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After a rough day yesterday of traveling and family stuff I'm thinking about all the good weight loss NSV this morning to get my mind on track rather than regret. So MFasters, list your NSV! Mine:.

Easily fitting into a Gap size 16 jeans yesterday-I'm on my way to 14!.

My under eye bags are shrinking! Apparently it was carbs in addition to allergies that made my bags the size of Texas..

Getting back on track with an OP L &G for dinner after stupidly snacking in the afternoon on off plan yucky food..

Compliments from a friend yesterday that I'm slimming down.

Turning down dessert when everyone else was eating it..

Wearing a bulky sweater under my rain jacket and still was able to zip it up. Last year I could barely zip it up when I was wearing a thin t-shirt..

Shoes are getting too big! Shoes!!.

Drank TONS of water...

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Just this morning I got into some cute Calvin Klein jeans I haven't had on in eons. Happy Dance!!!!! I'm hoping I will hit my first 10 lb loss this Tuesday...

Comment #1

Figured BMI this morning and am now in the OVERWEIGHT category! No longer obese!..

Comment #2

My husband looked at me this morning and said, "You need to buy some new shirts. That one's too big."..

Comment #3

Size 16 Jeans buttoned and zipped and worn OUT OF THE HOUSE!.

Face slimming down, so much so that Costco guy didn't recognize me the other day. And I'm there ALL the time...

Comment #4

I wore a pair of size 14 jeans yesterday and I no longer look pregnant in my shirts! I have noticed that lately every pound makes much more of an impact in my appearance than it did before when I had so much to lose. Oh and I have cheekbones! And my face shape is NOT round which I never would have believe it I didn't see if for myself. Congrats on the NSVs everyone!..

Comment #5

Saying no to Mexican food and bday cake.

Feeling better about myself.

Some shirts falling off my shoulders.

My ribs are really starting to show and my collar bones are protruding a lot more.

The face on airport employees when they look at my passport picture, then me, then my passport picture, then me again in confusion.

The flirting that comes with my confidence (what can I say, I'm very single).

I could go on and on..

Comment #6

Weighing less than I did at my wedding. Being able to wear my wedding ring after 3 years of it being in a drawer..

Being able to see the angles in my face again as my cheeks begin to hollow out and my double chin begins to shrink. I'm beginning to recognize this girl in the mirror again..

Fitting in to the 16 jeans that were in my keeper box. You know, the box of clothes that you grew out of, but loved too much to throw away..

Finally setting the pair of 18s that just fit me so perfectly into the donation bin because well...They're too baggy now, and I will never fit into them again..

Pulling out shirts that were too short, and wearing them because they become longer when they don't have as much to cover!!.

Being able to wear shirts that used to pull on the buttons over the bust, but fit perfectly now...

Comment #7

I had this pink warm up suit hanging in my closet. I haven't fit in it in years, and I used to love to wear it on weekends , etc. Yesterday I decided to try it, figuring it might be just a little tight. Well, the pants are baggy, and the jacket fits just right..

Best part, it's a size Large! Not XXL, or XL, just regular old Large!.

I'm definitely motivated to stay on track after that!!!!..

Comment #8

Awesome NSV's!.

I bought a belt back in Jan...Feb that was a 2x that did not fit. I mean would not even go through all the loops awful. This week I realized my jeans are a little loose (size 20s to boot) and figured what the hey....OMG! Now I have to go to the third hole to buckle. This made more of a difference than the scale. Wow.


Comment #9

Husband telling me I need to buy I need to buy a belt after my shorts fell to my knees! I told him I didn't need to but a belt I was going to buy new clothes He just smiled!..

Comment #10

My clinical instructor from the first 8-week nursing class this semester had a photo taken of our clinical group and then handed out copies (in frames!) to us at the final exam. When she gave me mine she leaned down and whispered that I really needed to buy some new clothing because mine were falling off of me. I looked at that photo and she is RIGHT! Sweeeeet!..

