Medifast Chai Latte Reviews?

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I was wondering if this is any good. I do like the Cappuccino..


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Personally Mynx, I love the chai latte. However, keep in mind, things I love, you may hate. Happens all the time. If it means anything, I like the capp a lot too, so maybe we do have the same tastes...

Comment #1

I didn't like it at first, but I came to love it. It's also one of the best items to "bake" with. Makes a great shake cake and sub it for the vanilla shake in RG's pumpkin pie recipes and it makes it even better...

Comment #2

Hi Mynx,.

I started Medifast in August, but just drank my first chai latte a couple of weeks ago. I didn't really care for it. But I decided to give it a couple more chances, and round about the third one, I decided I really did like it after all!.

They key for me was to mix it with cold water in the magic bullet. Then, once heated, it didn't have lumps, and the bit of froth on top reminded me of a real coffee shop drink!.

There's also a recipe on the boards for spice muffins that uses the chai latte, so I'm saving a couple of packets for that..


Comment #3

For me, the spices are pretty strong in the chai. It's not bad, but it does have a strong and kind of different flavor you may not be used to. My Dh is Pakistani so I used to drink Chai all the time before MF, but we never used the usual spices that are typically in chai, ours was a more mild chai, not to mention the fact that we made our chai with milk instead of water.

When I first tried the chai, I didn't care for it by itself but I love it mixed with the dark chocolate antioxident shake...

Comment #4

I like the chai, but I make it as a shake. I make all the drinks and soft serve as shakes, and sometimes the puddings too, if that makes a difference...

Comment #5

Hated the Chai at first, but now I mix just enough cold water to turn it into a paste in a mug, then add the boiling water and stir-no lumps and it's good. The Medifast food tends to grow on you, you have to give everything a couple tries. Enjoy!..

Comment #6

I already liked Chai spices, so I like it very much. I do not care for the Cappuccino at all, but I love the Chai and Cocoa..

I think the tastes are individual, so you won't know unless you try it! I hope you like it...

Comment #7

I love the Chai, have it for breakfast most mornings. Don't like coffee, so the Cappuccino did not to it for me.

I didn't think to use it in recipes, thanks for the idea...

Comment #8

I make a shake cake with it and it's like gingerbread.

It's too strong for me by itself, so I will make up a chai and a vanilla shake, mix them together, then split into 2 servings....


Comment #9

To me it's a little more heavy on the ginger than I prefer if I have it as a drink (I also have lots of boxes of chai varieties in my kitchen, though, so I'm kind of picky about the spice/'foam' blend. If I didn't like 'real' chai so much, I might like the Medifast version more.) But I did make Gatita's spice muffins yesterday using the chai, the Medifast eggs and a MBS oatmeal, and I think they're the best recipe I've found so far! (Other muffins I've tried, the texture hasn't quite been right to me.) I used some pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and it's so much like real pumpkin bread I was shocked. If you search the recipe forum for "muffins" I think it comes up on the first page, either as Gatita's muffins or "fast, fluffy, spice muffins." I'm definitely going to keep buying the chai just for those, even if I never get it blended to a perfect drinkability level for me...

Comment #10


RG is a rather infamous Medifaster, RadiationGirlie, who created a whole set of Thanksgiving recipes that are approved by Medifast and are available on the boards. She's even gotten her own acronym!..

Comment #11

Here's a link to RadiationGirlie's menu. RG is now and has always been one of my Medifast heros!!..

Comment #12

I now drink two per day! yummo my #1 Medifast meal!!!!.

I use way more water than they ask for. I use my biggest mug, make a paste and then fill with boiling water. If you let it sit too long it can form a skin on the top. Stir stir stir and drink promptly for best results...

Comment #13

I love the taste, but as another poster mentioned, a skin forms if you let it sit too long. One of the reasons I like the other hot drinks over the bars is that I can just sip it slowly and really make it last a while, whereas the bars I can't stretch to last more than 5 minutes. This doesn't work out well with the chai, you have to drink it fairly quickly or the last few sips are disgusting. I probably won't buy it again, although I haven't tried muffins with it yet, so that might change my mind...

Comment #14

You just need to learn the Medifast swirl. Keep it moving and it doesn't settle!..

Comment #15

It's a very GINGERY chai. Very. So if you're cool with the taste of dried ginger, you'll probably like it..

It's wonderful as a pancake, mixed half and half with an original pancake packet...

Comment #16

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