Mac Vs. PC Photoshop
Ok currently I have a 3 yr old laptop PC (not Mac). I'm thinking about buying Photoshop in the next year or so, and was wondering what peoples thoughts were about Photoshop on a Mac or PC..

If I was to buy a new computer is it worth the extra money to purchase a Mac or just save the money and run photoshop on a PC?.

I am a college student and won't be done with school till about June 2008. So I don't have the biggest budget...

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What is important is to buy Photoshop at educational prices prior to leaving school. Photoshop is quite affordable and the educational version isn't handicapped in any way..

I've used Photoshop for years on both a Mac and PC and for Photo work I can't tell the difference. The computer's operating system is just for launching the application. Once launched you're into the application..

Given that, the Mac has certain advantages for the prepress world. Some service bureaus will only accept Mac files, but if you aren't into prepress, who cares..

Macs also do color matching better. If you purchase a color sync monitor, Mac OS has it built in. Again, really only matters in Prepress..

The down side for Mac is that their monitors recently have had problems rendering color properly, especially the new silver iMacs screens. Colors are often washed out and change dramatically when changing viewing angle a little bit..

Also, really high end video subsystems are mostly or only available in PCs. Mac still bottlenecks in that arena..

Costs are about the same if you buy a really good and fast PC, but for lower priced models, Macs can be quite expensive..

Macs generally have less problems with viri and malware. People that create this garbage generally don't target equipment that has a low market share. It's not because they are more secure, which they certainly are not..

I prefer a two button mouse with a very fast and stable PC running Photoshop, but, as I mentioned, I've used Macs and own two of them. They're fine as well. If you're fairly computer literate, it really doesn't make a hill of beans...

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As far as features, compatibility, and ease of use, Mac and PC versions of PS have been identical for several years now. Zealots on either side of the home computer market will trumpet that their version is better "somehow", but there really is no difference at all these days. Go with whatever version your more comfortable with..

As Guidenet said previously, some places my not take PC files, but honestly, any place that won't accept PC files is living in the past and is probably not a place you'll want to be dealing with...

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Couldn't agree more..

I use a PC at home and have actually been taking a Photoshop course using MAC's..

My only comment would be that I am very accustomed to the shortcuts afforded by windows using ctrl/alt or left mouse / right mouse and the scroll wheel. Mac has shortcuts but uses different key sequences and doesn't have the right mouse which I really miss...

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Buying Photoshop is probably a bad idea..

Do you actually have a good reason to do this?.


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Dude, don't you know every image can be enhanced with judicious use of lens-flares?!?..

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Photoshop is pretty much Photoshop. As the above poster said, the operating system is just for launching the app. That said, there is ABSOLUTELY no comparison in the stability of the 2 operating systems. OSX wins by miles. This is coming form someone who runs a network with over 4000 of each on it...

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I agree with 99% of what you said, but a UNIX based OS like Linux or OSX doesn't have more inherent security and less vulnerabilities than Windows, and that they less problems with malware just because they aren't as juicy a targets simply isn't accurate. Certainly if they were as juicy a targets and had more attention aimed their way they probably would have more problems, but nothing like Windows...

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I would advise you to get Photoshop CS3 and use it on your current computer as long as it exceeds the minimum system requirements..

Make sure that you have 1-2GB of system memory to keep things running smoothly..

The color management system is better in Windows Vista than it is in XP..

The color management system is better in Leopard than it is in XP..

If having a solid color management system matters to you, you should consider upgrading to Vista or buying a Mac..

If money is tight or you don't care much about color accuracy, then I would suggest that you stick with your current system and get Photoshop CS3..

Just make sure that you have more than enough system memory..

Microsoft is planning a launch event February 27 in Los Angeles and is likely to release Vista SP1 close to that event..

This is great news for people who use Vista..

It might be more cost effective to upgrade your current computer to better suit your needs than it would be to buy a brand new one..

I used Photoshop on XP, Vista, and Leopard..

It works well on all three..

However, it works best on Vista and Leopard because their color management is superior to XP..

If you'd like to learn more about color management in Windows, this is a great place to start:.


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I appreciate everybody's comments and opinions. I think I'll stay the PC route since I'm most familiar with them. I get frustrated with my girlfriends iBook G4 maybe thats because it's has only 256mb of RAM, and my Dell Laptop has 2gigs of RAM.Thanks Again Everyody.-Eric..

