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I came home to my very first delivery today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How (frighteningly) exciting!!!.

While I have been preparing mentally all week to begin this journey, and trying to eat as healthy as possible in an attempt to avoid a horrible first week experience, the fat girl in me wants some sort of "last supper"..

I was wondering if any of you have experience with this and, if so, if you do or do not recommend this..

P.S. i'm not talking about binging on everything in the fride, was just going to order chicken & broccoli and a spicy tuna roll...

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Some may not agree, but I say go ahead and have whatever you like. On the day before I started, I had pizza for lunch, followed by an ice cream cone, I finished the mini-Hershey bars in my candy jar at work, and then had a Philly cheese steak for dinner with more wine than I really needed. I did not feel guilty or regret it one bit. I set my mind to committing to this diet for as long as it takes - starting the next day. I am doing great (36 lbs. in a little over three months), and you will too.

I would say good luck - but you don't need it; you just need to follow the rules...

Comment #1

My fat girl got to eat whatever the heck she wanted for a couple weeks while my order was processed and sent to me. OMG YUM. I didn't feel guilty and don't regret it..

And 6 months later, I'm still OP and losing well. It's a whole new world once you start - I definitely enjoyed my last hurrah...

Comment #2

I think that if you are really craving something, then you should get it out of your system, otherwise you're just going to be thinking about it once you start MF. Personally, I know that I had a few favorite Chinese and Italian dishes, nothing crazy, but definitely things I knew were not allowed on the program. For me, it helped. I started Medifast with a fresh start, knowing that there was no excuse for me to fudge the program because I had already indulged. Plus, once you get into the swing of things, you won't even crave that sort of stuff anymore. Good luck!..

Comment #3

I ate whatever I wanted in the week or 2 before I started Medifast. I used the time to mentally say, "see ya later!" to all the foods that I loved to eat. I picked a start date, and from that day forward gave very little thought to any of that junk that I had filled my belly with previously. I went through the physical and emotional withdrawal, of course, but I did not (and do not) regret enjoying my last (pizza/fries/Chinese/whatever) during that 1-2 week period. Each time I had something I knew was going to be off limits during the weight loss phase, I literally said goodbye for now to that food, and once I had done that I did not eat it again. Now, after more than 18 months since starting and 7 months of maintaining within +/- 3 pounds of my goal weight, I still don't want most of those foods...

Comment #4

I started on July 1st, at 1pm. My order arrived at 12:45 pm. I had regular waffles for breakfast with regular syrup. Im sort of glad I did it that way... I wasnt interested much in eating like I was going to the electric chair..

I mean I had 20 yrs to eat whatever I felt like eating, I needed to change my way of thinking then and there...

Comment #5

I just ordered for the first time last night. I plan on indulging until I get my package and start MF. I want to get it out of my system so that I can start and stay OP...

Comment #6

I had a last hurrah the night before I started. I don't see anything wrong with it. Welcome to MF!..

Comment #7

I didn't have a last hurrah, I never actually thought of it...... or I might have...

Comment #8

Well, this is why people have a great first weigh in I had been eating healthy for a long time and needed to reboot my weight loss, so I didn't lose much water weight...

Comment #9

Did you end up having a "last supper"? I know back in the days of this kind of eating I always felt terrible after. I wish you the greatest success in this program...

Comment #10

I did order out but I didn't go too crazy. I barely ate any of the rice and didn't finish the sushi roll. Just enough to satisfy but not enough to make me feel sick at all. That certainly wasn't the way I wanted to start out and I am glad that I didn't go crazy..

Here I am on day one with my first shake under my belt (or, the belt I WOULD be wearing if my gut didn't hang over lol)..

Comment #11

I did it. Can't remember what I had but it was a lot. Looking back it wasn't that important or necessary. Now I'm here wishing I didn't do it so I'd have even just 1/2lb less to lose. Do whatever you like as long as you start tomorrow fresh and full force. My view is, why not start breaking bad habits now instead of reinforcing them with yet another meal? Good luck..

Comment #12

Good job! You're on your way to goal now...

Comment #13

I had a last hurrah and was glad I did. I didn't want to go into this thinking about how I wished I could have tasted whatever item one more time. I ate too much, I felt crappy, and I felt ready to move on. If it helped me have a great first week loss, then that didn't hurt my motivation/determination either...

Comment #14

My DH and I started this journey together and we went to his favorite Mexican place. In fact I think we ate out 4 times that weekend. Haven't eaten out since. Man we have saved a lot of money by eating at home...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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