Lean and Green slow cooked meals?

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I've done a search and really haven't found very much for L&G Slow Cooked meals..

I'm a full time student with 4 kids and some days I don't get home until 5:30pm. I'd love to have something basically ready to go..

I find a lot of lean slow cooked meats get really dry (like chicken breast & pork tenderloin), you need the yummy fatty ones.

Any ideas and/or suggestions are welcome!.

I know we can't really have tomato sauces so beanless chili isn't really an option.....

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Try doing a search on the forums for "crock pot" or "crockpot" instead of slow cooker. There are lots of threads!..

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FYI, to keep the lowfat meats from drying out, I try to pre-soak them..

I don't eat beef, so typically I do pork tenderloin in the crockpot. But before I put it in there, I put a 1/2 tsp of seasoning per serving (pre-cooked=6ozs), and 1-3 tsp of olive oil. That helps with the moisture. If the meat is already thawed, then I cook for just 3 hours. If I've seasoned it and put it back in the freezer, it's 4 hours. Depending on your crock-pot, those times may vary..

So, it helps to have a responsible child at home, to take the bag/container of raw meat and dump it in the crock-pot and turn it on for the desired amount of time, when he or she gets home from school..

Just my suggestion..

Happy crock-pot/slow cooked meal cooking!!..

Comment #2

I like this question. I've been eyeing a crockpot ($14-16) at Walmart but continue to ask myself."What would I make in it?" Ideas?..

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I do lots of different things with my crockpot(ummm I have three, yes, it's that bad).

There are a couple of secrets I've found for me. One is to get a timer (like for christmas tree lights) that way you can turn it on and set the hours and it will turn off even if you aren't home yet. Two is to use frozen meat, I know there are alot of school of thought about bacteria, but I've never had a problem(knock on wood). I use salad dressing with a lean meat and either marinade or put a bit with some water in the pot before I leave in the morning. Also, meatloaf works well in there as well as soups with bulion(sp?) cubes and lean meat/veggies. I use it alot for cooking the meat with other goodies that I can't have, and then just separate the Lean out for me and fix veggies for green..

Hope it helps. I love my crockpot!!..

Comment #4

Angelah...That is a great idea with the timer! I'm going to have to dig through our Christmas light and accessories box and get one out! Eventhough my slow cooker has a timer that will supposedly keep the cooker on warm when the cooking is done, it still continues to cook. Since I work 8-5 and don't get home until about 5:30...the food is sometimes overcooked, so I just don't use it any more. You're brilliant! Thanks!..

Comment #5

I usually cook my meats with a can of diced tomato or fat free broth. They stay flavorful and don't get dry..

I actually love love love my crockpots but I didn't use them alot during 5&1. For me the convenience of them is the whole one pot meal done when I get home thing. By the time I cooked my veggies and the family's sides I had time to make my meat..

I did do the chicken with salsa alot for shredded chicken and pork roast for pulled pork. An occasional beef roast...

Comment #6

Awww thanks Daisey!! I have overcooked so much stuff, I experimented with the timer and it worked like a charm. My first crockpot didn't have a built in timer and that sucker would get mega hot after the first 5 hours, so I started using the timer thing and shut it off after 4 hours and wallllahhh yummy meal ready without dried out chicken fritters..

Comment #7

I use a pressure cooker instead of a crock pot. I can take a raw pork tenderloin, add whatever seasoning you like, with a cup of water, start it, put the timer to 60 minutes and it comes out so tender you can barely lift it out of the pot because it is falling apart. I prefer pork first, then beef then chicken. I just can't get the chicken flavered enough for some silly reason...

Comment #8

I do a pork loin with fresh rosemary and pepper thats it! And it comes out heavenly!.

Or a do boneless skinless chicken breast with Franks Hot Wing sauce. Before Medifast I did the chicken breast with either a jar of salsa or a can of enchilada sauce, but I'm afraid to try those now cause it would be hard to judge how much is getting soaked into the meat. But it "should" be ok...

Comment #9

First place one can of Rotel tomatoes in the bottom.

Next place 4-6 boneless chicken breasts (frozen or fresh).

Sprinkle one packet low sodium taco seasoning over it.

Pour second can if Rotel over it.

Add small can tomato sauce or paste.

Cook 4 hrs on Hi or 6 on Lo. Shred chicken 30 min before finished..

Makes delish chicken tacos, taco soup, etc...

Comment #10

Some great ideas. I'm going to try a frozen pork tenderloin with mushrooms tomorrow... will let you know!..

Comment #11

If you like spicier food- Chicken salsa.

6 chicken breasts, boneless.

1 jar med-hot green salsa.

2 cloves garlic.

1 tsp cumin.

Mix garlic, cumin into salsa. Put chicken in crockpot. Pour salsa on. Cook low 9 hrs.

Lasts about 3 meals for me and hubs. For him, serve shredded on sandwich roll, or plain like I eat it with a veg and salad.

Easy peasy.

Or- Pepperocini Pot Roast.

3-4 lbs lean beef (roast or steaks).

1 envelope spicy italian good seasons dressing, mixed per directions but no oil.

1/2 jar sliced pepperocini peppers and half the juice.

Put all in crockpot, on low 9-10 hours.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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