Medifast and stomach pains?

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Has ANYONE experienced this while being on Medifast? Here is my senerio..

On October 5th, I went to sub for my Moms Bunko group. They always have food. So I ate my lean and green there. I had some raw veggies, and some shrimp and a few meatballs. I think I had 3 1" size peperoni pieces too. Anyway, we got home at 9PM and at 10PM, I was in the ER with the WORST PAIN IN MY BELLY EVER! I had a fever, chills, and I thought I was going to die! They gave me an IV of Toradol, did an ultra sound, and said "Nothings wrong.".

Then on November 5th, my mom made a beef roast for dinner. So I had some. I noticed she put some Liptons onion soup mix on top. Sure enough, that night I thought I was going to DIE! I was up all night, and knew that I was going to survive...barely..

Well. Last night, I cheated. I ate a Healthy choice fudge bar. It had 100 calories. I thought I would replace that with a meal. WRONG! OMG! I vomited 3 times, and was up until 5am in SO MUCH PAIN! I got up at 11am and am back to normal.

I have come to the conclusion, that my systems is so pure and detoxed, that I can never eat crap/processed foods again...which is a good all reality. But I'll tell you this. NEVER AGAIN will I eat processed foods. When I was eating the Healthy choice bar, it tasted "different" to me. When I'm off of Medifast, I will only eat the lean and green portions. No more carbs/sugar...EVER, as I don't ever want to experience what I have gone through, 3 times!.

Has anyone else gone through what I have? What's your story?..

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Motivation enough for me not to cheat! Thanks for sharing...

Comment #1

Nothing ever that bad! That stinks but it IS good motivation.

From about days 5-10 or so, I had bad gas pains in my lower abdomin but it eventully went away(Thanks to Nutrisystem advice on an old thread) And my stomache definately gets a little upset when I eat off plan. And I don't even eat much off plan.

Oh, and Diet Coke taste different to me. I used to drink Diet Coke ALLLLL the time and now I take one drink and leave the rest sit there. It just doesn't take the same but I'm better off anyway..

Comment #2

I have to say, I am not so sure about this. I mean Medifast is porcessed food too. Have you reas the NI on the food? It is not pure food at all. It is just nutritionally balanced in regards to carb vs protein. This food has all kinds of chemicals and sugar too...

Comment #3

I think that your problems may be more than just being off MF/cheating. If I were you, I would get to my doctor immediately. I have been around these boards for a while now and have never heard of symptoms like this simply from eating off plan foods. Some people have had some issues, but not like you had. I would be more concerned that there is a physical condition that needs attention...

Comment #4

I agree with De. There are times when, after being OP for a long stretch and I've strayed, that I feel a little bloated. But nothing like what you are describing. I'd follow up with your doctor, just to be cautious..

Best of luck!..

Comment #5

This seems highly big of a step for a "little" cheat. To get that sick, I had to eat wayyyy more bad stuff than that. I have a meatload, and mashed potatoes lunch, followed by some mini cupcakes, then 2 margaritas, a chili dog and some chips, the rest of the mini cupcakes and a giant pb and caramel ball. THAT is why I paid such a hard price (still feeling rough around the edges today) but the cheats you're describing should really not bring about that violent of a reaction. I agree, you should consult your doctor even if the ER doc told you nothing was wrong...

Comment #6

I also agree, I just can't believe you are that sick from just eating off program to be throwing up like that. I would call my Dr. ASAP..

Comment #7

Did they check your gallbladder? I had gall stones after my first daughter was born and I thought I was going to die. I ended up having it out, but the pain was higher kind of under my ribs and went through my back. I never threw up but I know sometimes it makes people vomit...

Comment #8

I've had such bad gas pain/bloating also. I have had it before I started on this plan though. I got it badly when I started eating so much green at once. I split mine and as I was on this longer, they subsided. I didnt got to the ER cause I've had them before. Mine is better on plan.

Nothing new there...

Comment #9

I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. Anything that was high fat would set me off exactly like that. Might want to go see your primary doctor to be safe...

Comment #10

I agree that you should see your doctor. It does sound like it could be gall bladder attacks especially if the off plan foods you ate had more fat than you are used to consuming although the pain from gall bladder usually is in the upper right side. I have never had a gall bladder attack but I know people who have and the pain they cause can be excruciating. Maybe look the symptoms up online and see if it sounds like what you experience but no matter what, you should get things checked out by your doctor. What you describe is kind of unusual for the degree of "cheating " you did...

Comment #11

I'd see your doc and request Ultrasound for gall bladder/gall stones. I had 4 attacks in the year I was on plan...all sent me to the ER with IMMENSE chest pain. Doc said the site of the pain can range from gut to chest to below ribs to back. I had mine out in May and feel fabulous! It's said to be more painful than childbirth...I've never given birth but definitely felt the pain in the attacks!.

I'm wishing you well!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #12

I have actually had the same problem as you three times last week after cheating. I can tell you one thing...I don't plan going off plan EVER!!!!.

I am a little worried that it's more serious than being use to medifast, but I am not sure...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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