Medifast brownies not bad!

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Well it's NOT bad! Its not great, but not bad at all! I was kind of afraid. It seems a little small compared to say a bowl of Medifast soup or the puffs, but it's almost bed time anyways. Wish I had some kind of topping or frosting for it though!.


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I love the Brownies.. and if I have calories to spare I use a teaspoon or two of peanut butter (optional snack is a tablespoon, so it isn't quite a full snack) spread on top of a somewhat frozen brownie. Yum!..

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Make your van pudding and dab some on top yummmm...

Comment #2

I LOVE the brownies with whipped cream. It counts as a condiment as follows:.

Whipped Cream.

Non-pressurized (from tub): 1/2 tsp.

Pressurized (from can): 1 Tbsp.

Delicious! I only have 1 per day, but it's such a nice treat...

Comment #3

Or realize that Medifast is not supposed to be like the best food you ever ate (that is why you are here in the first place) and appreciate it for what it is. I just can't get behind all this "add this and do this" stuff. Sorry..just my very humble opinion. give it a chance...try it again next week...

Comment #4

I am like you, I haven't augmented my Medifast meals with any recipes or additions. Right now for me, since I like the food, I don't have the need to do this. Since I have a long way to go, who knows maybe in the future. But I also am de-emphasizing the taste and seeing my meals as fuel. For me it is working. But this is why these threads are so good, you get something for everyone...

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I forgot to say how much I really do love the brownies just as they are. AND if that isn't good enough, try Fluffy's Brownie/Pudding Pie recipe. I posted the recipe for her under that name. Not one extra thing added. just brownie topped with pudding. Awesome recipe...

Comment #6

I love your outlook on the food. Exactly my thoughts..for now it is good enough...

Comment #7 are absolutely right...your food thinking is awesome...I love the chocolate chip pancakes in the makes a wonderful muffin and the best part is that the chips settle to the bottom up cup and I save that end for last when eating...Oatmeal I like, I just put the right amount of water in to give it the right texture...soups are good, I use little less water to make it more flavorful...The chili, I will use it with my L&G meal once a week on top of spaghetti squash and it's like having a spaghetti dinner...Shakes are good with ice cold water....

I only order what I like...try to keep it simple.....

Does everyone know that we are the only country in this world that is severely over weight...Because we don't know how to eat healthy and make the right food choices...It is sad when I see little kids weigh more than I do, because parents are not making good food choices for them...It maybe a quick fix just to take them to McDonald's or feed them chips and soda at home...We all need to learn how to grow up and take care of our selves and our family.....

If anyone is offended by this message...I am sorry, but it is the truth.....

Comment #8

Gosh, I thought it was just me, that at this point didn't want to mess around with the food. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook and create, and making meals was never a chore. I cook dinner every night for my family for over 30 years and do the holiday cooking and baking. So prep is not an issue. For me it's just that I have allowed myself to get into terrible shape, even after doing Weight Watchers for these 37 years.

I'm content to open my little "magic bag" and move on. For the next year or whatever it takes, I am deemphasizing food. I have found that there really are other things in life to focus on, besides the next thing that goes in my mouth. Is Medifast the greatest food I ever ate? By no means. But for now, it provides what I need..

For all you foodies out there that like to concoct, I say go for it, and good for you. If it's working stay the course. I love hearing about the inventive ways people use to transform the Medifast food. Someday, perhaps, when my Medifast Honeymoon is over, I may give it try!..

Comment #9

I think the brownies will be something I continue to order even after I've gotten to maintenance. I love that they are tasty, chocolate, and contain protein. I'm diabetic, so it's difficult to find treats like this that I can actually eat. It's possible I could find a recipe to make something similar - I should try that, LOL!.

Glad you are enjoying the brownies!..

Comment #10

The first time I tried the brownie I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about (lots of people ADORE the brownie - good for them!). Then I added the cream cheese with splenda frosting (counts as 2 condiments I think?) and thought "hey this isn't bad at all!". But I found that when I started using non-season condiments my weight loss started to slow down. So the only condiments I use anymore are seasonings, sparingly. I also don't "doctor" my foods anymore. But it's a completely personal choice. You just have to figure out what works for you!..

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I love the brownies and I make them with left over coffee from the morning as opposed to water and I find it delicious!..

Comment #12

I love the brownies. Sometimes I wonder how can something so good be so good for me?.

I make the pancakes in a waffle maker & they come out all crispy and yummy...

Comment #13

I like the brownies, too, but they are pretty small, lol...

Comment #14

I love the brownies! And I love to concoct! I do not do it to everything... but I love the sandwich maker for soup quiches and pancakes... I also love the oatmeal muffins. Other than that I am just adding sf syrups to shakes or coffee to shakes.... I did order some pb2 and added a T to my brownie mix last was exactly peanut buttery, but it tasted like there were nuts in my brownie which I happen to like. Being inventive makes me interested and keeps me going...

Cannot give up that hobby....

Eat your brownies, lose weight, be inspired!..

Comment #15

I love to put mine in the freezer for about an hour and then have it. mmmmm sooo goood..

Comment #16

I'm saddened when I see parents feed their kids McDonalds. I babysit a 5 year old who will only eat Chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac n cheese, Yes she's skinny now (probably from mal nutrition) but how many weight issues is she gonna have years from now?.

I don't have kids yet, but I can tell you those things aren't gonna fly with my kids. I'm of the mind of not introducing them to that junk food til later in life. I'm sure they will get exposed to it at school and stuff, but in MY HOME, we do not and will not eat that stuff. Sugary cereals and pop tarts? Whats that?!?! Fresh fruit, veggies and lean proteins.....Oh yeah, enjoy all that!..

Comment #17

I agree with not doctoring up the foods. Main reason I hesistated ordering the brownies and pancakes is I don't want to get in the habit of eating foods that are traditionally junk food. Those aren't foods I've been eating for a long time. I allowed myself a box of each and thats all I get for the month.

But I think it's HILARIOUS that my thread about how decent the brownie was turned into a threat about doctoring or not doctoring up your Medifast food.

That was never my intent. Love reading everyones opinions and you all have valid points. To each his own right?!..

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I hear you Lulu, before MF, I was not a person that ate any junk food and now that I'm on MF, don't want to take on another bad habit I really don't want or need Maybe it's not fair for me to view brownies as junk food, but sugar is not my friend, nor is chocolate so I've tried to keep it simple with the Medifast meals I've ordered..

That all said, Yumm, I love the brownies!! Was just trying to diversify a little with the orders each month so decided to give them a try. A pleasant surprise I wasn't expecting. Alas, each time I have one, I get a couple huge zits on my face the following day. Drat!! I've experimented to be sure it wasn't something else, but no, it's that yummy brownie..

(Big zits are not to be confused with tiny bumps the soy first caused - the soy reaction or whatever it was has seemed to subsided now.).

Now I'm planning to try to cut a brownie into quarters, wrap and freeze each piece seperately, then try a quarter brownie portion once a week, maybe in combo with part of a bar or shake, whatever to make up the equivalent of a total Medifast meal...that's how desperate I am to get a brownie fix - lol. So I guess my fears have been realized and I have acquired a taste for brownies now...

One thing at a time however, I'll kick that habit once I get to my goal weight Best of luck to you too!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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