Is Medifast too good to be true?

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Over the past week I've really started to notice how awful my clothes were starting to look. I've been swimming in my pants and my shirts & jackets look like I'm wearing my mommy's clothes. The shoulder pads hang off of my shoulders and the boobs just aren't cuttin' it trying to fill in my shirts. I decided to start going through my closet and making a pile of stuff that absolutely won't fit anymore. I'm still keeping stuff that sort of looks okay but really is too big because I need to wear something to work besides yoga pants and a tshirt, but I think I'll be replacing everything soon.

My pile started reasonably and over the last few days it's become a monster. It's nearly as tall as I am and it holds beloved clothing treasures that I grew to love dearly. You know how it is when you're fat and nothing looks good. You really value the items that make you feel good about yourself. I'M FREAKIN OUT! At first I was really feeling accomplished and proud but now I feel scared and totally anxious. Of course I'm having panic attacks thinking about where the hell I'm going to find the $$$ to replace some of these items, but more that anything I'm just completely intimidated by this growing mountain.

I've tried so many times to lose weight, including failed lap band surgery (and emergency removal), WW, JC, Atkins, you name it. Medifast is finally my cure. But I have to admit that it scares the crap out of me. It's sort of unbelievable. How can this really be working? What switch flipped in my brain? I feel like I'm walking a thin line. It's almost like I've been given this sweet little taste of what it feels like to be thinner and to feel good about myself again but that any minute the universe could decide I'm not worthy of it will and snatch it back from me.

I guess I'm just feeling a little out of control and I think I probably need to get this pile of fat clothes the hell out of my house or at least out of my bedroom! Thanks for listening to me. I know I sound really rambly....

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I feel you, sister. Believe me, those feelings all make perfect sense. This is a long hard road..

I'm here with you, though!.

Comment #1

I kind of understand what you mean. I too am pretty excited to be losing a decent amount of weight but then I feel a little scared like "is this too good to be true?" I signed up at the Medifast center so I will drag my butt in there for the next year and a half weighing in, gettin goal and doing transition and maintenance and hopefully that'll help. For what we paid, I think I'll be sticking with it still it's a tough slope. I think I'll make a deal with myself that if I gain back a full 5 pounds I have to go back on 5/1 until I lose it..

Comment #2

Amy you must have caught the bug from Freya! Take the clothes to Good Will and sanitize your keyboard right away!.

I already had to call the WAAAbulance for Freya earlier tonight!.

It's going to be alright! MF=Happiness! Yayhoo! Don't worry, be happy and all that jazz!.

Comment #3

Yep, been there. Join the club. It passes..

Comment #4

Bag dat shizz up and get it out of your room! We're all there with you girl. I don't know how I'll buy new clothes either, but whatever.... I'd rather be thinner and wearing baggy clothes than fat!.

Comment #5

I'm right there with you! I actually had an assortment of clothes of various sizes in my closet. This last "downsize" was to the smallest size I own - I had no more to pull from. What this means is besides a single pair of the largest pants (and shirt) I own, everything else either has gone, or will go..

In my mind I keep thinking holy crap - no clothes LOL! I'm starting to rummage through the goodwills and second hand stores for a couple pair of acceptable pants.... my current pants are getting noticeably baggy and I'm running out of time LOL! I have a small variety of shirts that will keep me going.... very small variety but at least I can wear a different one every day LOL!.

This has been the best program to actually work on me - and yet, this "purging" of all my clothes... so many favorites that break my heart to see go! .

It's the slight panic that sets in just before I turn my head and look toward the future and imagine what I will look like at goal. I may not be perfect, but it will certainly be a lot healthier and has given me a great outlook on life!.

Comment #6

Thanks ya'll! I feel so much better this morning. Change is scary and rapid change is twice as scary. But this is fun and I'm not about to get derailed because of some psycho feelings of fear of change. Happy MFin day!.

Comment #7

Amy - what size to you need? There are plenty of other MF'ers in the same situation. Just post what sizes you need, and I'm sure someone would be glad to help you out! We all have that pile of clothes that no longer fit us. Maybe one of our piles is exactly what you are looking for?! I've been passing down clothes to a fellow MF'er for a while now. It's nice to know that they are going to a good 'temporary' home - until they are passed on again!.

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