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Hi guys.

I am PHP coder.

I have made my own Content Ranking Algorithm like Google PageRank..

I want to patent this algorithm and then sell it off. I have authored an article o this algorithm and how the formula is derived. I also have a separate section in this article proving the accuracy of the formula in the algorithm. I shot off mails to Google, Yahoo, altavista and many other companies about my algorithm but received no replies. I cannot reveal the formula to anyone since once it is stolen I cannot claim because I have no proof of the legal /img/avatar4.jpgship of this formula and the algorithm legally. Is there any way by which I can patent this low rates. Any online services for this?.

Please help me out.....I am stuck with a much valued algorithm because there only 5 algorithms accorting to wikipedia(PageRank,Trustrank,HITS algorithm,Matrix Inversion and the IBM Clever project).

I have also posted another topic about ''how to own a code legally?''.

Here is the link to the other topic:

Please try helping me out with this problem also...

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Use this site

Then you will have proof..

Comment #1

Yes I visited that site.

Thanx but just read this extract from the site. This is what they say in their rules.....


Our role.... is not a law firm and we are not providing any legal services or advices. We dont provide any specific advice in any particular case. The user of our service agree that he will use the information available on our website to solve any copyright violation situation. The user agree that is not a copyright police service and never take position in any copyright ligitation situation. "..

Comment #2

Have you looked at That's the official Copyright/Patent site of the U.S.


Comment #3

Yes I saw that site. It contains all the rules and how to file a patent. I do not have money on hand. All the money that I have is in my paypal account. So I need an online service(an online patent agent) which provides this service...

Comment #4

You need money to do this no matter what. The patent agent will need the standard fee plus any additional service charges (usually hourly). They are called "Patent Lawyers" or "Trademark Lawyers".

One major problem is that patents take up to 7 years to be even looked at, nontheless declined or accepted...

Comment #5

Thanks JRB.

Do you know any online patent lawyers?.

Ok yeah....I have an idea......!!!.

Why not there be a license, which is the opposite of GNU General Public License?.

How much will it take to create such a that no one else, who wants to copyright(if not patent) articles and documents has to spend a lot. May be it can be called The Propreitory License or something like that........

Any ideas about the cost of creating such a license?..

Comment #6

Maybe we could call it licensing...

Or maybe I didn't fully understand the idea..

Comment #7

You cant sell people an idea without showing it to them first and once they've seen it there not gonna buy it off you. You best bet would be to set up a search engine using your algorithm and prove that the results it provides are quality and then try and sell it...

Comment #8

What you are trying to achieve is how many software products are produced today. To ensure it's integrity, you can use CD-Keys, etc. etc. etc.

Generally, if you do it yourself, there is no cost associated to set up this type of distribution...

Comment #9

Begin with getting a copy of your algorithm notarized. This can be proof of the date you had it discovered or invented. You can even get it notarized at a couple places to be doubly sure. Notary costs just a few bucks. As for marketing your algorithm...not sure about that. These companies already have brain gurus to do that for them.

Imho your best bet is to just create your own site using the algo...if it's good...unique...and gets results then your engine just may flourish. Having it patented isn't all that important imho if no one knows about it. If you do well you can seek patent protection later...

Comment #10

Oh................thanx for the help. I am now trying to get deep into the subject. Trying to get a few resources on the net..

Comment #11

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