Lose more weight during Medifast transition?

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So, as I get closer to my goal - I have been tempted to start transition before I actually hit goal. I really want to start jogging more than 3 times a week (this seems to slow my losses down even more).

On average, do most people lose weight while transitioning?..

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I think there's a thread about this over in the T+M forum. Some lose more, some stay the same, and some gain a few pounds when they add grain. Pretty much everyone recommends sticking with 5+1 until you reach goal...

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I agree, stay with it until you reach goal. It's WAY too hard to get back to 5 & 1 after you get off if you decided to lose a few more...

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My mom lost about 5 more pounds and kept it off..

But it seems like it's a YMMV. I'm trying to stay OP until I reach goal, then transition...

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I started transition when I was under 5 lbs from goal and lost a little over 4 the first week in transition and made goal by the end of the first week. This is a decision you have to make for your self. If adding more activity is slowing loses and you want to be more active, than by all means start this weekend as long as you keep the activity level up. You have to listen to what is going on with you and make adjustments based on how you are feeling. life is not a straight line and neither is getting healthy...

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I lost 3 lbs the first 3 weeks of T and gained 1 in week4. I have been inMaintenacnce 4mos and for the last month am at the high end of my range. I think my body likes the high end but I am working on getting 4-5 lbs off. You might want to stay on 5&1 until you are at goal or 1-2 lbs away. Decide on your range for maintenance and decide from there. I tried going back on 5&1 last week and was so sick and weak I decided it wasn't worth it for a few lbs.

Planning and tracking is the key, now and in T&M. Don't count on T&M for weight loss, that is not what it is for...

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If you want to get to goal, you could try the 4&2 plan if you find that you want to incorporate more exercise and that if you do so on the 5&1 your loss stalls or you gain...

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I stayed OP with the 5/1 right until I hit my original goal of 150. Actually, I hit 149...1 lb below goal. At that point, I still felt too 'chubby' so I stayed with the 5/1 until I hit 140. That's when I began to Transition. During Transition *4 months*, my body reached 132.5 and stayed there. That's when I began Maintenance which wasn't/isn't much different than Transition.

I keep my exercise to a minimum; I climb 4 flights of stairs 4-5x per day at my workplace & I run in place for 20 minutes every night after dinner. For me, I had to find a 'happy place' with the exercise since I'm not a gym person or someone who cares to work out like a maniac. I incorporate extra activity into my life whenever & wherever I can. I park far away from the entrance to the store, I take the long way around when walking....things of that nature. For me, maintaining my 92 lb loss requires strict adherence to my Food Plan more so than trying to eat a bit more & exercise those calories off. Maintenance, for most people, is 80-90% food intake and 10-20% exercise.

Only restricted food intake works over the long run..

A healthy lifestyle is what you're shooting for here. Maintenance takes a bit of tweaking & lots of time to find your groove. I allow myself a 5 lb cushion......If I gain 4 lbs, I go back on the 5/1 for a week or 2 to kill off my tastebuds again. That way, I am able to recognize what I might be doing wrong in my daily Food Plan in Maintenance. I've never, ever found it 'hard' to get back to the 5/1 when I need to. In fact, I look forward to the Food Rehab aspect of the 5/1......I think we all need that strict structure once in awhile.

I still use 2 packets per day as part of my Food Plan in maintenance. The packets keep me on track & prevent me from getting hungry. The rest of my Food Plan includes L&G meals, greek yoghurt & plenty of vegetables..

Best of luck to you as you continue your journey. CONGRATS on your awesome accomplishment!!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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