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From my other thread about the bowling alley this one is different.

Through school a lady wanted a website designed for a kid who has down syndrome which was $100 for a layout. Now after they paid me about 2weeks later she discovers her brother-in-law is already working on this website, and now she wants a FULL refund, however I did my part in the designing stage, I just needed to buy the domain and a form and it would had been completed.

Other then that I did the designed and was working on a new one so she could pick. I need to know what to do, I don't have the money anymore as well it's been near month now. I do have another job which I could possible do it but I figured to offer her half money back and my service, but she still wants a full refund.

I work tonight so when I get off I'll check so PLEASE help me if you could.



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You still did two weeks of work for her. What it comes down to is, do you want to risk the relationship for the money? Do you think she could possibly bring more work to you which will make more money in the future? Then again, honestly, if I did two weeks of work for someone just for them to turn around and say they don't want it anymore and want a full refund, I don't think I'd do work for them anymore.

What I say is figure out the percentage of work you have left to do, and offer her that much as a refund. If she declines, it's her problem. Keep whatever work you have done for her in case a problem arises in the future. Did she get any kind of receipt or was there a contract or anything like that?..

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It depends on the amount of work completed. Refund accordingly. It may be a non-binding transaction, but as yilduz said do you know this woman? Are there any special circumstances involved. Just talk to her and say that I have designed the website, that's 50% of the work. hosting and the domain are the others..

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Forgot to mention I do not know her at all... She was just someone a teacher told me about. I was working on another project for the school then they told me about her. And business wise... no as her brother-in-law does this as well.

I did what they wanted me to... I was thinking 50 back seeing that I did put my service into it and had to delay other customers.

Edit: There was no contract nothing just a piece of paper with what they wanted...

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I agree with the other posters. If you have done most of the work already, she isn't entitled to a full refund 2 weeks later. That's not fair to you at all. Since there is no contract, IMO you can pretty much do as you see fit. If it were me, I would figure about how much of the work I had done already and tell her I already completed xx% of the work, I can refund you the remaining only.

Thats just me though...

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This thread is a little older, what did you end up doing?.

I don't think there should be any refund. This is standard with custom pieces in almost any industry. You can't get pants specially made, then say "My cousin will make them for me instead, give me all my money back".

Although, this case is unusual because she paid everything up front.

Usually, a designer will require a non-refundable deposit to commence work..

Then, the rest of the full amount is due upon the customer's satisfaction...

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A contract, with some exceptions (ie. sale of real estate), need not be "formal" in appearance to be enforceable.

There was a written contract of sorts (paper with what she wanted) along with an oral contract / implied contract (meeting of the minds) for website design work...

Since you mostly completed the project you should keep most of the money.

IMHO, the only refund the lady is possibly entitled is your cost (ie. $7) of the domain name you were going to purchase plus, maybe, the cost of the form. My thought is keep $80+ and refund $20 at most.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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