Major withdrawals from medifast?

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My first day..... I am a food addict, don't eat because I am hungry just to make me happy .. it's my drug and I am having major withdrawl...........!!!!!!!!.


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Yep. I know what you are going through. It DOES get easier. Just hang in there and don't go off program. Keep coming to the forums for support. Everyone here knows what you are going through...

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You're definitely not alone! As you start to make Medifast a habit, it does get easier. Hang in there!!!!!..

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How do I add the cool graphs/charts showing progress.



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Roll your mouse over the tab "Community" above and then click on "Community Home.".

On the bottom left of that page, complete the ticker workshop..

Copy the code..

Roll your mouse over the tab "Community" again and then click on "Discussion Board.".

Click on "Edit Profile / Settings".

Click on "Edit Signature".

Paste the code into the window and save..

You'll redo the ticker workshop each week after your weigh-in in order to update your stats...

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We are all in the same boat Gary. You can get through all your emotions without food, it is possible. You WILL learn a different way to react, give yourself time. Growing hurts. Negative emotions come and go..overeating will just bring even more pain after the numbing has worn off. You can do this!..

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I am the SAME way. I can't believe how many times a day I reach for an old, friendly food, just out of habit ... I think I was eating a LOT more than I realized, just by mindlessly eating whenever I was tired, sad, bored, sitting on the couch watching TV, heading out to pick up the kids, etc., etc. It's almost like going through a mourning process, realizing that you can no longer turn to the Hostess cupcakes whenever life gets a little tough. It's hard to find new habits to take the place of the munching. I find that journaling helps a LOT, and I am on these Medifast forums and writing on my Medifast blog all the time too. You WILL get through it, you can change and be healthy! Keep your eyes on the goal!! Hang in there!!..

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Think of your goal and keep focused on that goal. It feels so good to see the scale go down. Just stay on the plan and the rewards will come...

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Good thing this program lets you eat 6 times a day.

After day 3-4 you will be in fat burn and not have hunger or cravings well you may still have mental cravings. Drink lots of ice cold water and distract yourself with something away from food and it should pass in 15 minutes..

Most of us are here with the same problem so hang out here and you will get lots of support.

Good luck you can do this and you are so worth it!..

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I am at the beginning of week #2. I lost 11 pounds last week. Last week was difficult for me. BUT, on day number 5 my energy level went out the roof and the hunger was not there anymore... or atleast less intense. I was challenged so many times over the weekend.

One day at a time and truely committ yourself to this program. You can do it!..

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Gary, you can do it. The first week is the most difficult. Like everyone says, it gets so much easier after that..

I made water my new go to emotional crutch. I drink water all day long. I always have a glass next to me. Try to drink half your weight in oz of water a day. That and the 5 & 1 will keep you satisfied...

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Hi Gary! If you like to read pick up the Beck Diet Solution. It is designed to help change the way you *think* about food. It's very helpful in my opinion.

Hang in there! Best of luck!..

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Not everyone who finds themselves here in Medifast Land is a food addict, but many of us are..

You might want to spend some time over in the Clubhouse and reading the.

OA/MF 12 step thread..

It is filled with lots of honesty and bare raw truth of this addiction. It is also filled with laughter and support like no other.

They leave the Tiffany Light on in the front window 24/7 and folks have donated adorable comfy furniture. Grab a cuppa Medifast Hot Cocoa and Curl up and enjoy. There are over 50,000 hits, so it must be resonating with people. Lots of lurkers too, not everyone who visits or posts is an addict, so it is welcome to all..

It might be nice to have a guy stop by, it is getting cold and we could use some logs chopped for the fire. It would be a two-fer. We'd get warm and you could log the exercise..


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Gary - you can do this! Its the best program out there for healthy weight loss. None of them are easy though. It takes determination - drive - and a stubborn dose of tenacity!.

Have you considered finding help for your addiction? My son has a pretty healthy case of social anxiety and he found a hypnotherapist that helped him deal with it. He's now a functioning part of society instead of being scared to walk to the mailbox. There are many ways to deal with emotional issues. You are your own best advocate...... take charge!.

I'm so anxious to hear that you are doing well and getting the upper hand on your health issues!.

Medifast ROCKS!..

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Thanks everyone.

3 days down and going good.

Thanks gary..

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Congratulations on making to day 3 and not giving up, usually the first 3-5 days are the hardest.

Once you get in the swing of it, Medifast will just seem to be a very natural part of your life. The results are amazing too!!!..

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Gary, that is why we are all here! None of us eat just because we are hungry - we eat because we love to eat and need to eat for whatever reason. Good luck - we can all do this together...

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Yep, thats how I was when I first startedmf and believe me it was mind boggling but trust me it gets easier, not always easy but take one day at a time!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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