Long Medifast Delivery Times?

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I was on Medifast 2 years ago. The delivery back then was quicker. I don't understand why it takes over a week to deliver. No matter where you live in the US. I understand the price of shipping has went up. But it is a big jump.

I think the time it takes to get your order should be expedited for free. I know we all have to pay a price for weight loss but good service to me also says alot, and will keep me a happy customer. I am not trying to get something for nothing. I don't like feeling like I am being fleeced with every step. Can anyone tell me why the long shipping time?..

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Maybe it's because I went with VIP or the extra $9.95 for expedited shipping, but I got my food on Saturday (and ordered it on Thursday). Granted, it shipped from Ft. Worth and I'm in Houston, but still... what part of the country are you in?..

Comment #1

I know it is expensive, but if you are doing it again it shows that you like the products and the results. I say dig in deep, make it the most positive experience possible and enjoy the weekly losses. Try to concentrate on the best parts of the program and the boards for support. I wish you all the best!!........ and from my experience the shipping time fluctuates so perhaps your next shipment will be quicker...

Comment #2

I'm in Austin and I get mine with in 24 hours. Guess it all depends on where you live!..

Comment #3

Standard shipping for just about anything these days, unless you pay extra for it, is 5-7 days. Even 3 years ago when I was on 5&1 it too a minimum of 6 days to get here to AZ. As long as you plan your orders properly to accommodate for the extended time, why would you feel fleeced? If you did not pay for over night or 2nd day shipping then you aren't being over charged. Also if you join the VIP program and order a certain amount ($275??) shipping is free...

Comment #4

I don't do the VIP plan. But even without that if you order $275+ of food, the shipping is half price. I'd say that's pretty good!..

Comment #5

I'm on the VIP but here in San Francisco both of my shipments so far have taken 7 days. And they come from the East Coast! I don't understand why they don't ship from Texas Seems like that would cut the time almost in half. Oh well. LOL..

Comment #6

I am not on VIP. I ordered on Thursday and received shipment on Saturday. If in some instances it takes longer, I don't think that is something Medifast has control over. It all depends on how close we are to shipping locations...

Comment #7

I have in the past when running low on food gone in and changed to processing date to get my food sooner...

Comment #8

If I order on a Tues. afternoon, it ships on Wednesday and I receive it on Thursday. Can't get much faster!..

Comment #9

I also live on the west coast, up in Washington. The first order I placed I did the expidited and also 3 day (or something) shipping. That shipment came from Texas and was here in 3 business days. The second shipment was just regular and I didn't pay the 9.95$ to expidite and it shipped from the east coast and took 10 days, but I had the first order still so it wasn't a big deal, just was anxious because I had ordered a different variety and was looking forward to trying new things..


Comment #10

I live in Oregon, outside of Portland and it takes 7 days from the day it is shipped. Just learned to work around the time...

Comment #11

I live in Las Vegas and it takes 7 days and has shipped from the east coast. It's surprising, but I planned for it this time...

Comment #12

I was surprised about the length of shipping time, too. Mostly because it's my first shipment, and I had all this emotion and excitement when I ordered - it was the culmination of weeks of wondering and thinking and finally just DOING IT! ... Then ... waiting .... and waiting ....!! I live in South Dakota and it takes forever for everything to get here, so it's not THAT shocking. I will definitely order EARLY for my next shipments!!..

Comment #13

Goodness....I'm ordering tonight my next 2 week pack. (It's all my budget allows) Tomorrow is my day 7 on MF. I hope mine doesn't take 10 days! Maybe I'll have to pay the extra $10 expiditing fee...

Comment #14

Oh I'm spoiledI have a center 3 blocks from my house! I just stop in and pick up what I need when I weigh in!..

Comment #15

I got scared and when I ordered last night I DID pay the $10 expidite fee....I ordered at about 3 am and had an email by 830 this morning that it had shipped. Last order took 2 days to get out the door so at least that part was faster. Now, let's see how long it takes to get to my front door. It's like a scientific experiment...I feel like I'm back in school, documenting times, interventions, and effects! Will post results! Smiles to all...

Comment #16

The longest I waited from time I placed my order from when it arrived on my doorstep was three days. That was one time..

