Medifast chili reviews?

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Hi all..

Getting ready to place an order. I never tried the Chili...thoughts?..

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I just got some in Friday.


If you make it with hot water, at least 2 hours, if you start with cold it will need longer.

The flavor is not bad, but I added chili powder and a couple of tablespoons of Rotel to the second batch. it is very filling and my new favorite..

Comment #1

Excellent! Now with fall/winter here, I tend to like hot, and hearty..hoping this does the trick to hold me over to my L&G. Thanks..

Comment #2

The chili is one of my favorites! I actually use it for dinner. I eat a partial lean (chicken) on a salad (partial green) at lunch. Then for dinner, I use the chilii, the rest of my lean (dehydrated beef pattie) and lots of veggies to complete my green. I use chopped up mushrooms, peppers and zucchini and add some cumin, garlic and chili powder. I cook it in a little pot on top of the stove - for at least 30-45 minutes to let the flavors blend..

This makes an incredibly thick chili, and it is really, really filling! My next order has 5 boxes. I haven't gotten tired of this yet and hope I don't. It is soooooo good!..

Comment #3

Wow good idea! I am going to try that! Thanks...

Comment #4

I <3 the chili. I usually cook 3 packets at a time and add some seasonings (chili powder and hot sauce), 12 ounces of Rotel (or diced) tomatoes, 7.5 ounces of ground beef, and about 1.5 cups water. It makes three nice size meals (1/2 lean, 1 green, plus condiments). Very filling...

Comment #5

I personally do not care for the Chili.. I find the protein chunks "sweet" taste very off putting. I had high hopes, but it is on my "won't reorder" list..

Don't forget that if you use one packet from a box you can exchange the box to Medifast (if you pay the shipping back to them) - but you need to do it within 30 days. DH and I both tried the chili though, and so we only have 5 packets left in the box. Maybe we'll sell it and some of our other non-favorites on ebay eventually. ;-)..

Comment #6

I didn't like the chili until I discovered Tabasco. Sometimes I add a little cheddar cheese (subtracted from my L & G) and man, it's great! I wish it were more than half a cup though. As the above poster said, soak it! I soak all my soups at least for 4-5 hours, sometimes overnight. I accidentally soaked my chili for 2 days once and had to add water to it since water evaporated and it was almost like a veggie burger...

Comment #7

I really like the chili. I add some tabasco, some onion powder and half a beef bouillon cube. I fix it in my little thermoswith boiling water in the morning and it is nicely re-hydrated by lunch time. Remember, you can order just one packet of any of the Medifast foods that you want to try...

Comment #8

I love the chili! I was nervous about trying it but had someone give me some they said they just couldn't eat. I mixed it as directed and had some vegitable soy crackers (optional snack) with them and fell in love. Even in T&M this will be a staple for me..

Comment #9

Thanks for the feedback and great ideas all..I had NO idea I could order ONE of something..DUH! Thanks again!..

Comment #10

I like to add "broccoli slaw" to my chili... sounds weird, but it makes the overall texture better. And it's more convenient for making at work. I mix the chili with water in the morning so it's nice and soaked by lunchtime. Add 1/2 cup broccoli slaw, nuke, LUNCH!!..

Comment #11

How do you go about ordering just one packet of something to sample? I can't seem to find where to do it...

Comment #12

There is lots of things to do with the chili. I love it. I add arugula, hot sauce, diced mushrooms. Or grilled chicken and a little cheese. Make a taco salad. Or just eat it as it is. Hope you like it..

Comment #13

I can't wait to try it when I get it hopefully Thursday. I am piggy-backing on RedRock's pst. Where do we order just ONE of something to try?.

Thanks all!..

Comment #14

Love it over lettuce for a taco salad. I eat it alone too...

Comment #15

This is what is says under FAQ and it did used to be a sample pack as a choice. I guess now you have to call them..

Can I try Medifast for just a few days?.

We recommend trying Medifast for a minimum of two weeks to allow time for your body to maximize it's fat-burning potential. However, if you'd like to try Medifast for just a few days, there are some options:.

* Individual samples of Medifast Meals.

* Medifast 2-Week Variety Packages.

Individual samples are available on the Shopping Cart (click the "Sample Packet Pricing" link under each individual item), or call the Client Contact Center at (800) 572-4417...

Comment #16

I didn't like the chili when I first tried it. I found that you need to soak all of the soups, pancake mix, and oatmeal. In fact most of the Medifast foods are all better and less gritty if you soak them for 10 minutes to 4 hours. I will mix chili, pancakes, oatmeal or the chicken and wild rice soup the night before if I know I am going to have it the next day. Can put in a thermos with hot water if going to have it for lunch on the go...but it needs to soak...

Comment #17

I love the chilli. I add some taco seasoning (condiment) or hot sauce, & the calorie free Miracle Noodles...

Comment #18

Chili was one of my favorites! I added more water than was recommended, I think and also added chili powder and a little beef bouillon granules. I agree..SOAK it! Hope you like it!..

Comment #19

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