May I replace the L&G w/ 1 Medifast meal??

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Hi, all your help will be greatly appreciated. I am starting to HATE the L&G meal and I am only on my 5th day.

So, please tell me. Could I replace a L&G with 1 Medifast meal? Thanks!..

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Thats a BIG negatory! You need the meat and veggies! Why are you hating it? Maybe we can help................

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You'd only end up with a little over 600 cals a day and no food. Yikes...

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Maybe you need more ideas for your l&g. No reason to hate it! Switch it up a bit! You can even get it in by doing things like adding lean beef and veggies to your Medifast beef stew or chicken and veggies in your cream of chicken soup! There's so many ways you can get that in my dear!..

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I totally understand not wanting the L & G, some days I want to hurl thinking about the food... BUT what I do is sneak in the meat into my soups and stews or I add cheese to them.... plus I add veggies or I snack on the veggies inbetween my Medifast meals (which have my added meat to them..

You have to work this plan to fit you.... make it your own.. Medifast is a tool...

Hope this helps...

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Oh Tomi, bc it's getting very boring. I eat chicken with spinach and lettuce or beef with broccoli and lettuce. See? boooo...ring lol..

Comment #5

Lulu and Kay, thank you so much! Those are great ideas. I will start on my next Meal.

@ 2 pm and Steph, I will eat all my meals lol.

Thank y'all ladies you rock!..

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Glo, early on I tried desperately to make the math work so that somehow I could substitute Medifast supplies for my L & G. It doesn't work The L&G provides more protein and less carbs than any combination of the Medifast meals. It's there to help balance out the rest of the diet, and it really doesn't work to try to substitute..

I'm not much of a cook, so I have all kinds of weird OP combos for my L & G.

I know you've said that what you're eating is boring...have you checked out all the options you can have? Is selection your dilemma, or preparation? There are quite a few "easy make/no prep" options people can suggest if your challenge is more along the lines of "get me the heck outta my kitchen".

And congratulations on getting into Ketosis! You've now overcome one of the toughest hurdles for MF... You go girl!!..

Comment #7

On days I don't feel like eating my L&G I usually choose 4 string cheese sticks as my lean and eat them throughout the day as snacks. Then I still eat a salad somewhere during the day if I can. Even if I don't get the salad in or only eat part of it, I know I've gotten my lean covered..

I ALWAYS make sure I have at least 800 calories. Even if it means an extra Medifast meal or an extra string cheese..

I don't eat beef or pork so sometimes I get really tired of chicken and seafood. I am so thankful for the cheese option!.

I also love Smart Ground vegetarian crumbles made into taco meat. However, this meal is high in sodium so I try not to use it very often..


Comment #8

Your calories could still be pretty low even with 7 Medifast meals (depending of course on what meals you choose) and you do run the risk of being over on your carbs, not a lot, but everyone is different and it could POSSIBLY throw you out of ketosis..

Another and probably more pressing concern is by doing strictly MF, you are not taking in an appropriate amount of healthy fat, which is essential to the health of your skin, hair, gall bladder, and overall general health..

Try things like this. Make up an Medifast soup and toss in your allotted chicken, maybe some extra chicken stock and some OP veggies. Chile Lime Chicken burgers from Trader Joe's are the absolute BEST and you get 2. Heck, ground turkey pattiies can be found in most grocery stores and are a great quick and easy option. Have 3 eggs for lean once in a while and make yourself a veggie omelet. Cut back on 1 egg and add about 1.5 oz of cheese for some extra kick.

I keep things like celery and cucumbers sliced thin in my fridge at all times available for a quick snack when I need them, as well as grape tomatoes..

Please for you health and well being, try to find a way to get in your l&g. Look to the recipe board for some great ideas. My sole concern for you is not a matter of do it my way or else, but rather do it in a manner that you are not jeopardizing your health. Even Nutrition Support does not feel that simply Medifast is a healthy option and recommends against it...

Comment #9

If you are getting bored with your L&G meals, you can check out some of the recipes I have:

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A couple easy L&G meals that keep things interesting for me and are easy to make:.

-Steak and steamed veggies.

-Chicken ceaser salad (no croutons, no cheese, low fat dressing).

-Buffalo chicken ceaser salad just add some Frank's red hot to the chicken.

-Veggie omlette with egg beaters and cheese.

-Taco salad - ground beef or turkey, some taco seasoning, sour cream, salsa, cheese, lettuce.

-Cauliflower pizza crust takes a fair amount of prep time to make the crusts, but you can make 8 at a time and keep them in the freezer (search the board for a recipe)..

Comment #11

Have you tried anything from the Meatless Options list? If you like eggs and/or cheese you should be golden. Veggie burgers might be a quick & easy way to get some variety too.

Meatless Options.pdf..

Comment #12

My favorite recipes are.

1) cauliflower pizza,.

2) chicken parmesan (chicken breast, with some sugar-free tomato sauce, & low-fat cheese sprinkled on top), with a veggie side.

3) pot roast (with the meat, low-sodium boullion- 1c=1condiment, celery, radishes, turnips, mushroom, pepper, zucchini),.

4) spaghetti squash casserole (with spaghetti squash, ground beef, a little sugar-free home-made fresh tomato sauce, low-fat part-skim mozzarella cheese, and other misc. veggies you may want to add: mushrooms, for example.).

5) steak and cooked veggies.

6) burgers in lettuce-wraps with diced tomato, grilled mushrooms, and 75% reduced-sugar heinz ketchup.

7) 3-egg omlettes with mushroom and tomato in it, with a side of sauteed romaine lettuce and garlic.

8) taco-seasoned meat on a bed of tomato, cucumber, and lettuce..


I want to get into egg drop soup and pork chops next ).

That's pretty much the run-down of all things tasty in my book. ) Just be careful if you try them- either use a recipe that's been okayed by Nutrisystem already or call them and tell them your recipe and see if they say it works or not. My math always gets mixed up when I'm dealing with recipes..

Good luck on your journey!..

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Glotowle You definitely need to find some variety in what your making for the lean and green! If that is all your making then I can understand the boredom! Chicken can be prepared MANY different ways - there are lots of options to get in the greens as well. Have you search the boards for veggie suggestions? My all time FAV is the zucchini ribbons! OH man..... add some grilled shrimp and some garlic powder and it as good as ANY Italian rest. dish I've ever tried! Hamburger, if it's a good lean mix, is also a great option! A 5 ounce patty grilled or broiled is huge! Eat it with some green beans or brocolli yummy!.

You need to get creative....... Medifast has a recipe book you can order - I think it's only $12.95 - if you don't want to do that - search online. There are LOTS of good recipes out there!.

Let us know what you're doing to make your L&G more fun and appetizing!..

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I usually add 1/3 of my L&G to my soup for lunch. I add ground turkey or pork with taco seasoning (with 40% less sodium) and a some spinich. It keeps me very full for the afternoon and this way I don't have too much L&G to eat at one time for dinner...

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We have eggbeaters with veggies some nights. Assorted color peppers, cooked in a wok with ground turkey and some seasonings. Chicken or beef strips, mixed with veggies. Shrimp kabobs, swordfish steak with a veggie or salad...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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