Every other time I've gotten my order either the next day after placing the order or the day after.

I have not selected any other shipping other than the cheapest available. Until recently, I did do some expedited processing, but that didn't improve shipping, it just got my order processed that day. As I said, shipping has either been next day or the day after..

I think this is FANTASTIC service...

Comment #17

I live in Los Angeles, and it always takes at least 7 days to process and arrive here. Usually more. It really does depend on where you live..

You just have to take that extra time into account..

But I agree, it does seem to take forever. Especially since, in the big picture, they have so few products that they are selling. You would think they would have figured out how to streamline things and get them out right away. Oh well, at least now I know what to expect...

Comment #18

I live in NC. It takes about 3-4 days to get my shipment, but I always order to ship when I have about 1 week left of the last order (VIP made this easy). If I can squeeze an extra out of the budget, I buy an extra box of something, just to help keep ahead.

Realistically, I buy a lot of stuff online and this isn't bad. I've had UPS take 3 days (the max they could based on what I purchased) from TN to NC (it was actually in NC in 1 day but they held it) and USPS take 4 days to get to my house from not even 50 miles away. If you know, you plan. Like Christmas shopping in Nov.


Comment #19

Just a note here, but how many products a company sells has nothing to do with shipping. That would be a processing issue and I think in most cases, unless you order on a weekend, Medifast processes and prepares it's orders to ship in an extremely timely fashion. Medifast is, unfortunately, left to the mercy of companies like Fed Ex and UPS for their shipping and have absolutely no control over the time it takes these vendors to get the product to us..

Something else to note- if processing seems to be slow from time to time, as it can be especially when new products are introduced, Medifast has A LOT of customers that are placing large orders 24 hours a day. We tend to forget that our order is not the only order that Medifast has to process and that they likely do them in the order they were received unless you pay to have your order moved to the top of the list...

Comment #20

No VIP and no expedited shipping for me. Four days to get to MinnesotaI'm thrilled with the service...

Comment #21

The comment I made was referring to shipping AND processing. I understand that shipping is at the mercy of the actual carrier, but I have had it take up to 3 to 4 days for it to actually process and leave the plant. And I was not ordering on a weekend.

I am not complaining...I know what to expect so I plan for it. It just does seem to take longer to process than almost every other place I order things online from...

Comment #22

Dont even try to understand shipping companies... Case in point, two identical items ordered from the same exact location 2 days apart:.

SECAUCUS, NJ, US 10/27/2010 1:57 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN.


DORAVILLE, GA, US 10/25/2010 2:30 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN.


NEW ORLEANS, LA, US 10/24/2010 11:56 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN.


SECAUCUS, NJ, US 10/25/2010 6:29 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN.


NEW ORLEANS, LA, US 10/20/2010 11:19 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN.


It's their business, they know the most cost effective way to ship given their infrastructure, even if it means more time to get to you...

Comment #23

I was thrilled to have ordered this past Friday morning and my box arrived yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon- and that was regular shipping! I paid for expedited shipping on the previous order and it took the same amount of time. (I'm not a VIP customer.).

I'm sorry it's taking you so long!..

Comment #24

Every time I order I pay the extra 10+ for expedited shipping. I still get every single order in 7 days. I hate that...

Comment #25

Living in Los Angeles, I always figure it will take 10 days. The quickest was seven. I have to stay ahead of myself...

Comment #26

How does everyone order their food after their initial month box? Do you order each item individually? Do you order it directly from medifast or have you found somewhere else?..

Comment #27

I hear that. I live about 25 miles from Medifasts warehouse and it still takes a week!..

Comment #28

I live on the east coast. I logged on Monday and ordered and had it at my doorstep on Wednesday and did not pay for expedited processing...

Comment #29

I got a process notification (10/27 5 am) a shipping confirmation yesterday (10/27 10:30 am) and my order arrived today (10/28 2:15 pm). I am on the Be Slim plan via (similar to the VIP plan at I just can't expect any faster shipping than that...

Comment #30

I live outside of Philly and my orders have come within 3 days of placing the order - usually faster. So far so good....

Comment #31

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