Long term weight loss with Medifast?

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When I look at people's long term weight loss on Medifast, it seems like the weight loss slows a little each month. Maybe I am inferring this from too few samples, but I was wondering if other people have noticed that as well, and if so, why they think it is? Does your body start to compensate for getting fewer calories or do people get a little more lax as time goes on?.

Personally I feel so awesome on this diet, I feel almost like I'd be happy to do it forever. Viva Medifast!..

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I think I've lost pretty consistently on MF. Of course, the first week was the biggest loss but I have had some good losses since then and am averaging a tiny bit under 3 # week. I know it will slow down as I get closer to goal though...

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It slows when you get closer to goal. You've already picked the low-hanging fruit, and you have to work harder as there's less to lose..

Don't worry about how long it's going to take, if you can. Just settle in and stay OP, and you WILL get to goal!..

Comment #2

Yeah you do slow down once you get closer to goal! I have been having bigger losses of 4 pounds a week for the longest..and last week I lost 5 pounds and well wouldnt we all love that evry week haha..we would be at goal before we know it lol.....

Comment #3

Your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) drops as you get lighter and it gets harder to create the 3500 calorie deficit you need to lose a pound. Thus, slower weight loss.

Either that or Freya's low hanging fruit theory...

Comment #4

Some of my "lower hanging fruit" has definitely disappeared since I started MF...

Comment #5

Gigi, shame on you bringing science and logic into it!.

I always just picture little fat scavengers having to work harder every week to find enough to eat!..

Comment #6

I'm always bummed when I enter my new lower weight and my TEE drops again. It's more than you would think for a few pounds. I like the BMI dropping though!!!..

Comment #7

It's a normal phenomenon that happens with any weight loss solution. As we get smaller, our need to calorie intake gets smaller too, but we still ingest the same amount of calories. As we all know, It's all about calories in calories out and when you do the math, it adds up to smaller losses, hence it is crucial to start working out at some point. Other things factor in too but this Is the main idea...

Comment #8

Mine has definitely slowed... to the point where I'm ecstatic if I get a .5lb loss. I'll take whatever I can get. As long as the # goes down and not up (even if it wants to stay the same for awhile), I'm (fairly LOL) happy!.



I should add that while my #s have slowed considerably, my inches have definitely been dropping off. So it comes off in one form or another..

Comment #9

My low hanging fruit is gatting smaller too. Not gone, but gatting smaller! Thanks Freya!..

Comment #10

A 2lbs loss for me now is essentially the equivalent of a 4lbs loss when I was twice my current weight. So a smaller numerical loss when one weighs less can actually be a more significant loss than a bigger numerical loss one someone who weighs more..

*I think I expressed that correctly* *L*..

Comment #11

Almost, but my previous post should have read ".. than a bigger numerical loss ON someone who weighs more.".

Stupid editing time limit!..

Comment #12

I definately agree with what the above statement. I lost 14 pounds during the past month and they are much more visible than when I lost 20 pounds a month during the first month. Since there is less of me it takes less pounds to notice a difference. It's just a matter of weighting less it take longer to create the 3500 calorie deficit needed to lose a pound therefore we don't lose as much during the week as when our TEE was higher...

Comment #13

Yes. Exactly. As you've lost weight, you also lose SOME lean body mass (muscle). Since muscle burns calories, if you lose even a little bit as you go, your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate does in fact slow slightly. Thus, it takes longer to create the same deficit. You can resolve this somewhat by either decreasing your caloric intake (get rid of extras or condiments, go for the lower carb Medifast meals, etc), and/or doing strength training to try to preserve your LBM (lean body mass-or muscles).

You can also add a bit more exercise to your regimen to burn a few more calories. It's all good. It just depends what you want to see out of it...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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