Making meatloaf while on Medifast?

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This time of year I usually make meatloaf once a week. My husband is a huge fan and so am I. I usually put eggs and bread crumbs to hold it together. For those of you who have made meatloaf while on MF, what do you use to hold it together? I'm thinking of just trying it with egg and not the bread crumbs...

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My family loves meatloaf. I only use breadcrumbs to hold it together. good luck...

Comment #1

I have made meatloaf using tvp (texturized vegetable protein) as the binding ingredient. It works very well...

Comment #2

I wonder if using the oatmeal would work as a 'binding' ingredient? I like meatloaf as well - hmmm..may have to experiment...

Comment #3

I've made meatloaf in the past with no breadcrumbs. I would grind or shred veggies and put them into the meat mixture. Usually I would use zucchini, red peppers, onion, green peppers, etc and then the usual egg or two, depending how much meat you're using...

Comment #4

I don't use anything other than the ground beef or turkey with spices. I have found with the lower fat content it cooks faster and actually stays together really great. Sometimes I use spinach/feta cheese in my turkey meatloaf or top my beef meatloaf with homemade marinara sauce...

Comment #5

Crockpot Meatloaf.... Does anyone have a recipe for meatloaf cooked in crockpot??.

Soon I will be without an oven and I am looking for crockpot OP recipes..

Plus looking for George Foreman G5 recipes...besides chicken and hamburgers..

G5 has plates that change out and one is a baking pan...

Comment #6

Thanks for the suggestions. I plan on making meatloaf on Thursday. I think I'm just going to add eggs to it and see how that goes. It's not a big deal if it falls apart. It's just going in our stomach anyway. Oh, and I got some of the Heinz reduced sugar ketchup to put on top. I'm so excited about that!..

Comment #7

I've never used breadcrumbs or oatmeal in my meatloaf. For me it's too squishy with that. I generally use eggs but now use egg beaters and it stays together well. Good luck!..

Comment #8

I crush up the Parmesan Puffs in place of bread or cracker crumbs. I use one bag per pound of ground beef. I also add one egg per 1-2 pounds of GB, garlic powder, RealSalt, pepper, and some Walden Farms BBQ sauce mixed in it all with WF ketchup on the top. Yummy!..

Comment #9

I used egg beaters, some SF Ketchup, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, ground turkey and finely ground zucchini & cauliflower. Came out nice. Even my teenage son ate it without complaint..

Comment #10

I was always told the egg holds it together and the bread crumbs are to absorb the liquid (fat drippings).

My Husband who normally HATES meatloaf, loves my recipe. I use Egg, ground turkey, garlic, and a can of chunky tomatoes. Thats it! I like the turkey, it has a little less in the way of liquid that needs to be absorbed...

Comment #11

That turkey meatloaf sounds great. How long do you bake it for?..

Comment #12

Wow..the one from Escape From Obesity looks anything but op. I have been making meatloaf with ground turkey (whole foods will mix white meat and dark if you ask) grated zuc, cauliflower put through my food processor (you can easily use a knife) and egg beaters. I flavor it with a little worcestershire (very's one carb per tsp) and WF BBQ sauce. I have mixed in a little low fat mozzarella, but not sure it made a huge difference. I've also sometimes used the frozen red and green peppers from Trader Joes...

Comment #13

It stays together fine with just eggs. I also do the "veggies in the food processor" thing for mine - mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeos, bell peppers, onion, garlic. Haven't made it since starting Medifast but it sounds like a really good idea!!!..

Comment #14

Dolphinthank you for that recipe. I LOVE meatloaf. Off to Kroger for the ingredients!..

Comment #15

Actually, I make this one with ground turkey and eggbeaters and if divided into 6 portions, it is actually OP..

Comment #16

No, it is not. It calls for bacon which is never OP. It says it makes 6 servings, but it's only 5.3 ounces raw beef for each of those servings, which won't be enough lean. And for the batch there are 26.5 condiments, which works out to 4.4 per serving, not even counting the tomato sauce..

If we factor in the tomato sauce, which Nutrisystem says "Greetings! Recommended serving size for tomato sauce as a condiment is 1 teaspoon", then it's crazy: 74.5 condiments total for the batch, or 12.4 condiments per serving, and it's still light on lean..

Not in the same universe as OP...

Comment #17

I've made turkey meatloaf and bison meatloaf since being on Medifast. They both used a pretty small amount of egg beaters (I think 1/4 cupmy copypaste recipe file is on my computer at home). The bison one was basically just that and the spices and a tiny amount of grated parmesan; the turkey one actually used the COT soup (most of it in the meat with a tablespoon reserved for a "glaze") and iirc some shredded zucchini. Both of them I found by searching the food tips forum for meatloafdefinitely some good suggestions...

Comment #18

Well, when it comes to meat loaf, the bread crumbs are an extender not a binder. So you do not need bread crumbs. It just makes you able to feed more people for less money...

Comment #19

I don't think that is the reason most people use a binder.HERE is one website that mentions, "Meatloaf consists of three basic ingredients: ground meat, a binder like bread crumbs or oatmeal, and liquid.".

