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I have noticed that on this diet I will have a pretty hard crash at the end of the day. Its like suddenly, I have no more energy, I feel woozy and my brain stops functioning. It is much harder crash on this diet than normal and it is also very sudden. Does anyone else have this? Like right now, I am barley functioning...

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How long have you been on? When are you eating your lean and green? Are you getting oyur full portion of protein? I had that early on (actually for about the first 5 weeks) where I just felt drained of energy and kind of tippy, shaky and forgetful. That is low blood sugar. If you are eating your lean and green too early, that might account for it. I have found I do a lot better when I split my l and g into lunch and dinner. That stabilizes my blood sugar. I also eat a half ounce of almonds or a string cheese when I feel like that sometimes.

I would try eating a little protein and see if that helps. It is not going to throw you out of ketosis or put you over on your calories. If it helps, then you know it's probably low blood sugar...

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I have been on the program since June 8, so for a good while now. It is a more recent thing, I am simply exhausted at the end of the day. I dont think it is blood sugar really, it more simply burnt. Granted I have a demanding job, but it use to be that it would come on gradual now it just hits like I run into a wall or something. I eat my l and g at night too...

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I don't have a sudden wall at the end of my day, but then I've been in law school for 2+ years and I've learned to ignore fatigue. BUT, I always feel a little mentally foggy, and generally a bit run down is maybe the best way to say it..

I feel like my body has put me on a budget. "Bee-yatch, on 900 calories a day this is ALL YOU GET. Get over it and sit the F down.".


Comment #3

Yeah, I can relate to that feeling Freya. I guess it makes sense, we are eating a very low calorie diet. I guess I recently started back to teaching so my stress level and work load has increased significantly. SO that explains why I am feeling it now perhaps?..

Comment #4

It took me a good 6 months to get my body regulated with what I eat, when I eat it etc. In what sequence I eat different Medifast products really makes a difference for me. I used to crash just before dinner and after much tweaking I can now go all day, into the evening and no longer get the fuzzy head, queasy stomach etc. (course I am operating on almost 100#'s less than when I started which also helps).

I found for me that the bars and pretzels/puffs just do not "carry" me as well as a shake or oatmeal. I know they are all interchangeable but I get hungry faster following pretzels. I now leave the pretzels for mid afternoon and or evening within an hour of going to bed..

I start every single day with a cappuccino mixed with 16 oz cold brewed coffee..

Mid morning I have oatmeal, chicken soup or a shake.

2ish I have pretzels, puffs or bar.

5ish I have a shake, must be a shake, this was the key for me..

6ish L&G.

7ish 20-30 minutes of exercise (3-4 days a week).

8:30 pretzels, puffs or bar..

Comment #5

This may be a good time to try the bouillion or dill pickle snack, with all the water you are drinking with 5/1, you may need the salt boost from one of these. also add a few more calories to your day to bring you closer to 1000. Some people simply need a bit more to compensate for their active lifestyles. Hope you feel perkier real soon!..

Comment #6

OH. You're a teacher and it's September! That probably explains it. I'm a teacher and it's September and I am lots more tired at the end of the day than when I started program in July. School start up stress is INTENSE!..

Comment #7

Another thought?? Are you able to drink all your water now that you are teaching. I know that is lots harder for me these days. I am managing but only because I drink 32 oz. before I leave for school...

Comment #8

Yes. I get in at least 3 32 oz bottles. Usually 4. I often do 2 before work. But the stress level is intense. I will up the salt, lately I have had the runs, I may be dehydrated. thanks...

Comment #9

I usually have a cafe americano coffee around 4pm. it gives me energy kick I need to finish out my day...

Comment #10

You might want to get your thyroid levels checked just to rule out that possibility. Many people have different types of hormonal fluctuations with this program due to soy, change in eating habits, stress on the body and the breakdown of fat. Hypothyroidism can make you feel exactly like what you are describing...

Comment #11

I know EXACTLY what you mean, that's what has gotten me off plan lately, sadly enough. I signed a contract with my hubby and myself that october 1st, I'm getting back on the wagon, but honestly, there comes a point where I just crash each day, and it's the worst feeling. I work two jobs and I'm going to school full-time for my doctorate, so I blamed that, but my doc was thinking I should do 4&2 instead of 5&1 because of my schedule. I've tried everything, from more caffeine to less, more water, less salt, etc. Nothing helped except getting off Medifast for a while. Urgh. So frustrating!..

Comment #12

I tend to crash mid afternoon. I grab a coffee around 2 and usually feel fine for the rest of the day...

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