loves 'em. If I have a healthy fat coming I use 2 wedges of laughing cow lite cheese on my green beans.

I hope this helps! DH and I eat a lot of the canned no-salt added green beans around here because we are LAZY ;-)..

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Jamie - I always plan my meals out a day in advance. Get my lunch packed up the night before, know what's on the menu for dinner in case I need to stop at the store for ingredients on the way home. Takes the guesswork and stress out of the endless "What's for dinner" issue, and by planning ahead, I'm always sure to have all the food with me that I will need throughout the day at work..

Something else that I like to do is buy family packs of chicken and roast or grill up a bunch of chicken breasts on weekends, then it's ready to use during the week. Chop it up and throw a salad together, my OP chicken/broccoli bake, soup, etc. The possibilities are endless. I also gut up entire things of celery and cucumbers very thin and keep them in water in the fridge for munching or tossing in said salad above. I often eat my green late in the evening munching on celery or cucmber "chips", when in my other life I would have been munching on real chips...

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Jlynn, You will be surprised how many things you can have for your L & G. There are tons of recipes posted here. You are bound to find some you like..

I just got the L & G cook book. It has a lot of really good recipes. I've only tried three so far, but I love them (and so does my husband)..

Congrats on your start!..

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I am not much of a planner and I do NOT have time to cook during the week! I do not mind having the same foods every day so that's what I usually do. I make a big bowl of tunasalad with eggs plus a little bit of mayo. This is what I eat on all week for dinner. (I did figure out the amount I can have.) It's already made and ready to eat when I'm starving afterschool! I am not a big fan of canned veggies so I always use the frozen ones. Aldi's has very good steam-in-the-bag brocolli which I LOVE and actually crave now! In fact, just typing this in makes me think of my dinner...tunasalad and brocolli! I know, I know. It's not foods that 'go together' but hey, it works for me! Best of luck to you!!..

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Turkey burgers are easy and good with peppers, mushrooms whatever veggies you like. Look at cookbooks for protein ideas, grilled, baked chicken, pork chops, hamburger, steak, turkey sausage, any lean choice of protein and add some veggies. Do plan ahead though, planning is the key in 5&1 and in T&M. You might as well get used to planning now. Good time to practice. I am in Maintenance and not a day goes by that isn't planned out.

Try new veggies, spaggetti squash with tomatoes and ground italian turkey sausage. Check out recipe boards, try the cauliflower crust pizza yum. Make the zucchini ribbons, peel zuch into ribbons, saute in a little water and add a wedge of your favorite low fat laughing cow cheese and melt and stir together. Easy and tasty, just add your choice of protein and enjoy!.

Cook on the weekends and enjoy healthy food all week, it's not that hard but PLANNING is the key...

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