Another website HERE says, ".. it's unnecessary to use all three binders starch, eggs and dairy to make a firm meatloaf. For example, a meatloaf that includes veal, milk and eggs will hold together fine without bread crumbs.

" 'From World War II on, meatloaves had a lot of starch in them because it was filler,' Brown says. 'Filler was how 1 pound of meat could feed six people for dinner.' ".

So, yeah, some people did and do use things like bread crumbs to stretch their budget and feed more people, but binders also help the meatloaf to not fall apart and be incredibly heavy as well..

I've made mine without bread crumbs, crackers, etc., and even without the Medifast Parmesan Puffs, but I do like using the puffs.they add a great taste, add protein, make the loaf hold together better and make it lighter in texture..

I think there are as many ways to make meatloaf as there are cooks! I've never met a meatload I didn't like...

Comment #20

I just use 1 egg and spices...never have a problem...I use 93/7 ground turkey to make meatloaf..

Suggestion my family LOVES mini meatloaves. I mix ground turkey with either hot sauce or lf ranch dressing (if dressing about 4 tbsps) and form into largish meatballs - big enough to fit into standard muffin tin. For each meatloaf I press into the middle 1/3 of a wedge of LC cheese. Put each meatloaf into a paperlined muffin cup. Bake in oven at 375 for about 30 minutes. These are a hit every time I make them.

And 2/3 of a wedge of LC cheese I count as 1/2 of a healthy fat - I always use the light variety. Since a 1.3 lbs container of turkey make approximately 18 meatballs - you probably only are getting about 1 tsp of dressing per muffin..

Good luck!..

Comment #21

Oh, that sounds soooo good! I've got to try it. Thanks!..

Comment #22

Regarding the not enough lean, are you factoring in the cheese and eggs?.

Sidebar - is it possible to find a low fat parmesan? If not, what is the closest LF alternative - mozzarella? Or would that be weird?.

I think Lyn's recipe could be adjusted to be 100% OP without too much hassle...

Comment #23

Ooh, you're right, I forgot the eggs (you wouldn't count the cheese as part of the lean amount because it's a condiment). But the condiments are sky-high anyway..

Parmesan is on the condiments list...

Comment #24

Huh I did not know that parmesan is on the condiments list... just in case there weren't enough condiments that I wanted to eat....

I would really like to do a vegetarian "meatloaf" that is MF-compliant but I am not much of a cook. I could try TVP, but I dunno...

Comment #25

I make meatloaf in the crockpot alot..

I keep it simple and don't use bread crumbs. It cooks the same as in the oven, and If you want to keep it out of the grease/liquid, put a small saucer upside (with the bottom part facing up)down in the bottom of the crock and put the meatloaf on top of the saucer. The grease will drain off and the meatloaf won't be mushy that way..

I usually throw in some potatoes cut up for my DH and then I make veggies for both of us...

Comment #26

Can't wait to try a meatloaf, I bought some mini loaf pans yesterday I think they'll work out great...

Comment #27

Ok, I need more info on meatloaf in crockpot... I have a 4 Qt Oval crockpot, my saucer will not fit in the bottom of the crockpot. I don't understand the concept of using foil balls.. How would that work?.

I did buy 2 brown baking potatos that I thought I would cut in half length wise and put them in the bottom then lay the meatloaf on top...will that work to keep the meat out of it's own juices?? No, I would not be eating the potatos! haha! I would give those away!.

I'm going to try this as I really want to cook meatloaf in crockpot!!.


Comment #28

I am interested in trying soem of these. If I do a meatloaf in the crock pot, do I put liquid in there? How long do I cook it?..

Comment #29

No liquid needed when cooking meatloaf... in crockpot, you can cook it on High for 4 to 6 hours or cook it on LOW for 8 to 10 hours...

Comment #30

Ground turkey, shredded zucchini, defrosted spinach, eevo- came out great.....

Comment #31

I just use egg whites to hold mine together. And if you make it in a muffin pan, you can freeze single portions for later!!!..

Comment #32


I have cheese listed on my Meatless Options sheet as a Lean option. Lean being 4 oz. of moderate fat cheese & leaner being 6 oz. of low-fat cheese..

Do I have this wrong? I hope not...because I've been mixing up my leans pretty much daily!..

Comment #33

That is correct. However, Parmesan specifically is on the condiments list, with a 1T serving size. The nutrition facts I just found online for Parmesan have it at 8.1g fat/ounce, which makes it not acceptable as a lean..

But yes, there are lots of lower-fat cheeses that qualify for the low or moderate-fat categories. I found feta, reduced-fat gouda, reduced-fat cheddar, ricotta insalata or something like that, goat cheese, mozzarella, and myzithra (sp?), all under 6g fat/ounce, when I checked my grocery store. So these can all be leans or part of the lean...

Comment #34

I have used oatmeal as a binding agent in my meatloaf before. I find that it does retain some of the fat in it, but it doesn't bother me if the fat content of the ground beef is low enough. I use about a quarter cup per 1.5 pounds of beef...

Comment #35

That sounds great for maintenance! But I can't quite see the taste of blueberry, maple, or apple-cinnamon oatmeal working with meatloaf. *grin*..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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