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I've been running CS2 on a Dell laptop for the last year - as well as CS2 on a Mac G5 for about the same time at work..

I'd repeat the warning about the stability on PC. I've got 2GB, but the system crashes a frustrating number of times, especially when booting up Photoshop. It can just about cope with working with raw files, but you won't want to be opening more than a handful at a time..

Interface is identical. As previous posters have said, you'll find the shortcuts different between the two..

And you're right, a G4 256MB iBook isn't going to give you a very fair idea of what a new Mac can do!.

Cheers - BT

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Ecdeboer wrote:.

I appreciate everybody's comments and opinions. I think I'll staythe PC route since I'm most familiar with them. I get frustratedwith my girlfriends iBook G4 maybe thats because it's has only 256mbof RAM, and my Dell Laptop has 2gigs of RAM.Thanks Again Everyody.-Eric.

LOL.. yes that G4 won't cut it. I think you'll be fine running on that Dell..

Also, consider, anyone claiming to be a super duper network engineer and claims that one OS crashes on their system much at all, isn't doing a good job with their network. heheheh.. Think about it..

Both my PCs and Macs are equally stable and run fast all the time. Photoshop has never caused one to crash opening a raw file ever. Actually there is not as much difference between Windows and Mac OS as the fan boys would have you believe, other than Windows might be a little more secure. That's right, I said it...

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SMPhoto wrote:.

I agree with 99% of what you said, but a UNIX based OS like Linux orOSX doesn't have more inherent security and less vulnerabilities thanWindows, and that they less problems with malware just because theyaren't as juicy a targets simply isn't accurate. Certainly if theywere as juicy a targets and had more attention aimed their way theyprobably would have more problems, but nothing like Windows..

Well, we can agree to disagree. For starters, guess what? Windows is also UNIX based and more so than Linux. IBM and Microsoft basically hired the old SCO Unix boys who developed NT or OS2 depending on the flavor you wish. It's LIP and GOF structure just like UNIX. The difference is that NT had some real advantages built in like name authenification and better garbage cleanup..

Next, you claim that Linux is UNIX based. It is not. Not at all. Not even close. Linux is or was a 32k kernel. The operating system is Debian GNU Operating system of which Linux is a small part, the kernel.

It's a recursive use of an anagram. It stands for "GNU's Not Unix." They say that for a reason. GNU Debian (or Linux) is not UNIX. Debian is an operating system designed for the X86 IDE, or Intel type PCs. It's meant to mimic Unix in how it looks and feels, but it is not Unix and any traits one might apply to Unix can not be claimed for Linux and vice versa.

The same the other way around. Windows OS could be called more UNIXy I suppose, but that's a stretch too..

As far as security goes, UNIX is terrible. Think about it. The internet is sorta based on UNIX. There is no name authenification. I can ride a proxy and you have no clue who I am. What's with that in a modern OS? I can fake an IP, clone IPs, Clone Macs, port forward in a mallicious way and nothing to catch me.

I'll take it one more step. There is no UNIX. Or, and least no UNIX as a big blue box of UNIX where you can buy a generic box of UNIX at a software store. There are only various distributions of UNIX-like OS's, AIX, SCO, BSD, etc..

Apple OS is based on a BSD variety but without a UNIX kernel. They use a Mach kernel from Carnegie Mellon University. Most of the rest of Apple OS is Apple's own shell with carbon, Aqua, PDF, Cocoa and more..

Anyway, my point woud be that if bad people were to target AppleOS, UNIX or Linux it would be a mess. They just haven't had to fight it for so many years like Microsoft has..

Just my point of view. Thanks and sorry for the long post. I love to yap...

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I've never had the copious issues with the Windows version of PS that some of the users here have had. I've been running PS since version 3 on various PC's over the years, and I could probably count the total number of crashes for the whole time on one hand...

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I have used both PC and MAC for Photoshop. They really work the same. The shortcuts change a little. CTRL vs APPLE keys. Both MAc and PC fail quite a bit when having too many large images open at once. If you are working on a flash drive I recommend saving the image before doing a lot of intense work to it to prevent crashing..

I have lost good work by not saving first. If I save the image I have never had photoshop crash ever..

You can get the academic version for very cheap with a suite with dreamweaver thrown in. That is how I bought my last two suites...

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If you like PC stick with it. I would also like to say that a Mac can be a lot of fun too. I'd recommend buying the computer you would like to have and then buy photoshop. If you think you were going to buy a G4 then I'd probably save my money for something a little newer...

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