Comment #11

I am loving all of your NSVs ~Thanks for this reminder of how far we've all come! Recovering from surgery & a little blue - but the experience would have been much different 75 pounds ago! The bariatric gown fell off my shoulders & the normal one tied securely & covered my butt just fine. They had the XL blood pressure cuff waiting for me (which hurts like crazy when inflated) and at the tightest Velcro slipped off. Normal sized cuff! My hips didn't hang over the OR table and I fit in a normal, narrow hosp bed comfortably. And OMG- I have a back bone! I re-discovered this part of my anatomy lying in bed during my first post-op day. (Kept telling the nurse there was something under me that was putting pressure on my back. After the 3rd look, she pressed on my tail bone & said "this is a part of you- not the bed".) Not glamorous NSV's, but monumental none the less! Moving along 1 step at a time, small choices adding up to big changes and celebrations...

Comment #12

*i had a discussion about exercise with someone.. and actually knew what I was talking about!.

*Went through my closet and a friend told me which items I had to get rid of cuz I looked ridiculously like a circus tent.. These are all things that fit me a few months ago..

*A friend is now joining medifast after seeing my success, and i'm so excited to know the plan well enough to help her.

Awesome NSVs everyone! Have a fabbaulous OP Sunday :-)..

Comment #13

*According to the BMI chart, I am officially 'Healthy'. I started my Medifast journey just above the 'Obese' line, and now I'm at the top end of 'Healthy'.

*Now when I buy pants, they only fit me for 1 month or so, before they are too baggy.

* I officially 'lost' my 5-year old son. He weighs 40 pounds, and that is how much I have lost. It's amazing to pick him up and realize how heavy 40 pounds really is!.

* I easily run up and down the stairs without being out of breath. In the past I was huffing and puffing from just walking up them slowly..


Started June 16th - 5' 5"..

Comment #14

*Did some laundry today and pulled out a pair of sweatpants that used to be super-tight on me a few months ago - I had to re-cinch the waist and the pant-legs are flapping..

*Rediscovered my collar bones.

*Having yet another coworker phone me Friday and ask about getting started on the program - that's the best NSV of all!.

Happy (rainy in Portland) Sunday to all ~..

Comment #15

Finally got my waist below 40".

Was able to zip up one pair of my cute ankle booties.

These are great NSVs! This week I plan to cull the closet now that my swelly belly is starting to go down...

Comment #16

I can't wait to get back into cute clothes that have been too small for me...

Comment #17

Had someone tell me Friday to buy new pants mine were to baggie.

Returned a pair of size 9 jeans I bought a month ago and had not worn for the same jeans in a size 7!!! I have not worn this size in 13 years!!!!.

Ran my first 5K last week.. 2 months ago I couldn't run at all!!..

Comment #18

No longer shopping in the plus size department; buying a regular size large.

Having most of my clothes be way too big, even though they used to be my skinny clothes.

A co-worker telling me she can't imagine me losing another twenty pounds..

165 for the first time since the very early '80s!!!!!..

Comment #19

I love these. I was feeling very down for the last few days ( I will blog about it later) and was in a rut with my feelings. Anyhow,.

In March our EMT captain found a box of warm jackets that have a zip in fleece liner that she was handing out to us. There are 5 EMTs in my class and I was the only one that could not take a jacket since the XL was so tight I looked like a sausage. I asked if we could order an XXL and was told that these were leftovers from the last class and that they cant do another orde since it would cost so much for a single. Today after EMT class I asked our captain if I could try the jacket again because I thought it might fit a little looser now. Holy smokes it zips with a bit of room! Even with the liner in (I have not done that yet) it will still fit. I had not tried it on with the liner in it before since it barely zipped with the liner out.

This boosted my spirits today it was just what I needed...

Comment #20

Ok, weird, but... I bent over, removed my toenail polish and was able to BREATHE while I did it!! It is raining in the Pacific NW, and I got out my rain jacket from last spring... it ZIPS and fits over my HIPS!!..

Comment #21

Well here are mine....

1. I rode a pony for the first time today. One of my goals was to ride the pony at the farm. The trainer took a picture of me on him and she can't believe how good I looked. She wants me to ride him more. I told her I still have about 40 something lbs to lose.

2. I bought TWO medium fleece this weekend at the consignment sale. I didn't think they would ever fit but the person I was with insisted on it. They are a teensy snug but soon enough they will be roomy.

3. My shoes are NOW a 8.5 instead of a 9..

4. My tall boot(ridin) are to big. They are comfy and great to ride in...

Comment #22

Today, I'm cleaning the fattest clothes out of my closet...

