Medifast Brownie Guilt Anyone??

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This is a little funny, but every time I have a Medifast brownie as one of my meals I feel guilty! Like I've had something off plan. There's just no way you can have something called a brownie on such a strict nutrition plan! It's crazy..

It comes out warm and I eat it with a fork. I have to fight the kids off like dogs and try to explain to them why mommy gets a brownie and they do not..

Anyone else feel this way?.


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Hi. My name is Cheri and I have a problem..

I have become a little dependent upon my nightly brownie. Last night I had to switch it up and have pudding just to make sure I didn't have too much of a "problem"... lol.

I like mine with peanut butter. I eat it with a small fork (someone here suggested that). It lasts longer.

Just the smell of it cooking is enough to make me drool.

I do have to say that I just placed my next order and ordered 4 boxes of brownies.. lol..

MF should start a brownies anonymous...

Comment #1

Oh heck no! No guilt here. In fact I have used it as a Ha Ha in your face come back at people who have had the gall to say "Oh that's right you don't eat real food." Yes, as a matter of fact I do - as in real chocolately pudding & brownies 5 times a day if I want to!!!! How more real can you get?!..

Comment #2

"MF should start a brownies anonymous".


Hi my name is Jodi and I have a brownie problem!.

I love them!..

Comment #3

I guess I'm the only person not wowed by them. I had a real fear of ordering them due to my lifetime brownie problem, but they're so small and not that filling, that I'm just not overwhelmed by them. Maybe if they were twice the size I could get more solidly behind them...

Comment #4

If we join BA do we have to attend meetings? LOL ya I love them!.

I also love the cinnamon pretzels. Might need a PA group for that one too...

Comment #5

I love the brownies!! I did not like them at first, and love them now. I just ordered 4 more boxes! I eat them warm with a little spoon so it is easier to scrape all the bits out!.

I love to eat mine in front of my children while denying them anything sweet because it will make them fat like mommy! LOL!!..

Comment #6

I think one day all my Medifast meals are going to be brownies and chocolate pudding!!!! And maybe some soft serve ice cream..

Comment #7

We sampled them at our newcomers meeting last week and they were soooo good! I ordered them for my evening/after dinner meal...nothing better than "dieting" all day and getting to have a brownie right before bedtime..

Comment #8

I use my cream cheese allowance and put some splenda in it and some strawberry extract and one drop of red food coloring to make it pink and use it for icing. YUMMO!..

Comment #9

I eat a brownie a day usually 5 days a week. I really like them and they are part of the plan. They make me feel like I'm eating regular food (not on a weight loss program). I had one at my parents' house and my mom couldn't believe how good it smelled...

Comment #10

Frozen....and EVERY night! just ordered 5 boxes ......dont want withdrawls!..

Comment #11

LOL. Great, I just spit my chicken noodle soup all over my keyboard. Now I have to lick it up. Don't want to waste any...

Comment #12

Lol I love them, but I make them modified, it has been a while since I have had one (just restarted) so I am going to have to remember how I made it. I like an extra TBSP water then undercook it then stick in the freezer for a few lol. nomnom. Its one of the things I love about medifast.. I can have my cake and eat it too hehe...

Comment #13

I love love love the brownies! I'm also stocking up on my next order! My health coach turns em into cookies and they are delish.

Use 2 packs 4 tbs water dollop 4 cookies on a plate sprayed with a lil Pam and nuke it for 2 mins. Put them in the freezer to get nice and firm..

2 cookies = 1 Medifast meal.


Comment #14

I have not ordered the brownies...yet...but after reading all of you...they will certainly be on my next order!!! You're killing me!!! hehehe!!!!..

Comment #15

To quote my nieces, I pink puffy heart the brownies. Made as directed and served hot...

Comment #16

I eat two brownies a day. I love them. I use cream cheese with splenda as a topping, just a tiny bit-allowed (but would really like more). My last medifast order was for 10 boxes of brownies and I thought what was I thinking. Now I need to get some shakes and crunch bars because my other food supplies are running low.

No matter what I will never give up my brownies...

Comment #17

I Love Triple Chocolate Brownies.... Brownie mix, 1 TBS SF Chocolate Syrup, 2 TBS water, nuke for 2 minutes....put in freezer...TRY to leave it there for 1 hour...but part of my body does the mutiny attitude when I smell the brownie, see the brownie and then it disappears into the freezer....HUH? Where? Why? When?....GO GET IT NOWWWW!!!.


Comment #18

I like them at night, especially on days when my L&G meal seems too much for me to get through in one sitting. There's ALWAYS room for brownie. But I do sometimes feel a bit guilty...

Comment #19

I have a brownie every night after dinner for my last meal. I like the fact that I get a dessert evernight. I am in T&M and I still have one everynight, and I just may for life! I like to top them whith chocolate almond butter yummy!..

Comment #20

I didn't really like it the first time I tried it because it had a slight minerally taste, similar to what the oatmeal tastes like to me. I tried it again with some cayenne pepper and it was extremely yummy!..

Comment #21

Hi! My name is Mia and I'm a brownie eater! I like to eat them with a cappuccino. I also enjoy eating them in front of the family...

Comment #22

I have to admit my greatest fear after I reach goal and move on to T&M is feeling satisfied without my Medifast "junk food." I love the brownies, puffs, and pretzels because they remind me so much of the candy, cheezits, and chips I used to binge on. I have to consciously not overeat on these items because I feel a little hooked on them. I just wonder if I'll be satisfied with fruit and yogurt and carrot sticks when I am so used to eating the "junk."..

Comment #23

I totally agree with this. But I also think we're always going to want a little something not good for our health whether it's a brownie, crackers, or chips. That's why I love the Medifast foods. Several people in maintenance incorporate these choices into their eating plan instead of real junk food. An example for me after the weight loss phase would be taking a Medifast bar into a movie instead of getting candy there. Or having an Medifast bag of pretzels while watching a football game so I don't grab Dorito's instead.

But when you look at the cost of one Medifast meal compared to an ENTIRE bag of Doritos (which is what I would end up doing!) then it's a no-brainer. :-).

I also think the fact that Medifast gives us "junk" replacements is how we are able to manage the plan. Most of us aren't great at embracing a carrot stick and yogurt plan KWIM? But give me chocolate bars and brownies and I'm yours. Thank goodness these foods are as edible as they are!..

Comment #24

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