Comment #23

What awesome NSVs! Such a great inspiration to read them..

Comment #24

This morning I put on a coat that I haven't worn since early spring....... I slipped it on and looked at my husband and said, "Is this my coat or yours?" it was so big on me! What a difference 40 pounds makes!..

Comment #25

When I started Medifast this May I wore a size 22W today I slipped into a regular size 16 jeans!..

Comment #26

I finally fit back into a "cute" tennis outfit instead of re-wearing the same dang "one that just fits".

My 8 year old son told me "Great job mom!!".

I did not eat one single molecule of sludge during 8 year old son's bday celebration on Friday!!! It was so hard to pass up the good stuff but I made a Medifast brownie and let that be my treat..

Final NSV: a dear friend started Medifast yesterday because she saw my success and wanted a piece of the awesome Medifast action!.


Comment #27

I went on a vacation and business trip last week. All in all, had to fly in six separate airplanes. Each flight, the seatbelt had at least 3" to spare!.

For the past 10 years, I've hated flying because each time I boarded a plane, I lived in fear that the seatbelt wouldn't fit. Not anymore!!! Yay!..

Comment #28

Oh my gosh! I am SO MOTIVATED by all these NSV's!!! I have just joined the Medifast community and I LOVE you guys!! My first Medifast shipment is coming supposedly Thursday (wish I would have paid for a "RUSH" order!) and I am SO excited to start this awesome plan, with such awesome support and motivation on these boards!!! Yay us!!!..

Comment #29

I was in the car this morning and letting my mind wander, and I realized "here I am, not only fitting into my size 20 jeans (that were in the closet for over 2 years), but I am comfortably sitting in them"..

Comment #30

Buying size 10 jeans this weekend and seeing a bunch of neighbors for the first time in a while...lots of positive comments from folks on my smaller self!..

Comment #31

*** I showed a picture of myself, taken before MF, to my new co-workers (all Korean females in their mid-late twenties. All still worried about their weight, even though they're teeeny!).

The noises of disbelief they made were so satisfying! "That's YOU?!" they said. They kept comparing the size of my arms now to the size of my arms in the pictures (I've lost a lot of weight in my arms and back). It felt so good to know that I no longer look like I did even just a month and a half ago!.

*** My new school director kept asking me why I wasn't eating any rice at the school lunches. When I told him I was dieting he looked at me funny and said "But you're already slender." COLOR ME COMPLIMENTED!!!!.

*** I sat down to dinner with my boyfriend last night. Korean-style restaurants usually have floor seating. You sit on the floor on a pillow on a high backed, legless chair. When I lived in Korea the first time I always hated eating at these places because sitting down like that made my excess weight fold over the top of my jeans on all sides.

Last night, I sat down with confidence on the little pillow and even bent my legs comfortably towards my body. To my great joy NO NOTICEABLE TUMMY BULDGE! YEEEEEAH!.

I MF!..

Comment #32

I was shopping the other day and a little boy and his mother were in the same aisle as I was. I heard him whisper "Look how tall she is" (I'm 6' tall)...instead of what I got before "Look how fat she is". I just figure that's what he noticed height, not my weight and that's a new one for me...

Comment #33

Just got home from shopping (workout clothes, winter jammies, undies, work socks) and I bought size large! And some were starting to be roomy already. Wow. I <3 MF...

Comment #34

- Finally fit into my size 14 clothes...

- My hair stylist saying she thought I only weighed 160lbs (yeah, left a NICE tip for that - LOL!!).

- Saw a co-worker who I haven't seen since Feb and he didn't recognize me. I had to 'introduce' myself..

Comment #35

-Compliments on my losses from my "skinny friend" that I hadn't seen for awhile.

-Everyone I was with was drinking that night and I didn't miss it in the least! Didn't feel self conscious at all either!.

-Wore a medium old navy sweater, skinny jeans and knee high boots..

-My friends took pictures, didn't see a single one that I'd be embarrassed to show people.

Feels good to be free!..

Comment #36

I wore a hoodie and workout pants today that I ordered 3 months ago that were to small!!!! The pants were a bit tight still, but progress none-the-less!!!..

Comment #37

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